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Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Blame Game #2

Well we wake up after a hard night of drinking. (we all did it after that game) Who's on at 10:30 this morning? Detroit is playing in Pittsburgh. So we better not hear any excuses after this game about playing early twice in a row. Detroit is doing it as well... only earlier.

So after another loss like that, questions need to be answered. And not the usual answers that MacT likes to dish out. Be honest here. Tell us that you panicked. Tell us that the game was out of control so quick that you had no idea how to react. Tell us that you screwed up. Again. My good buddy Whitey writes to me last night, "I'm really starting to think a change of coach is the best thing for the Oilers, 9 years is too long. Time for a new voice/message." Seriously... How can I argue with that anymore? In the past I have. I've fought it to the death. But my fight is getting smaller. I just maybe calling over to JSBM and have them swing by with the old firemactbandwagon to pick me up. I may be going on a wagon ride.

It's not just MacT though. Even Moreau beats around the bush. Just say "I sucked as a Captain yesterday and I didn't play to my full potential." Don't tell us it's a process. We don't want to hear that. Time is running out. A process my ass! Win. Or at least try to win. Play hard. Check hard. Shoot hard. Try and start there. Pfft... a process. *shakes head* I want a NEW captain. We deserve a new captain.

To me I have the most problem with the guys up top. Tambellini and Lowe. I don't know who really has the authority to make a trade. And let's be honest... I don't care. But when Garon was traded for Stone and Sabourin, Tambo said that Sabourin was only temporary. He said that he will be moved. Where is this deal? Where is any deal? Is there no one to "dance" with? The Oilers have been linked to Bouwmeester and Spezza and Lecavalier and nothing has been done. Why? Jason Gregor made a great list over at These are good candidates for Tambo or Lowe to act on. What's the deal with Cole? Is he the next Sykora? Likes it here but the team is moving in a different direction? Why not pick up Doug Weight? What's the hold up?

Lots of questions... not many answers. At this point we need to blame all of the organization. Management, Coaches and the Players. The Oilers are in 9th as of this writing and all is not bad. It just needs to be better. It can be better. Minnesota in 1/2 hour. GAME DAY!!!

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