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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Beers and Jeers #18 (Jan 11/09 vs. St. Louis Blues)

The game that we just witnessed was a strange affair. At times I was screaming and yelling and was having a gay ol' time. The next minute I am searching for a bandwagon to jump on. All in all, we won the game. At the end of the day that is all that matters. (yeah. I just said that.) It was nice to see MacT put some of the lines back together. Duh! I was once again a little stunned that Schremp wasn't called up. But by listening to MacT we all might as well give up on that. I expect Schremp gone by the deadline. That's too bad. I really liked him.

Back to the game. The 1st period was kind of dull. I hate it when the other team scores 1st. Hate it. But thank god for the 2nd period. Gagner to Potulny and way long to Brule who went up stairs for the goal. Wow! But don't forget the couple of shorthanded rushes that swung the momentum the Oilers way just before that goal. Those made me stand up and yell. We need more of those. I need more of those. Then the Cole/Gagner reunion. These guys seem to find each other and having Potulny play with them made everyone play well. That was a good line tonight. That was enough to hang on for the win. I really hate it when an announcer starts talking about stats before the end of the game. I hate it even more when there is 5 minutes left. 4:38 left in 3rd in fact. "This will be Gagner's 2nd game winning goal". Are you retarded? Don't say that. But I guess I am a little superstitious.



Ryan Potulny

- "Who is this guy?" That was my thought before the game started. I changed as it when on. He was pretty good tonight. He has pretty good hockey sense and a lot of hustle. 2 point night. Life is pretty good today now isn't it Ryan? However... knowing MacT, Reddox will probably take his spot with Gags and Cole. For a great 1st Oiler game and a welcome to the team. Have a cold one. Cheers!


- Geez MacT. Do you like to look stupid? I defend you and you do the unthinkable and separate Gags and Cole. Glad to see you came to your senses. These two were good again tonight. I can't explain why they work so well but they do. Hopefully they stay together for the long haul. I think the team needs that in order to be consistant. Here a couple of beers for the dynamic duo. Cheers!

Steve Staios

- The guy that has taken tons of shots from me over the past while. (mostly bad ones.) Tonight he looked really good. Not just the couple of rushes but his overall game. 3 hits ans 3 blocked shots. That was the Staios that I used to love. The warrior. And he played simple hockey and that is all that I think he can do. So for playing well, have a frosty mug of brew. Cheers!
Gilbert Brule
-His best game as an Oiler. Glad to see him do well. He played pretty solid and ended up getting a pretty nice goal. His speed was on fast mode cruise control. I had fun watching him play tonight. So for a real nice effort tonight. How about a big beer? Cheers!



Not much to jeer here except for the lackluster performance from the 1st line. Sad how much Penner and Horcoff rely on Hemsky. Reddox is not a substitute.

The team really needs to play a full 60 minute hockey game. It happens from time to time. Not recently... But it happens. I sure hope we can do it on Tuesday as we are facing the Capitals. That won't be easy at all. But until then...


  1. Well said all the way through. Kudos, sir!

  2. Yeah, bang on stuff.

    I hated that early Oilers powerplay about as much as Ray Ferraro did.

    How about Cole, Gagner, Nilsson/Potsy on the first powerplay unit?


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