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Monday, February 2, 2009

If I was the Owner/GM/Coach I would... #2

Well with all the passion for the Oilers at full steam ahead over at the OilersNation , I have decided to unfurl another Owner/GM/Coach. These are my idea's.



If I was the owner of the Edmonton Oilers right now I would be on damage control. I would be doing what ever necessary to keep the fans at bay. To keep them happy. Hmmmm... Smoke and mirrors? That works... sort of. The owner needs to step out and be there for the fans. He needs to be accessible. I want to see him at the games. Be visible. Mr Katz came in with a bang and since then... nothing. nothing. We need more Katz. Was he even real?



Let me figure this out. What exactly does a GM do with his time? Can't golf, it's winter still. No day in the park with family, too cold. Can't make any trades. What? I can? No kidding?

Ahhh... the almighty trade. Why not huh? The team is lacking in a few area's. And a trade would appease the fans. Me included.

#1 - A true 1st line center. Not Horcoff. Someone better. There has been a few rumors about Jason Spezza. I like him. I think he could compliment Hemsky quite a bit. Are the Oilers serious about this guy? Ok then. I'll take Doug Weight.

#2 - A true 3rd line. Maybe with Pisani coming back this may be solved. But in order for this team to be serious about winning the cup, the Oilers need a 100% all the time checking line. Moreau Someone? Pisani Maybe Cogs would be a good center with these two?

#3 - A better 1st line LW. Penner stinks. I would bite the bullet and put him on waivers and send him to Springfield for the rest of the year. No one would take him. That would teach not only Penner a lesson, but the entire team would learn a lesson. Play hard or your gone. That's my motto. Anyways. We need a new LW. I like Kovalchuk. I know... never happen. But that is who I want.

The Garon trade was good. But it wasn't enough. The Nation needs more. Please Tambellini... do something. What happened to the other deal for Sabourin?



With Gagner coming back, the lines need some adjusting.

Nilsson Horcoff Hemsky

Cogliano Gagner Cole

Moreau Brodziak Potulny

Big Mac/Stortini/Reddox/Penner/Whoever

Honestly, I would try Big Mac on the 1st line pp. All he needs to do is screen the goalies.

1st line - Big Mac Horcoff Hemsky

2nd line - Cogs Gagner Cole

I think MacT needs go get serious soon. People are starting to notice your mistakes. Save yourself!

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  1. I love the Weight Idea. He would be a great guy to have take face-offs & could fit on the powerplay as well!


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