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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Beers and Jeers #48 (Mar 22/09 vs. Minnesota Wild)

Well here we are, playing the Wild and it's a Sunday afternoon. The Oilers have been on a roll and we should expect them to continue that trend today. Steve MacIntyre will replace Liam Reddox tonight on the 3rd line. Boogaard vs. Big Mac tonight? And while in being informative, Gaborik will return to the Wild line up after missing quite a bit of time (Dec 3???).


1st Period

The Oilers come out flying to start the game. Nilsson gets a nice breakaway chance but gets denied. O'Sullivan rings one of the post a short while later. Wow! Oilers get a PP chance now. Right at the end of it Kotalik hauls down a Koivu (?) and no call. The crowd goes wild. Lucky for the Oilers there. Good pace to the game but the Oilers need to cut out the giveaways. It's going to bite them in the ass. Fritsche nails Smid and takes a penalty for his trouble. Boogaard and Big Mac are out there for that but it's just some talking. No punching. The Wild kill that penalty off and not much happens for the rest of the period. The Oilers have 15 shots and 9 scoring chances after the 1st. The Wild have 2 shots and 3 scoring chances. Oilers were 0 for 3 on the PP.

2nd Period

Minny starts the 2nd on fire. In the first minute and a half the Wild have taken 5 shots. They had 2 all last period. The Oilers better beware. Big John Scott hits Moreau and Moreau gets injured. No word on what it is. The Wild really are keeping the pressure on the Oil. Aww... Hemsky takes a holding penalty at 3:40. The Oilers manage to kill it off and look ok doing it. Souray slams Gaborik's stick and it breaks and that becomes a penalty. I hate that rule. In the old days when there was wood sticks, that was a valid penalty. Anything breaks those sticks now. So now it's a 5 on 3 for 1:25. Horcoff seems to get into a "conversation" with Koivu. I wonder what was said? The Oilers do a great job and kill off those penalties. Let's Go Oilers! This period definitely has been all Minnesota. The Oilers need to pick it up. At 13:40, Staios nails Gaborik and goes and sits for 2:00. Or does he? The Wild score at 14:26 to end the PP. Damn you Owen Nolan! Boooooooo! 1-0 Wild. Now it's the Oilers turn to get a PP. But the Oilers can't convert once again. Nilsson sure has had some crazy passes today. He needs to play with a little more control. I'm not really liking his game today. So much for Roli being bored after all. After 2 shots in the 1st, he was peppered with 23 in the 2nd. However the Oilers were buzzing at the end of the 2nd and that gives me some hope for the 3rd.
3rd Period

The first 3 minutes was all Oilers. 27, 51, 33, 44, 24 had a great shift and held the Wild in there own zone the whole time. Great work by Penner and Brodziak as they did the bulk of the work. Aww... Booooooo! The Wild score again at 4:19. 2-0 Wild. That was against the 2nd line. Big Mac is sure seeing more ice early in this 3rd period. Yeah! Hemsky hits Clutterbuck. But no fight yet in this game. It's a little strange for sure. The Wild take another penalty and give the Oilers some life. Well they take it back and manage to kill the penalty off. Owen Nolan sure is trying for the hat trick. Another old guy playing younger than he is. Awww... son of a... Gilbert tries to pass it cross ice in front of Roli but it hits Gagner in the foot and re-deflects into the net at 12:43. *hands in the air* 3-0 Wild. WTF?!? Just not the Oilers day. As the time winds down, the Wild just seem to be sucking the life out of this game. Awww... Game Over! Boooooooooooo!


Tonight's Starting Lines

O'Sullivan Horcoff Hemsky
Nilsson Gagner Kotalik
MacIntyre Cogliano Pisani
Moreau Brodziak Penner
Souray Staios
Grebeshkov Gilbert
Smid Strudwick



Edmonton Oilers - 0
Minnesota Wild - 3



No Oiler really deserves a beer tonight. But a few were close. Dwayne Roloson did a fine job but wasn't at Beer form. I can fully expect him to rebound next game. Tom Gilbert played a pretty good 1st half of the game but finished -2. Dustin Penner also played pretty good but couldn't get anything done on the scoresheet. Ales Hemsky fired a ton of shots. But he didn't score. Everyone else was average or below average.



The Entire Team - That was one heck of a blah game by you guys. That was sad. You had the game in your hands in the 1st and you let the Wild take over in the 2nd. Then you still had a chance in the 3rd and you failed to capitalize on that as well. That was a waste of time to watch. ~Thanks for the memories.~ Booooooooooooooooo!


Well that sucked. It's like this remote controlled helicopter that I bought. It's cool for a while but then the novelty wears off because the battery dies and you then sit around waiting for it to get recharged. Because recharging it makes it cool again. The Oilers always seem to poop the bed every few games. So was I surprised? No. Disappointed? Yes. I just hope that we can win next game. What? Oh crap. It's against Detroit on Tuesday back at Rexall. See you all then. *fingers crossed*

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