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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Playoff Picks (Round #1)

Here are my picks for this 1st round.


San Jose beats Anaheim in six

Detroit beats Columbus in five

Vancouver beats St. Louis in six

Chicago beats Calgary in six


Boston beats Montreal in six

Washington beats New York Rangers in six

Carolina beats New Jersey in six

Pittsburgh beats Philadealpia in seven


I think that it will be a San Jose vs. Washington final. Washington will win it all.


  1. San Jose beats Anaheim in four

    Columbus beats Detroit in six

    St. Louis beats Vancouver in seven

    Chicago beats Calgary in five


    Boston beats Montreal in five

    Washington beats New York Rangers in five

    New Jersey beat Carolina in six

    Philadelphia beats Pittsburgh in seven

  2. Well done. I went:

    San Jose - 5
    Detroit - 6
    Vancouver - 7
    Chicago - 5

    Boston - 6
    Washington - 5
    Carolina - 7
    Pittsburgh - 6

    I can't stand the Canucks, so it's prob a bias that I took them in 7 instead of 5 - or a more logical number to knock out the Blues.

  3. Then I must be more biased than you because I HATE the Nucks. The fact that Trevor Linden is gone means that I no longer have a reason to let up on that bias. So St Louis in 7.

  4. Montreal beats Boston in seven
    Rangers beats Washington in seven
    Jersey beats Carolina in five
    Pittsburgh beats Philadelpha in six

    Vancouver beats St Louis in four
    Chicago beats Calgary in seven
    Detroit beats Columbus in four
    Anaheim beats San Jose in seven

    Once some of the lower-tiered teams bow out, I think this year's playoffs will be much closer than expected. I expect to see at least eight seven-game series, and none shorter than six after the first round.

  5. Wow Patrick Ross loves underdogs more than I do.

  6. Damn, my prediction for Washington and Anaheim is wrong already. Looks like the Detroit/Columbus and Pennsylvania battles are going to be very one-sided too. Turns out I picked the wrong underdog to back. :(


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