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Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Oiler's Jambalaya #2 (Random Thoughts)

Hello once again...

I have a few things on the brain and was wondering what you guys thought.
Why do fans complain about everything? Fire MacT. Trade Souray. Trade Lubo. The sky is falling. Trade everyone. What? Are you serious?
I mean really... we do have it pretty good. There just seems to be no patience anymore. When did everyone get uptight about things? We didn't really start out all that well in the '06 cup run either. The same people wanted Peca to sit out or be traded. Right? Now wasn't he one of our best players during the playoffs that year? I am going to have to go out on a limb here... but I think Cole will be our Peca this year. I just think that things may turn around for the team (and Cole) in the new year. To the point that we look similar to the team in the '06 run. We have all the right pieces. We just need to figure it all out again. Hopefully this time half the team doesn't leave after the year is done.
If our (Oiler) colours are blue and copper. Why is red shown on everything. Take a look a jersey. One little red pin stripe and all of the sudden our colours are red and blue. Why? No really... Why?

I bought a lawn chair. Blue and Red. T shirts... blue and red. I have three toques. They are all blue, white and red. The oil drop is copper. Nothing else though. Underwear... blue and red. My winter gloves... blue and red. Knick knacks... blue and red.

This could be more puzzling than the leaning tower of Pisa. It's whacked. Yet nothing we can do about it. But yet it drives me mad. Hmmm....


Does anyone else think that we need a new format for the all star game? I do.

I really believe that every team needs to have at least one representative at the game. (there was a few years when the Oilers had no one go.) I think that the fans should only vote on their own team. Say the Oil fans vote for Souray. Then he is the rep for the Oilers. After all that, then the league can decide the rest. ***For the record.. it should be a crime if you are in the top 20 in points in the league and you don't make it. (it's happened before)

Hold on... I know this is a crappy set up but it is a start. I want your opinions on this. What would you do?


I have heard about people wanting to do a lottery for the draft picks to prevent people from tanking the season. I like it. Here's my theory.

I would host the lotto draft the same weekend as the all star break. I would put one ball for each team in a pit and one by one pull a name. Starting with the 1st pick overall, and ending with #30.

Now the team that was luck and was given the #1 pick will not qualify for the #1 pick again for 10 years. That way nine other teams can have a chance at getting the #1 pick. If say, next year the team that was 1st last year was picked again, they move to #2. Then the #2 pick will receive the #1 pick. Then it goes back to #3, 4, 5 etc...

The reason that I say to do the draft at the all star break is so that teams can trade for the high picks and know what they are getting. I believe the trade deadline could be that more exciting. And maybe stop the giving up of teams near the end of the season.


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