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Monday, December 1, 2008

Dear Mr. Belvedere #1

Dear Mr. Belvedere,

I received the call today. I was having some tea and biscuits with Timmy Sestito and the phone rang. I thought that it might be my mother and she keeps nagging me about using deodorant so that I smell good after games, so I was going to leave it but I decided to answer anyways. Boy am I glad I did. It was the big club. The Edmonton Oilers.

Oh boy Mr. Belevedre. This may be my last chance. I have been trying to learn and train so hard. I have been trying every kind of power drink there is. I have been practicing my puck flips like it's going out of style. I know I made a joke with Timmy about him going and not coming back. Oh how I hope I don't come back. Maybe I'll be traded? Maybe this is the only reason that I am getting called up? Maybe I still suck? But do I suck good enough to actually be traded?

I'm probably just a throw in. (sigh)

I hope all goes well with this. I really don't want to go back to Springfield. I have only scored one goal and I am really starting to believe I am incapable of scoring.

Oh well. Time to sleep. I need to dream about me being like that #89 chap. He has all the luck. (sob)

R. Schremp

*not an actual letter. just made up lame humour by Smokin' Ray Burnt*

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