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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Playoff Picks (2nd Round)

Well folks. I did ok with my picks in the 1st round. The only series I was completely correct on was the Hawks/fLames. Either I'm good a guessing or really lucky but the only series I was completely wrong on was the Ducks/Sharks. So much for my pick of SJ in the finals.

According to the pool that I am in, I managed 8 points out of a possible 16. I need to get the amount of games right. On to round two...


Chicago beats Vancouver in 6

Anaheim beats Detroit in 6


Boston beats Carolina in 6

Washington beats Pittsburgh in 6


*fingers crossed*

1 comment:

  1. Chicago in 6.
    Detroit in 6.

    Boston in 6.
    Washington in 7.

    My office pool involves picking the Team, # of games, and correct winners of each game. It's pretty solid though for the people who don't loyally follow hockey.

    10 points for each correct game won, 15 points for guessing the # of games, and 30 points for guessing the winner. 100 points for predicting the cup winner before the playoffs start.

    Sitting in 2nd right now. First is mine!


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