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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Beers and Jeers #53 (Mar 31/09 vs. Anaheim Ducks)

I couldn't write anything last night as I was shocked, disgusted, saddened, sombre, angry, confused and shocked again. WTF?!? For two days the Oilers preached to the fans about being the 7th man. THEY pumped up the game to the fans. We will bring our best our Captain said. Well if that was your best then you guys suck more than I think. Don't promise what you can't back up. Blame MacT all you want. He didn't crap the bed for the first 55 minutes. The players did. Gilbert took a BTP (Bad Timing Penalty) right after the Ducks score to make it 2-1, which then made it 3-1 when CFP scores on the PP. That really took the wind out of the sails. For the fans and the players.

The part that made me feel strange was when the game was over, the kids looked crushed. Heart broken that they lost this game. I felt bad for Cogs and Gags. However... when the camera was tossed on Moreau, Horcoff, Hemsky and Souray leaving the ice they looked like, "oh well." "Who gives a crap". I do. The rest of the Oiler Nation gives a crap. As much as people are ready for MacT to be gone (and I do agree now BTW), I say the same for Moreau as Captain. NNC.

Here is the summary: The Oilers look good in the first 5 minutes. The suck for the rest off the game up until 16:33 of the 3rd period. Then they score 2 quick goals. Yay! But when the luck is starting to run out, MacT tries to pull a rabbit out if his hat. But the rabbit was already dead. Game over.




Anaheim Ducks - 5
Edmonton Oilers - 3


Dustin Penner - I liked how he played last night. He was one of the few that really brought it. He had 6 shots and was a +1. I say you played well enough to deserve a beer. Cheers!
Zack Stortini - He was one of the best Oilers last night. He was hitting guys. He had a good fight with Parros in the 1st. When MacT sent him out near the end, I was going what the hell?!? Just then... Boom! He tips in the puck. GOOOOOOOAALLLL... Awesome. He was wicked cool. That's right. Wicked cool. Enjoy a frosty Storts. Cheers!

Shawn Horcoff - I thought that he was good despite his attitude after the final whistle blew. It's just to bad that that his linemates couldn't match his play. He does need to shoot more. The more you shoot the quicker the slump stops. But for a good game... Have a cold one. Cheers!

Honorable Mentions - Steve Staios (He seemed to be trying hard to help the team win last night. He jumped up in the play a few times and played a simple type game. He just looks really tired.) J.F. Jacques (He played ok. He did was he was supposed to. Good job.)



Ethan Moreau - The Captain made a statement and didn't follow through. We will bring our best. No you did not. NNC. Boooooooo!

Ales Hemsky - Same for you. Talk is cheap and you did sweet f*ck all. You want to be a leader of this team? You want to get rode like a Red Mile Hooker? Why? You don't show up when needed. Like last night. Boooooooo!

Sheldon Souray - All those hard shots aren't worth a crap if you don't hit the net. Wide open net. Missed. I was expecting a different Souray last night. He also looks tired. Booooooo!

Tom Gilbert - Your stats (3 assists and 5 shots which normaly deserves a frosty beer) may say one thing but taking a BTP is unforgivable. Tough luck... but it's your luck. That sucked Tom. *shakes head* Boooooooo!


Is this the end?


  1. I'd give a beer to the fans for showing up while the game was good. A lot of people put aside their quarrels with this team and came out in support. While this unity didn't last much longer than 20 minutes, still... It was good to hear the chants and support while it lasted.

  2. We cheer pretty loud from the bar but they can't hear us.

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