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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Beers and Jeers #44 (Feb 14/09 vs. Colorado Avalanche)

Happy 43rd Birthday to my Sister Wendy!!!


Congratulations to my two Cousins (Dan and Mike) and my Uncle who won the Coy Cup in BC with the Williams Lake Stampeders. They played great and deserved to win the Championship. Yay! Here is video link. CLICK HERE


Well here we are in the middle of March and the Oilers are sitting in 7th. Still... edit @ 9:51 pm :Dallas wins in OT. Oilers are now in 8th. I hear that MacT is changing up the lines tonight. I wonder for how long?


1st Period
Good pace to start the period off. The Oilers are flying early. The 2nd line has a good rush and with a little bit of luck they score. Yeah! 1-0 Oilers (Nilsson unassisted at 3:09) Shortly after the goal at 6:34, Peckham drops the gloves with Colorado's Stewart. Good tilt for both guys. A lot of good punches thrown. Hemsky has had a few good chances early in this game. He is really on the ball tonight. Gagner is also looking sharp. Pisani takes a penalty at 13:19 and Colorado scores on the PP at 15:02. Crap. 1-1 Tie Game. Come on Oilers. Pretty good period for the Oil. It could have been 3-1 Oilers. But it's not. We shall see what happens in the 2nd.

2nd Period

Well it's all Colorado in the 1st half of this period. The Oilers didn't carry any of the momentum that they had in the 1st. At 8:59, Pisani sits again for 2:00 minutes. Luckily enough the Avs don't score. The Oilers really need to get going here. Stastny takes a penalty at 14:47 and the Oilers have the chance that they were looking for. Good puck movement but no goals. At the end of the period the shots are 17-12 for the Avs. Let's go Oilers!!!

3rd Period

This is a period where I hope that the real Oilers show up. It seems as if MacT has switched things around. Here are the new lines (19 89 83, 27 10 34, 12 13 78, 18 51 21) I think?!? Let's see how this plays out. Well Souray takes a brutal penalty and wouldn't you know it. The Avs score on the PP. 2-1 Colorado. Damn! The Oilers are not making a lot of clean passes. It's going to bite them in the butt if they are not careful. At 11:02 the Avs take a penalty. The Oilers have 19 89 83 44 37 out. They do a real good job at moving the puck around but can not score. Damn guys. The crowd is starting to get impatient and frankly, so am I. The Oilers need more shots. Way more shots. 22 (Avs), 15 (Oil) is not good enough. **As of right now the Oilers have been bumped down to 9th in the standings.** The OILERS SCORE!!! Sheldon Souray. Yes! 2-2 Tie Game. (Souray from Brodziak and Staios at 14:40) Awwww... Penner high sticks a guy and sits for two at 14:50. But the Oilers kill it off and apply some pressure to the Avs. The crowd is chanting "Let's Go Oilers!". With a buck forty left, the Avs call a time out.


Well he we go again. The Oilers playing in an overtime? No way! 10 and 34 start out for the Oilers. Out comes 83 and 19. And just like that. The Avs score and it's over. Good lord boys. *shakes head* It's always five hole on Roli. 3-2 Colorado. Final shots. 30-20 for the Avs.

Tonight's Starting Lines

Kotalik Horcoff Hemsky
Nilsson Gagner Pouliot
O'Sullivan Cogliano Pisani
Moreau Brodziak Penner


Colorado Avalanche - 3

Edmonton Oilers - 2



Sam Gagner - Gags was playing bigger than he is tonight. Well sort of. He still gets knocked down but he was playing huge. His vision and awareness has been really sharp these last few games. It's just to bad Cole's not here to enjoy it. For a pretty good game tonight you deserve a frosty. Cheers!

Shawn Horcoff - Horc was pretty crafty tonight. He was hard working and creative but couldn't manage any points. But for him trying hard and not really looking bad, he can have a frosty mug o' beer. Cheers!

Sheldon Souray - Other than the untimely penalty in the 3rd he was great. He was blocking shots (5) and firing pucks (5) and scores the tying goal in the 3rd. He even showed his nasty side a few times. Good game tonight Shelly. Beer? Cheers!

Honorable Mention - Denis Grebeshkov (he blocked a few shots and played pretty good.), Dwayne Roloson (Roli faced a lot of shots again. He really is the MVP of this team. Maybe he should be the captain?), Patrick O'Sullivan (The speedy new guy was pretty good. I liked his game tonight)



The Entire Team - Just for losing another game. Boooooooo!


Well that was an ok game. We did manage the overtime point, but it wasn't the 2 that was needed. After this game is over the Oilers are back up to 8th. Let's hope the Oilers can actually pull out a win next time. Maybe they should start a 2 points handshake or find a new song or something? Let's Go Oilers!!!

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  1. I'd like to add a 'Cheers' to the crowd for the hearty chants tonight. Roli! Roli! Roli!
    (However, I think JDD needs a game and soon...)

    Perhaps I'm mistaken, it's seems like earlier in the season they brought it too late (but looked good in the third) now they look good in the first but something goes wrong in the third.

    I'm liking O'Sullivan's game too. Penner has renewed my faith in him in the Atlanta game; it was kinda fading for a bit there.


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