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Friday, December 5, 2008

Beers and Jeers #3 (Dec 5/08 vs. LA Kings)


Robbie Schremp

- Not a bad game for Mr. 88. 3 points in 2 games. He was fore checking, back checking and laying out some hits. (They weren't huge but hits nonetheless) This was the only guy to get me excited tonight. It looks like he is making a case to stay with the big club. I am very happy for him. Oh yeah... Nice move in the shoot out. I still say that was over the line. Two beers in a row Schrempy. Cheers!

Erik Cole

- Really not a bad game. Still not the guy we traded for but he is getting better. I will give him one thing. He DOES try hid butt off. Half a beer Cole? Cheers!

Marc Pouliot

- Pretty decent game from the Pou. Nice shootout move. Still not sold on his play. But I do remember him and Schremp playing very well together last year in the minors. I bet they stay together for awhile even after the other guys comeback. Have a beer Pouliot. Cheers.


Liam Reddox
- Why are you still here again? 1 point in 9 games and a -1. Seriously. Demotion. Booooooooo.

The Entire Team

- You guys blew a 3 goal lead. No effort, No hard work. Pretty sad guys. No sugar coating here. YOU GUYS F**KING SUCKED tonight. Overtime win or not. You sucked. Try that crap against San Jose and the score will be 8 to 3. Boooooooooo...

Be better tomorrow Oilers. or else....

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  1. I agree with the last point but I think Liam Reddox is a great player actually, who has been subjected to a revolving door of linemates.

    Strudwick? Stortini? Pouliot? Brodziak? The going's not good for a certain Mr. Reddox.


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