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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Beers and Jeers #30 (Feb 8/09 vs. Minnesota Wild)

As you can see, I have made some changes (header and font) to the site. I figured if i could change... why not the Oilers?
Ok Oilers. It's a new day. Time to get fired up and take on those trap style Wild team. I don't like their style. It's very boring to watch. But it works so who am I to judge? I have a much better feeling about this game than I did yesterday. I vented already today (click here) and I am feeling positive now. I am expecting another Big Mac vs. Bogeyman fight. It should be a gooder. That should help wake up a game in the afternoon.

I am wondering what MacT is up to for this game? Who plays with who? What is the plan of attack? Are we going to win? hmmmm.... questions.

It's 12:57 pm and I'm fired up. Let's Go Oilers!


1st Period

And it's Roli that gets the start. Figures. I guess he will play every game for now on? I thought Deslauriers was pretty good yesterday. Not great, but good enough for a start today. Oh well, another MacT what?!? However, he does have the correct lines IMO. We will see how these work out.

Well we get a good pace right off the hop. Big Mac and Bogey managed to come together but nothing happened. Oilers were looking really good in the opening 5:00 minutes. Then the Wild take a penalty. This is a great time to get a goal. Let's go Oilers! Another penalty to the Wild. This is a gift guys. A quick 5 on 3 here. And MacT uses his timeout to try and plan something. Will it work? You bet it will. Smart move MacT. 1-0 Oilers. Souray with the bomb from Grebs and Hemmer. And there is still time on the 2nd penalty left. But Minny kills that off. Oh well... 1-0 lead anyways. A little while later Stortini lands a beauty of a hit on Clutterbuck. Good way to gain some momentum. But Boogaard tries some dirty tactics on Storts and he lands himself a slashing penalty. Haha! Seconds later Souray gets himself in penalty trouble so things went to 4 0n 4. Damn! The game has good flow for the rest of the period. Oilers look like a different team today. With 1:41 left Minny (Belanger) scores to make it 1-1. Damn Roli. That was soft. But the line that was out there wasn't exactly our #1 line (5, 43, 51, 85, 78). Ouch. End of period score. 1-1 tie game.

2nd Period

The Oilers come out flying. Even the 4th line gets a shift. But the Oilers take a penalty at 3:43. Souray again. Oilers respond well. Good kill. So here we are at 12:37 remaining in the period. Where is Hemsky? Why is he invisible? Is he coming back? At 8:59 left Boogaard puts the puck in the net after the whistle. Stortini takes exception and the anticipation of a Bogey vs. Big Mac/Storts builds. The period ends up being a being more of a Wild period then an Oiler one. Right in the last few seconds Gagner breaks to the net and crashes into the goalie. That results in a penalty. Good on Gagner for going hard and taking a hard shot for his troubles. I don't get all the hoopla over Gagner not producing offensively when he is such a good player without the puck. He plays way older than he is. (He is only 19). Anyways the Oilers have to come out with some of that JAM that MacT speaks about. 1-1 tie game still. Take no prisoners now!
3rd Period
Well, still no fight in this game. (When I expect it, I get impatient) But the Oilers have to kill off Gagner's penalty. And they do. Then the 2nd line (12/89/26) come out and provide great pressure. Cole draws a penalty and the Oilers go on the PP. Not much later the Wild come flying down into the Oiler zone an Miettinen nails a one timer past Roli to score short handed. Damn it I say. So much for a good start to the period. But Minny kills off that penalty and continue the momentum that they earned. 2-1 Wild. The 2 guys trying to do something are Gagner and Cogliano. I am looking for some veteran presence but I can't see any. Just these young guys trying to get something going. I can respect that. So we are now at the 1/2 way mark and here is the Jayman Homes Hit Counter. 7 hits. 7. Well that is just sad. (Oilers-7, Wild-29) The only good part is Jayman is saving themselves some $$$ today. How many Stanley Cups were won with only 7 hits delivered? WAIT: HOLD THE PRESSES! Holy crap! Gagner scores a beauty from Smid and Nilsson. Just in time. 6:00 left and it's all tied up at 2-2. Let's go Oilers! With 32 seconds left in the 3rd, Bouchard takes a penalty. This is it Oilers. Gut check time. Well the Oilers get some good chances (Gagner) but can't end this game yet.
Overtime starts and the pace is fast. Souray gets a few shots off but they are swallowed up quick. The Wild kill off the penalty and overtime continues. This was a pretty exciting OT but I am puzzled as to why Moreau and Pouliot are out out there together. There was a couple of Oiler giveaway's and Roli came up HUGE. Real game breakers. This is off to the Shoot Out.
Shoot Out
Gagner - Makes his usual move and it's stopped. Nice try little dude.
Nilsson - Goes wide like last game and also doesn't score.
Hemsky - His usual slow skating, fast stickhandling move with a shot at the end. Stopped.
Gilbert - Tries a forehand shot. Misses.
Wild score. Game over.
Tonight's Starting Lines
Moreau Cogliano Hemsky (This line really didn't do much. They lacked the punch that I had thought that they were going to have. Moreau was average. Cogs was a little above average. Hemmer was invisible again. 4th game in a row.)
Nilsson Gagner Cole (The best Oiler line. The 3 played well together. Nilsson was not bad. Cole was struggling a bit. Gagner was a man playing possessed.)
Penner Brodziak Stortini (The Big Guy line was good today. I liked this line (2nd best). Penner was trying. Brodziak looked comfortable. Stortini was making the best of the extra ice time.)
MacIntyre Pouliot Reddox (Not a line that did much. I think I only seen them out as a unit 4 times. Big Mac didn't fight. Pouliot was ok. Reddox was a non-factor.)
Final Score
Edmonton Oilers - 2
Minnesota Wild - 3
Sam Gagner
- He was real solid today. During the 1st half I thought he was really good defensively. But in the 3rd he scores his 5th of the year. He deserved that goal. Way to go Sam. Have a frosty cold one on me. Cheers!
Dwayne Roloson
- As always a rock. I wasn't sure what he was going to be like after getting shelled by Detroit. But like every other time he bounces back with a real solid effort. He was our leader today. Beer Roli? Cheers!
Sheldon Souray
- Had 7 shots on net today. He scored on one. He had a good game except for the 2 penalties. I wish he was on a roll again. But for today you deserve a beer. Cheers!
Honorable Mention
- Zack Stortini (he played well. Not much stats but a couple of hits.), Dustin Penner (the guy takes faceoffs now? And he's good at it so far. 7-2 for 78%. He played pretty good as well), Kyle Brodziak (seemed more comfortable playing with 27 and 46.)
Tom Gilbert
- He sure isn't worth the money that KLowe was sure quick to give away. What does that say for Grebeshkov who is going to get a raise since he has been better than Gilbert? For a not good effort tonight. Boooooooooooo!
Ales Hemsky
- Same with Hemmer. Where was he? Where is the magical man we call Hemmer? 4 games in a row with a no show. If he wasn't so damn good I would put him on the 4th line next game. But that won't jhappen. Bad game today Hemsky. Boooooooooooo!
Ethan Moreau
- Our captain was also not good today. He had a great chance to get some points playing with #83. But having only 1 shot and 1 hit means you were not playing your style (crash and bang). If you can't do that then you get booed. Booooooooooo!
Well that game was exciting yet frustrating. No big fight with the Bogeyman. Maybe next time. A point is a point but we needed a win. Next up... Wedsnday vs. Montreal Canadiens.
See you next time...


  1. Re: Hemsky

    After his big back check early in the game, I lost track of him completely. I really hope he isn't experiencing any lingering effects from his concussion since he did get jolted quite hard a few times after he came back from injury. I see a lot of blame going around about MacT choosing Gilbert in the shootout, but if Hemsky had his head screwed on straight he would have ended the shootout then and there. He was slower than usual and took a lame practice shot on Backstrom instead of wiring it to the corner like we've seen him do in the past. He's gotta be injured still cuz I can't see any other explanation.

  2. It's either that or he really misses Horcoff. He has been really weird since the comparison to Gretzky. It has to be the head though. Let's hope things turn around for him soon.


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