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Friday, April 3, 2009

Beers and Jeers #54 (Apr 2/09 vs. San Jose Sharks)

Well, everyone has talked or heard about the text message so I won't talk about it. Everyone knows that I don't blame MacT 100% for this year. I blame the Captain and the Oilers leaders.

Roli started again for the 34th straight game.

Will MacT ever get his 300th win? This season?


Tonight's Starting Lines

Kotalik Horcoff Hemsky (This line was good at times, bad at times and just average at times. Not really how a #1 line should be. But it is what it is at this point of the season. Kotalik had 3 shots and 3 hits. Not bad. Horcoff was given limited minutes. Other than faceoffs and passes, he really didn't do anything. We saw Hemsky in flashes. He didn't shoot or hit anyone so.... his passing is sick though.)

Nilsson Gagner O'Sullivan (These guys were going hard all game. Nilsson had a fairly good game. Picked up an assist but gave up the puck a little too much. Gagner had one of his best games. He was hitting people, taking shots from all over the place. He played great. O'Sullivan takes shots from the places that most guys don't. If he gets trapped, he spins away from the guy and takes a shot. He did good in this game.)

Moreau Cogliano Pisani (These guys sucked. They were awful. This line never should have seen ice in the 3rd. If you can't figure out why the PK sucks so bad, then look at this line. If they can't get it done 5 on 5, then how can you expect them to be good being a man short? I feel bad for Cogs. He deserves better linemates. BTW: This was the line that botched the line change on the 1st shift of the game that resulted in the 1st goal of the game. *shakes finger*)

Penner Brodziak Stortini (This 4th line played like a 3rd line. They not only took control of the puck and play, but they caused havoc all game. Penner had a fine game. He played like he wanted to win. Brodziak looks better when he plays with Storts. They compliment each other nicely.)

Souray Staios (They did their job. Souray does look tired but he still can shoot. Too bad he can't hit the net more. Staios was good. He did nothing fancy, just smart hockey.)

Grebeshkov Gilbert (I thought that these guys were also good. Gilbert seems to have up and down games. This one was kind of in the high middle. Grebs did fairly good but was given a BTP for taking that interference penalty that resulted in the PP goal. Bad call or not, it's still a BTP. He played the most out of the Oilers defense.)

Strudwick Peckham (These guys played as capable NHLers. Strudwick does what he does best and plays that plugger type role. Peckham seems to be adapting fairly well to the NHL. Good to see. A few guys may not be around next year so it's nice to know that there are guys that can come in and play.)

Roloson (He was burned on the 1st shift by a nice shot. After that, he looked good. He played his ass off and made huge saves. He was classic Roli.)



San Jose Sharks - 2
Edmonton Oilers - 1


Sam Gagner - He was the 2nd best Oiler. He may be small but he packs a big punch. He scored his 15th of the year and actually did not bad on the faceoff dot. I was a little surprised that MacT had him out for the last faceoff against big Joe Thorton. He did win it though?!?! Crazy huh? For a Samerific game have a cold chilly Mountain Crest beer. Cheers!

Dwayne Roloson - Roli the goalie was the best Oiler. He didn't start out great and took a BTP of his own when he flipped the puck to high and into the net. Tough luck. But Roli at this point of the season can do whatever he wants. He plays like a leader, he is our leader. When is the consecutive streak going to be over? Have a Bud Roli. Cheers!

The RX1 Crowd - The crowd was into this game right from the start. I forgot what it sounded like. I think that the team really responded to the crowd. Every person at that game deserves a frosty mug o' beer. Cheers everyone!

Honorable Mentions - Theo Peckham (Solid Game. I didn't see him waver badly once.), Denis Grebeshkov (Other than the BTP, he was good.) Robert Nilsson (I though he did his job. He managed an assist.), The 4th Line (I love this line!)



Andrew Cogliano/Ethan Moreau/Fernando Pisani - WTF?!? What kind of game was that? Not a very good one. Break this up MacT. Booooooooo!

The Entire Team - You guys really need to learn how to pass from stick to stick. I am not sure how many passes I seen get interrupted or missed by the guy completely. The elite teams don't do that 10 or 12 times a game. Boooooooooo!


That was a good game. I loved that the Oilers took one of the best teams in the league to the limits and had a good old fashioned speed game. Lots of chances and excitement. Too bad the Oilers couldn't tie it up in the end.

Next game is Saturday against the Vancouver Canucks on CBC at 8:00 pm. See you all then.

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