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Thursday, December 4, 2008

I Like The Cut Of Your Jib! #1

In this instalment of "I like the cut of your jib", I will be talking about Sheldon Souray. The big man #44 from Elk Point, Alberta.

This guy is a Jib Cutter 100%. The man ooze's class like he's sweating on a hot day. He is as mean as Rita McNeil waiting in line for the buffet and you budge in front of her and she kicks you ass sooooo bad that she eats you as an appetizer. His shot is so scary that even I have nightmares about blocking them and I don't even play in the NHL. And his style of dress makes even Versace look like a homeless guy. He's smooth and violent all at the same time. The man is awesome plain and simple.

Two games ago against Dallas, the kid line was out and the period just ended. Someone (can't remember who) started to beat on Gagner a little. While everyone else was heading off to go back to the dressing room, there stood Souray on the bench. Waiting... Watching... Then after the scrum was over and the opposing player skates by.... Souray unloads a verbal assault on the guy and you could tell that he meant it and that it couldn't be repeated around small children. He sticks up for his own guys and that alone is classy.

When he came here from Montreal, I didn't really know what to expect. (except for his shot) Last year I was quite upset that we are paying this guy a boatload of $$$ and he only plays 26 games. 10 points and was -7. Wow. 6.25 Million and that is what we got. Bogus. Joni #2.


This is the Souray people expected. He's on pace to beat his own personal best of 64 points. Finally. Finally Edmonton gets a winner. And finally a true leader. I personally would give him the C right now but I can't. He's great. He hits, shoots, fights and brings a certain level of excellence that few can provide. When he's on he makes others around him play better. He has been pretty solid with Gilbert. He was even willing to play the left side so Visnovsky could be on the right. What a team player. Teams can't find enough of these guys.

I think our D corps is finally coming together. We have Souray under contract until 2011/12. Visnovsky until 2012/13. And Gilbert until 2013/14. I say the future looks pretty darn good.

So for all your hard work... Sheldon Souray, I like the cut of your jib. You jib cutter you.

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