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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Beers and Jeers #58 (Sept 16/09 vs. New York Islanders)

Well folks... the Beers & Jeers is back. It's been a long summer full of crap that we don't need to speak about anymore (READ: Heatley). It's time to move on... I'm excited.

#1 Draft pick Jon Tavares is in town with his New York Islanders. This will be the first time he wears a real NHL uniform. It's pretty cool that he's here in Edmonton for this. But they didn't bring Roli for this trip and that's too bad. I'm sure the crowd at Rexall would have liked to cheer for him one more time. Let's hope we crush these guys. Go Oilers!


New York Islanders - 2

Edmonton Oilers - 3

Tonight's Bad Timing Penalty™
Sheldon Souray - With :17 seconds left, he takes a Hooking penalty in the Oilers zone. The NYI don't score, but that still can't happen in the regular season. That is a excellent chance for a team to tie a game. That's pure Ethan Moreau style™. Leave it for him to do.


Devan Dubnyk/JDD - This is a hard choice for me. They are both solid goalies. The more I see them, the more I don't know why we took Khabibulin for 4 years. We are going to lose one of these guys next year due to waivers. Who do you keep? I call Dubynk. Beers to the both of you for tonight's win. Cheers!

Johan Motin - This is the first time I have ever seen this guy. He impressed me with his vision and smart playing. He had some minor bobbles, but overall looked close to being a NHL player someday. More or less a Honorable Mention, but still worthy of a beer. Cheers!

Sheldon Souray - Big Sexy broke the glass with his shot tonight. TWICE! That's right. Twice. By far the best Oiler on the ice tonight. He even manages to score the winning goal. If you ask me... Souray for Captain! But that's a topic for a new day. Have a frosty Big Guy. Cheers!

Jordan Eberle - He may be pushed off the puck a little too easy, but his knack for the game is evident. I'm sure he will stick around until the last cuts this year. He did way better than I expected. You can tell he's young, but mature in hockey wise. Are you even allowed to have beer? Ahh... Good game. Cheers!

Sam Gagner - He started the game off slow. By the 3rd period he found his legs. He started to want the puck more and even scored a goal and had an assist. I was thinking that the 12 89 83 line would be dynamite. But they weren't. Sam was the best one on that line and deserves a beer for the effort. Cheers!



Robert Nilsson - Not what I was expecting from a guy who really needs to impress. There was no flashy moves, no shooting it up like a gangster, no real pizazz. Maybe it was just nerves playing in front of the home crowd? Either way.... Boooooo!

Liam Reddox - Here is another guy that really needs to impress for a spot. As far as I seen, he didn't. The double minor penalty was a stupid blatant attempt to hit someone. You can't reach out like he did and be called with a clean hit. Unfortunately, Meyer was cut and Reddox sat for four. A little later on, he took another penalty. Not cool either. he did manage a breakaway. A 2 on 1 with Big Mac. Reddox loses the puck and that's that. (Big Mac most likely would have not scored, but you never know.) Not a good game Liam, worst on the team. Booooooo!

Ales Hemsky - No razzle... no dazzle. Hemsky wasn't bad, he was average. The words "Average" and "Hemsky" makes no sense together if he wants to be the "guy" on this team. He did have a good scoring chance, but somehow managed to hit the goalie stick at the line. After that, he was silent. I was hoping that the moody Hemsky would have left with MacT. I guess nothing happens overnight. I would expect a different guy at the next game he plays for sure. He's better than this. Booooooo!


Smokin' Ray Burnt


  1. Here is the link to the box score ---->

  2. I forgot about Penner. He deserves a beer. He was fast tonight. I was very surpised. He really seems to be ready for this season. It's a new life for him. Have a beer Dustin. Cheers!

  3. JDD looked like he was really fighting the puck out there last night. Dubnyk looked far more comfortable and looks to be on the correct development curve. FINALLY! A draft pick goalie may pan out after all! It will be interesting to see how JDD plays in the regular season if he can get into some kind of rhythm. But if he can't find his game then he's should 100% be the odd man out next year.

    And I don't think I've seen Penner skate that fast since the time MacT told the guys there was pizza waiting for them in the dressing room after practice. I think he's going to come out and try to shut up all the naysayers, which will be good for everybody.



  4. "And I don't think I've seen Penner skate that fast since the time MacT told the guys there was pizza waiting for them in the dressing room after practice."

    Friggin' Classic!!!


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