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Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Oiler's Jambalaya #1 (Random Thoughts)

Even though we won last night....

That was a stinker for sure. Where is the effort? Does the team know that they were on HNIC? You realise that the whole nation watches you right? And that's how you want to play with your Mom watching? I think that would be embarrassing. One shot after the 1st. Very impressive. Ending the game at 43-17. Yeah! Whooo Hoooo! I swear someone better give Roli huge high five. And maybe some kissing on the feet. Ok. I feel better. But you have to bet that MacT is going to skate you guys hard this week. To top it off, it sucks no Oilers till Thursday. Now what?


When I first was learning how to play hockey we were taught to play the man and not the puck. Right? This is a fairly easy concept, and it works when executed. So why does the team always go for the puck instead of laying the guy out? Most likely a 50/50 chance of getting burnt. But if you hit the guy then no one is burning anyone right? Like I said Easy concept and it works. Try it sometime.


Since when are we playing rugby? Or football for that matter. There is such a thing as a forward pass. What you say? Really? We can do that? Generally the good teams pass in the forward direction. I mean really. Why give the other team any help by passing back to your own zone? Move it forward and go and get it. Look... I panic too in hockey sometimes. I get that. But dump it forward and go get it. Don't freak out and pass back to your defence. Then they freak out and next thing you know the other team has possession. Get it? Got It? Good!


When is Shawn Horcoff going to get some more moves? His only arsenal is by going to the right side waiting for the one timer. Good play... but it can't be the only gun in the pocket. You need more. In the last few games I have seen changes to Penner's game and Hemmer's game. They have adjusted to look like 1st line stars. Sorry Horcoff. You have not. In fact, I prefer the 2 Million Horcoff. At least he tried his butt off. I want a refund on this guy.


The emergence of Hemsky has been very exciting to a fan like me who has been waiting to see the real Hemsky. I think ladies and gentlemen, he is finally here. He seems really confidant this year and I think he really is trying to be a leader on the ice. He always said it but never really maintained any consistency for a whole season. I say so far, so good.


I personally can not wait for Big Mac to come back. I hear he is learning to fight better from Rocky Thompson. How scary is that going to be? A better skater, better shape and a better fighter. You better run...


I truly feel bad for Erik Cole. I do. I think what we have here is another Mike Peca situation. I don't think that MacT really knows how to use him yet. Or maybe he isn't listening to Cole. Either way, I don't think that the fans should be getting impatient with him. It took 60 or so games for Peca to be used accordingly. I expect the same with Cole. Then the Oiler fans will see why we got him in the first place. Mike Peca felt like the fans hated him by the middle of the season and his mind was made up to leave. I don't want the same with Cole. If you can remember... Peca was one of the best players for us in the playoff's. When... Not if, we make the playoff's. Erik Cole is going to be one of our best players too. Us as fans need to be patient. This is going to be a special year. Mark my words.
Until next time.
Smokin' Ray Burnt

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  1. Just a theory, but maybe Horcoff is still feeling the layoff from the shoulder injury? It could mean he will rip it up next season which would be too late for this season... I dunno, if I was getting paid millions I'd bust my ass everyday.

    I can't wait to see Hemsky at the all star game and him showing the NHL media they made a mistake by not printing more hockey cards with his face on it.


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