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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Beers and Jeers #8 (Dec 17/08 vs. Vancouver Canucks)


Ethan Moreau

- For a guy that was non-existent yesterday, he sure came out with a bang. He played a pretty solid game and actually looked like the leader out there. He beat on guys when he needed to. He laid some nice hits. He even was shooting. Not sure how he didn't get any hits? I'm sure I seen a few. But regardless... it was about time our Captain showed up. 1st Beer of the year Chopper. Cheers!

Erik Cole

- Once again he was good. He was hitting everyone in sight and took a lot of shots. Mind you most of them we deflected. But it was still a good game by Cole. He just needs to score a goal and people will relax. Don't worry folks. He gets better every game. Have a cold one Cole. Cheers!

Sam Gagner

- Hard work and determination paid off. I just seen the monkey jump off his back. See what happens when you get a little dirty in the crease? A goal. And... He led the team in hits with 2. Go figure. We should see him play a little more confidant now. Good game Gagner. A frosty one for ya? Cheers!



Steve Staios

- Nice check moron. A little to aggressive dontcha think? What the hell man? Your lucky Roli didn't get hurt. That blunder changed the game after that. Dumb Staios. Dumb. Booooooooooo...

Shawn Horcoff

- Did you even play tonight? (yes I looked at the stats) Every time the camera showed you you were sitting on the bench shaking your head. Quit shaking and do something. You are considered a leader and you blew it tonight. If the Oilers are going to be successful this year you need to be a consistent player and leader. Maybe he needs that #1 spot to be taken away for awhile? Show up next time please. Boooooooooooooo...

The Entire Team

- Two in a row guys. Need I say more? Booooooooooo...

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  1. Good, smart and funny stuff here. This is fast becoming one of my favourite Oiler blogs.


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