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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

~Great Job Oilers!~ You're #1... twice over.

This is how I feel at the moment. I will post the Beers and Jeers tomorow. I am just to angry to type.
BTW: Ethan Moreau. Was that really your teams best game? You know... like you said it was going to be? Donkeyhole.
*rips off shirt and smashes everything in sight*


  1. I think the Oilers should give the C to either Souray or Visnovsky next year, simultaneously trading Moreau and Schremp. It's time to make some bold moves with this team and take it in a new direction because we're so blinded by the headlights that we don't know we're driving into the ditch.

  2. I just love this picture.

    Agreed. Moreau should never have the C ever again with the Oilers.

    Schremp? Who's that? It's seems like he has been an Oiler forever and yet we never see him. Why keep him around. CYA!

    I also agree with Nilsson. He can go too.

    Matthieu Roy and Pouliot can also go.

  3. I like Mathieu Roy. I think he's a better depth D-man than Strudwick (if he could stay healthy, that is). Might be a good pickup for Montreal the two frenchmen.


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