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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hold the Press!!! **BREAKING NEWS** Cole traded

The Edmonton Oilers have dealt Erik Cole to the Carolina Hurricanes for (F) Patrick O'Sullivan (originally from the LA Kings) *Justin Williams was traded to LA Kings for O'Sullivan*
So Williams for O'Sullivan. Then O'Sullivan for Cole. Make sense?
More on the details later.

Good luck Erik. We will miss you here in Oil Country.
EDIT: I was late getting home to make the changes but here they go. The Oilers also was given a 2nd round pick from Carolina. The Oilers traded that to Buffalo for Ales Kotalik. Good deals today for the Oilers. I am however, still a little pissed that the Oilers trade another guy away that actually wants to be here. Go Figure?


  1. Wish we'd gotten Marty Reasoner on deadline day.

  2. *I brought some tissues* Come back in the summer Cole.


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