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Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Like The Cut Of Your Jib #3

Well with all the speculation and basically a bleak future for some of the guys around here, I have decided to write this before he has been traded. Yes folks... Erik Cole will most likely be traded sometime between now and the trade deadline on March 4th, 2009. Unless, of course he signs a new contract before the deadline. But we all know that that is unlikely. He will fetch more in the open market than the Oilers are willing to pay. Too bad. I like him.

Erik Cole was acquired in the Joni Pitkanen trade before the season started. Since he has been an Oiler, the Oswego, New York native has been pretty good in my eyes. While most people have been disappointed with his goal output this year, I for one have really enjoyed watching his gamesmanship and effort night after night. (Check out past Beers & Jeers) His relentless hits on our opponents day after day. Erik Cole has been a real eye opener for me. He has showed me that hard work and a little dedication to making yourself and others around him better can win the hearts of the people of Edmonton. (Ok. Maybe just me.) He has been class throughout his stay with the Oilers. From the news interviews that I have watched, to the newspaper clippings that I have read, he has for the most part enjoyed his time here. He liked the fact that he was able to build his Son a back yard rink. He seemed to be adjusting to the city. But all good things come to an end eventualy.

But for whatever the reason (money/warmer climate/homesick), there just doesn't seem to be interest on either party to extend this "marriage". I personally would rather have a $4 million dollar Cole than a $4 million dollar Penner. But I don't get to decide those kind of things.

Erik Cole has been the team leader in hits this year. That's awesome! (and something that this team will miss when he is gone.) He is sitting 9th on the team in points with 22. (not so good) 5th in goals with 12. Considering the leader is Hemsky with 17, that's not bad. Not great... but not bad. It's not like he hasn't tried, he is 3rd on the team for shots with 126.

Bottom line: Erik Cole in my eyes is 100% a Jib Cutter. I am going to miss him very much. I just hope that some day the original Pronger trade can come to a rest. (Brewer for Pronger, Pronger for Lupul, Lupul for Pitkanen, Pitkanen for Cole, Cole for ?)

So thank you Mr. Cole for the hard work, effort and class that you showed here and I truly do Like The Cut Of Your Jib!

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