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Monday, February 23, 2009

The Water Cooler #3 (Smyth/Souray/Cole/Lecavalier/Prucha)

*pours water into coffee cup* Oh... hello there. Welcome to the Water Cooler. I have some gossip today regarding some players. "Like what?", you say. Ok. Have a water and read on.

While it has been slow on the trade front (trades and news), the deadline is fast approaching. Is this going to be a big year for trades? I don't think so. The GM's now seem to have these damn cap problems of the modern era. Too many high salaries. Geez... who would have thought that the GM's would screw themselves again (pre lockout)? Maybe by the 3rd time around they will figure out that the large contracts are just plain silly. It's their own fault though. No one else to blame but themselves.

So with all the hype and hoopla that surrounds the TDL... don't expect much to happen. But it's still exciting as always. I always get fired up. Then I get dissapointed. What will happen this year?


On the 17th of February, Eklund from reports (CLICK HERE) that Petr Prucha may be heading to Edmonton. No word on who would go the other way. (of course!) And I quote, "I am told that Prucha to Pittsburgh or Edmonton" Take it for what it's worth... mostly bull plop IMO.

Also on that same page, Eklund talks about how Vinnie Lecavalier maybe coming to Edmonton. And I quote, "Don't believe a word from anyone who says Vinny is not available. The Lightning aren't pushing the agenda to move him, but they have let it be known 100% clearly that the door is very open and pretty much exactly what the cost of entry is. I have been around enough trade deadlines to know how crazy people get. I would put it at 80-90% that Vinny is gone bny March 4th. The deals will be too big to look away from. The Lightning could be completely set up for years to come. And whenever the Rangers and Canadiens are involved you can be assured that the Leafs, Canucks, Flames, Oilers, and Flyers will have discussions as well. This is a chance of a lifetime for those teams and a golden opportunity for a new look Lightning team to emerge."

I guess we shall see if and where he goes. Not here...


Here we have Ryan Smyth possibly returning to the Oilers. Eklund (CLICK HERE) claims this on February 19th. And I quote, " The Calgary Flames are an interesting possible landing spot for Ryan Smyth, and where there is smoke ther may just really be fire. However, don't rule out completely a return to Edmonton I am told for Smyth." I would love it, but I don't see it actually happening. Too bad.


Now the most craziest one I have heard from Eklund. It came on the 21st of February. Sheldon Souray to the New Jersey Devils. (CLICK HERE) And I quote, "The Devils first choice is definitely trying to grab BOTH Neidermayers, they like Morris, but also like Leopold and Horton. They also would love to grab Souray out of Edmonton for a major league prospect and a roster player." I really don't see that ever happening. Ever. Come on Eklund. Get real!


As far as Erik Cole rumours go... They are everywhere. It seems like if you keep on spitting names and teams around that eventually someone will claim to be right. He is linked to Carolina, Boston, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Washington. So really it's anyone's guess on where he goes. It's more of a question on who we will get in return.


Well folks that is all that I have found. And here comes the boss so we better not get caught standing around the water cooler. Maybe see you next time at coffee break. Cya...

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  1. Hemsky's BrotherFebruary 24, 2009 at 7:50 AM

    Thanks for looking this up for us. I'm way to lazy to do it myself. HAHA.


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