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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Beers and Jeers #16 (Jan 7/09 vs Vancouver Canucks)


What was that? The game was on the verge of becoming a classic but it never happened. This Oilers team is really starting to bug me. I compare them to crack. You know... you get a little taste of the good stuff. Oh man it feels great. It feels so good. You want more. OH MAN CAN LIFE BE SWEETER? (what feels like 30 seconds later...) Awww man. What's going on? Why does it hurt so much? Why can't I have more?

See what I mean? It sucks. The Oilers during the 1st period looked like a bunch of peewee hockey players. Falling down like their legs don't move. Pathetic. 3 PP's and 8 shots. Wow. Stellar.

The 2nd was almost boring to watch. Except for the Canucks kicking our ass. The 3rd at least was better. I am not sure why the Oilers insist on waiting for the 3rd before they start trying.
Top face off guy for the Oilers this game.... Sam Gagner. 5-3 (63%)
The worst face off guy... Andrew Cogliano. again. 3-5 (38%)
The most giveaways... Ethan Moreau a whopping 5 giveaways. Atta boy!
The most blocked shots... Staios and Visnovsky with 4 each.
The most hits... Erik Cole with 4 hits and multiple rub downs.
The most shots... Sheldon Souray with 5 shots and 3 attemps blocked. He out shot the forwards? Really?
on a side note: Congrats to Souray for making the all-star game. Nice to have someone represent. What does Hemsky have to do to make an all-star game? Play in Montreal? Or Pittsburgh? The guy is an all-star that doesn't get the nod to go to the game. Bogus NHL. Explain how Doan is more of an all-star then Hemmer. (other than points) Or Dustin Brown? I don't know... Maybe I am a nut bar.



Erik Cole

- This guy is everything that I would want in a player. He never seems to give up. Seems like he is willing to try anything. And he can score the odd goal. He played a real good game tonight. Need I say more? Have a Beer Erik. Cheers!

Sheldon Souray

- The big boom was pretty good tonight. A couple of bad giveaway plays but more than makes up for it. His fight was nice. Seems like the Oilers are a bunch of one punchers. Your probably getting sick of beer by now? Ahhhh balderdash. Cheers!



The Entire Team

- Wow you guys sucked tonight. With all the trade talk, I wonder if this was the last time that we see Horcoff in an Oiler jersey? Something has got to give and I fully expect someone gone by Thursday morning. Just a bad game tonight. I am not sure the coaching staff understood you Tambo. Better say it to them one more time and a little sloooowwweeerrr. Boooooooooooooooo!

Dwayne Roloson

- Terrible game Roli. You usually play good when your mad. But not tonight. That wasn't the Roli from last game. That was the stinker Roli from last year. Sorry man but you deserve this. Boooooooooooo!


Next up. San Jose Sharks. Hope we have the other team this time.

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  1. Gotta love being an Oilers fan. What to do, what to do? This team is a giant tease, and you know what happens to a tease don't you? We track them down and kill them all... Err ok maybe that's excessive, but we have to do something.



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