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Monday, December 1, 2008

Knock, Knock. Who's there? Your Last Chance.

Yeah. A couple of lame jokes to start it off. Yay! But it's a tune that's all to true for Mr. Schremp. Is this really his last chance? Some say yes. Is this a "showcase" of sorts for the team of him? Maybe a package guy to go in a deal with one of the goalies? What if he just so happens to light it up in the next (1,2,3) game(s)? Where would he play if he stays with the Oilers? Who in the top 6 moves down? Lots of questions surrounding this call up. It's really not that simple as the cover of a hockey card suggests. The Mystery of Robbie Schremp.

Right from the get go I was a HUGE Rob Schremp fan. His skills are pretty good. His stick handling is ridiculous. His creativity is Gretzky like (but not really). The kid has all the tools to become a 1st line player in the NHL. Maybe a top notch 2nd line guy. PP specialist. You know... someone useful.
But something is wrong with the situation. A situation that stinks of weirdness. This is a guy that fans embraced because we lost our guy "that female dog Comrie" (we actually aquired Schremp in the Comrie trade) and we were looking to cling on to some hope. Someone young and fresh like Comrie was at first.
Enter Rob Schremp. He had controversy surrounding him from the beginning. His attitude was crummy we were told. Fair enough. Massive skills.... no size, no grit. Damn. Every year since we drafted him I was the 1st person to say "This is his year". "No Doubt about it". "Schremp for PM". But MacT would not have it. The year Schremp led all Oilers in points in the preseason. Mac T said no once again. It really was his size and his ability to be easily knocked off of the puck. Almost embarrassing for him. They told him his problems and he didn't really want to listen. Quite sad really. You would think that you would do whatever it takes to make it and stay in the NHL. Break your balls to get there. Need motivation? Gagner made it there in his 1st try. Year 4 Mr.Schremp and you have played 3 games. You could be a Senator or Thrasher before you know it.
But, hopefully this time around all that conditioning and training he has been doing is going to pay off. Hopefully this time his potential is realized and maybe sticks here with the big club. Hopefully this time the fans that want you to succeed will actually not look like idiots for sticking up for you all the time. I for one will be cheering for him next game. But I don't really understand why him? Why him right now? Why not Brule?
Last chance or Showcase? I guess we are going to find out.

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