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Monday, December 22, 2008

Beers and Jeers #10 (Dec 22/08 vs. Phoenix Coyotes)

Well let's just say it was nice to watch a game without the politics flowing in the background. Especially with it being a win. And believe me, the team really needed that win with the Christmas break coming up. Good for the Oilers.
On a side note: I would be pretty disappointed if Dan Carcillo was on my team and pulled some crap like that. That was a stupid penalty to get for yapping. I am sure Wayne will snapping on him after this is all over. He didn't look to impressed with him. Why keep sending him out? But now, back to the Oil...



Sheldon Souray
- He played another excellent game tonight. 28:25 of ice time. Wow. That's a lot of skating. He played his normal physical self. He was warrior tonight for the Oil. Then he pulls out the Souray bomb like no other and rips one past Tellqvist. What else can I say about him? So for the game winning goal... A beer. Cheers!

Andrew Cogliano
- For a guy that has played on the 2nd line, the 1st line and now the 3rd line... It just doesn't faze him. He plays the same no matter what. I honestly think that he has been one of the most consistent Oilers this year. Tonight he was again. The goal he scored is what Horcoff has been trying all year long. And he made it look easy. (on a side note: Hemsky is better on the LW side. Why does he refuse to play there 5 on 5?) Cogs better get used to drinking beer here at the Jambalaya with me. I am really starting to like the cut of this guys jib. Here's a BIG cold frosty mug for you. Cheers!

Strudwick and the 4th Line
- What a heck of a game by the 4th liners. Stortini with a big hit. Then goes on to score. His 1st of the year. Atta boy Storts! Then Carcillo hit Brodziak and who's there? His boy Strudwick. Crazy fight between those two. Decision... Strudwick, hands down. The 4th line even was able to get a shift at 5:00 left in the 3rd. MacT was loving those guys. Maybe it's just me, but don't you think Brodziak is more comfortable as a 4th line guy rather than a checking 3rd liner? Ready to split a 6 pack? Good Game guys. Cheers!

Honorable mention
- Ales Hemsky (Solid game again from Hemsky. He sure is making it look easy lately), Marc Pouliot (your making MacT look good), Dwayne Roloson (Not a great game, but a pretty good one), Erik Cole (He's just keeps trying his butt off every night)



The Entire Team
- Still can't play a full 60 minutes huh? That was a terrible 2nd period and we were lucky it was only 2 goals. The biggest down fall that the team has is taking too many penalties. It can literally cost you a game. It very well could have tonight. It's just a good thing Carcillo is a goof. And the team still has to look for that forward pass instead of passing back as a safe move. People like Staios fumble those kind of plays. So for not really looking to hot in the 2nd period. Boooooooooo!

Other than that not much to complain about. Like I said, not a bad game by the Oilers. I hope MacT leaves the lines alone because they are seeming to work. Except, I would rather have Nilsson back on the left with Gagner and Cole. Reddox just shouldn't be on a 2nd line. Besides... We could call the Nilsson/Gagner/Cole line the Desperation line.

Happy Holidays to all the Players, Coaching Staff and Management at the Edmonton Oilers. Enjoy your families and forget about us for a while. It's time to focus on the ones we love.
And a Happy Holidays to the readers. I hope all goes well with all of you in the New Year. 2009 will be good for all.
Smokin' Ray Burnt

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