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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Beers and Jeers #12 (Dec 28/08 vs Nashville Predators)

Well, that was a good game to watch. It was a real total team effort tonight folks. Amazing what can happen when you play a full 60 minute game. About time. Nice to see three lines producing goals tonight. No one really stood out as playing bad. Well one. But you have to read on to find out. Good job Oilers!



Erik Cole

- What a stellar game from Erik Cole tonight. I knew if he kept plugging along things would turn around for him. And see what happens when you move him to the desperation line (Nilsson/Gagner/Cole). Magic. I guess I could say told you so but I won't. Maybe MacT has been reading my blog? How do you know? lol. Anyways... these three guys need to produce and they did tonight. I am afraid that I am making Mr. Cole into an alcoholic. So for playing an excellent game... Have a cold one Erik. Cheers!


Sam Gagner

- The little dude was awesome tonight. Slick moves, nice passes and great down low work along the boards. By rights he should have received an assist on the Souray bomb. He did all the work but was the 4th guy to touch the puck. But regardless Gags played a hell of a game. Beer Sam? Sure you will... Cheers!



- These two guys are one of the main reason we are still in a some what respectable position in the standings. Their work ethic and their never give up attitudes are really showing lately. 2 points each tonight. I try and think of when we have had a better duo in Edmonton. I have to go way back for that. No guys... Further back then the dreaded Janne Niinimaa/Roman Hamrlík duo. I am pretty excited that we have these guys locked up for quite some time. Then you add Gilbert and Grebs. This could be one of the best top 4 in the league. So here Boys... One frosty each. Cheers!

Honorable Mentions

- Dwayne Roloson (Another outstanding game for Roli. We needed a rock and he became one.) Dustin Penner (Good hustle out there tonight. Really showed that he was trying. Maybe even more than Horcoff and Hemsky.) Kyle Brodziak (He was pretty good on faceoffs tonight.)



Shawn Horcoff

- Oh why, oh why do you annoy me so much? Where did your heart go? Stats are not everything. Sure you had a goal. That was good. But... You were pretty bad on the faceoff dot tonight. When you are the one that is sent out on the important draws you need to win at least 50%. 60% or higher would be more ideal but we will take anything over 50%. Your back checking was average. When Hemsky went down and managed to come back, the only guy on that line that was trying his butt off was Penner. I expect more out of Horcoff I guess. To me he just isn't "getting it done" and he is one of our leaders. It's like he is just trying to be an offensive dynamo. And he's not. He just really needs to focus on his defensive game. So for annoying me tonight. Booooooooo!

But like I said... Good game Oilers! Let's keep this train rollin'. Woot Woot!!!

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