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Friday, January 16, 2009

Beers and Jeers #21 (Jan 16/09 vs. Colorado Avalanche)

Well that was an interesting game. That must have been an impostor team that played the Wild. Maybe Springfield in disguise? Anyways the team that played tonight was pretty good. We won the 1st period and lost the 2nd. I was really digging the Cole/Gagner/Potulny line. I would still like to see a Cole/Gagner/Cogliano line. Maybe a PP unit? The 3rd period saw the team get into a little penalty trouble. That is a bit of a momentum killer. Especially tied 2-2. Then the old Horcoff side door trick to save the day. But great eyes by Grebeshkov. He made a great pass to Horcoff.

It's kind of strange. I am starting to like Liam Reddox. (don't worry...not that much) Not on the 1st line. Or the 2nd line either. But he plays with a lot of hustle. Seems to really try his hardest. Maybe he's a poor man's Cole? But not.

Garon didn't really look very sharp tonight. I guess we can hardly blame him. It's not like he's getting lots of starts. It's too bad that Garon probably won't be an Oiler next season. I do like him. It's just that Gramps (Roli) has been good this year. He may not be next year, but he is now. And in order to acquire a top 6 forward, I am sure a goalie will have to be moved. Garon is most likely the guy.

The Pouliot fight gave me a good laugh. He looked like Huggy Bear Jr. The guy really shouldn't drop the gloves. Save that for the other guys.



It's weird. I don't think that anyone really deserves a Beer or a Jeer tonight. Maybe it's that fact that I am still pissed off at Air Canada for cancelling my wifes flight after we drove 3 hours to the airport. Just to turn around and drive home. To go back tomorow. I hate Air Canada. Booooooooooooo!

Cole, Gagner, Potulny, Visnovsky, Staios, Horcoff, Cogliano, Souray all played pretty good. The rest were really unnoticable. But a win is a win and I can drink a beer to that. In fact I think all the Oilers fans deserve a beer tonight for all the dedication to a team that is as unpredictable as this team is. CHEERS EVERYONE!


  1. Haha Smokin' Ray this whole beers and jeers thing just kills me. Keep them up because they're hilarious.


  2. Thanks I try...

    "blushes like a school girl"


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