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Friday, December 19, 2008

Beers and Jeers #9 (Dec 19/08 vs Anaheim Ducks)

Well. Wasn't that a crazy penalty filled game? The game was so different from beginning to end that it was hard to tell if I was still watching the same game. The lines started out as predicted. Then as time went on MacT was putting the blender on low speed. Partly because of trying to get a spark and partly because of the PK and PP opportunities. Some guys didn't get to see much time on the ice. People like Horcoff were granted lots of time. So it was a hard game to evaluate. I am not really sure why Nilsson was benched. If anyone knows, please share it with us in the comments section because I would take a crappy Nilsson over a good Pouliot any day. But let's get on with it...


Erik Cole

- See what happens when you mix a little Gagner and a side of Cole. I can almost bet my old 1979 Chevy pickup that those to will be playing together next game. And why not? Cole has looked good like he did tonight for the past few games. I am happy that he was able to contribute tonight. 31 shifts. 7 shots. 2 missed shots. 1 hit (I don't really believe the count of this stat ever) and 3 takeaways. He was solid the entire game. Cole is starting to become a regular in the Beers and Jeers. This guy is a jib cutter for sure. I guess he knows where the fridge is. Help yourself. Cheers!

Sam Gagner

- I am digging the beard that you are sporting now. It is looking like a team thing. I like those sort of things. Good team building. Sam was great tonight. Even if he didn't get a point to night I still would have given him a beer. His defensive game is really shaping up nicely. He takes hits and makes nice plays. He almost seems like his is another Hemmer, but there is a little difference there. His thinking is quicker. He sees the ice so well. And he was pretty good on the faceoffs tonight. That helps to get you out on the ice a little more. Great game Sam... Have a frosty. Cheers!

Sheldon Souray

- The big guy with the bomb did some damage tonight, even if he didn't score. He was dropping wingers like flies. It was nice to see him get some good shots off. 15 in total. 11 hit the net, 2 blocked and 2 missed. Good game all around for Mr. Souray. Beer? Of course you will. Cheers!

All The Stick Manufacturers

- Congratulations! I seen maybe two sticks broken all game. It was like the teams were back to using wood again. It's about time you guys figured out how to make them better. It's too bad that Stoll didn't use any of Souray's sticks last year. He may still be here. So to all the guys in suits that claim to do all the work on your product... Share a six pack. Cheers!

Honorable Mentions

- Dwayne Roloson. He was solid again tonight. Good on him.

- The Entire Team. Pretty good effort throughout the game. Let's do it 2 in a row. Go Oil!

- Lady Smid. Nice hit. It really changed the game. Bad timing penalty for Horcoff... Good hit from Smid to get that momentum back.


Shawn Horcoff

- Maybe I just have a hate on for this guy. I really didn't think that he deserved 3rd star. Sure he played a lot. But he really wasn't noticeable. If you want to be a 1st line guy, you need to be noticed. So he played 28:05. That's a lot of ice time. 6:25 was played on the PP and 6:49 was played on the PK. All that ice time and he managed 4 shots. 2 that hit the net. 1 blocked and 1 missed. 4 shots. Really? With 28:05 of ice time? The 53 shots that hit the net and Horcoff took 2. Plus the penalty that he took in the 2nd was a real momentum swing for the Ducks. Good thing for the Smid hit to get it back. I don't know? Maybe I'm wrong here but either way it's my opinion. So hey Horc. Boooooooooooooo...

Marc-Antoine Pouliot

- I am not sure what kind of magic fairy dust you sprinkled on MacT to give you all that PP time. I'm sure it was the stong stuff. I really don't like him. I think tonight he looked shaky at times. It was like he would play hot potato with the puck. That really caused some dumb passes and chances for Anaheim. You can't keep making off the cuff passes and not expect to get burned sometimes. And how did you ever manage to sneak on the shoot out list? Gagner, Hemsky and Cole should have been the names. Pouliot. Pfftt... Booooooooo...

The Referee's

- Are you lips sore? Need some chap stick? I can't believe how many penalties there were. And why on earth is knocking a stick out of a guys hand a penalty? Seriously. Why? Why even hang on to your stick then. It should only be a call if you break the stick. (even then... the sticks break for no reason sometimes) It's a dumb rule anyways. Even though you were just doing your job. I have to do mine. Booooooooooo...

Well that's it. The Oiler's have a few days to wait until the next game. Until then, enjoy your weekend.



  1. Enjoying your blog, Smokin' Ray.

    Yeah, I can't see how Horc was third star. He killed the Oil by missing about four brilliant score chances on the 5-on-3.

    Gagner, Smid, Cole, they were great. Smid's taking off his helmet to brawl was one of the best moments of the season.

  2. Thanks for the nice comments David.

    I thought it was quite funny that he (Smid) was making light of the "fight" during an interview after that happened. At least he knew what he doing and was prepared for the consequences. His progress seems slow mainly because of him being dealt for Pronger. The fans view seems distorted when viewing Smid. If we can see him and appreciate him for what he is, he will turn into a good #4 guy down the road.

    Thanks to everyone who stops by to read. I enjoy writing for you all.


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