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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Can't Believe It's Over...

We all know that the Oilers lost tonight. Well the Blues won their game tonight and therefore they mathematically eliminated the Oilers from the playoffs. It's all over. The end.

I claimed at the beginning and through the entire year that this team was special. I claimed that they were a group that was going to not only make the playoffs, but that they would squeak their way into the Stanley Cup Finals once again. I believed that. I did. Right to the end.

I was wrong.

*covers head and waits for the proverbial rocks to be thrown*
There will be changes that's for sure. I just wonder what's 1st? Trade? Firing? Releasing? Signing? Nothing?


  1. ^

    Facepalm moment.

    When you're done with that, realize that a lot of people had false optimism going into this season. "Where could we go wrong?" we thought. And it was that thought that is fitting for the 2008-09 gravestone as the Oilers waited until the last minute to try to something - whether it was during in-game situations, for the trade deadline, or even when it came to things as personnel changes. We waited too long to realize their were problems and we paid the price.

  2. You weren't wrong SR. The Oilers were wrong. We did our job.



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