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Saturday, January 3, 2009

I Like the Cut of your Jib #2

This instalment of Jib Cutter is about the kid from the Czech Republic. The master of flash. The juke and jive king. The one the only... Mr. Aleš Hemský. (<---- I guess that is the proper way to spell his name)

This guy is an incredible player. His offensive skills are something you would have to sell your soul for. Most games he does something that makes me go...what?!? And I love him for it. The Oilers (IMO) were really lucky to land him at 13th in 2001. You would have to think that teams probably would have picked him sooner. I mean come on... Stephan Weiss at #4. Here take a look for yourself. I feel very fortunate to have this man as an Edmonton Oiler. I think we all should. Besides, he could have been a Bruin. (When we traded Guerin to Boston for Anson Carter, 2001 2nd rd pick and the option to switch 1st round picks in the 2001 or 2002 draft. In 2001 we chose to change the first-round selection (19th overall) for the Bruins' (13th overall). Thus giving the Oilers the 13th pick).

This season he has really been making strides in his game. He shoots a lot more now. I've noticed that we don't really have to scream at him anymore. "Shoooooot". Kinda nice huh Hemmer? He still has that deadly passing. He finds people in the strangest places sometimes. But then again, that is what makes him so special. He finally seems to be that point a game player that we all hoped for. I am very excited for him. He seems excited by it too. He has stated publicly that he want to be that guy. The "guy" the coach can look at to do something. Mind you Hemmer hasn't had all that much help this year, he is leading quite well.
So for all the hard work and dedication it took to become and keep going as a great Edmonton Oiler. Here's to Hemmer... I like the cut of your jib young man.

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