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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Beers and Jeers #60 (Sept 19/09 vs. Vancouver Canucks)

First off, it's going to be nice to see Brad Lukowich a little more this season (traded to Canucks in the summer) as he has spent a lot of his career in the east. I've known him since Jr. High in Cranbrook and he's a real good person. Never in a million years did I think that he would be in the NHL, never mind winning the cup twice (lucky bugger). But when it's game time vs. the Oilers, he's a piece of trash. ; )

This game was real dry and not very exciting. At times it was painful to watch. There was no fights or hatred on the ice which is weird for a Canucks/Oiler game. I'm sure Quinn wasn't impressed. But going up against Luongo is always going to be difficult. Tonight wasn't any different. He was good. But so was Deslauriers. They had a good goalie duel. Unfortunately, Vancouver came out on top. Damn you Canucks!


Edmonton Oilers Starting Lineup

Brule— Gagner — Hemsky

Penner — Cogliano — Eberle

Moreau — Pouliot — Nilsson

McDonald — Reddox — MacIntyre

Smid — Souray

Motin — Grebeshkov

Taylor — Young





Edmonton Oilers - 1

Vancouver Canucks - 3


Bad Timing Penalty™

Robert Nilsson - Not only did he take a penalty in the 1st period, which the Canucks scored on to start the game off, he took the BTP™ at 7:27 of the 3rd period. The game was in a lull and either team needed some kind of spark to get going. Nilsson goes for tripping and the crowd really gets into the PP. The Canucks can't score but the crowd is involved and loud. A minute and change after the penalty expires, the Canucks ride the crowd momentum and score to make it 2-1. Crap!




Sheldon Souray - Big Sexy does it again. He blasted a beauty past Luongo in the 1st period with 6 seconds left in the frame. He played good tonight. He led the team with 25:45 and didn't look winded. The man is a leader. For doing you best Souray... Have a frosty beer. Cheers!

Jeff Deslauriers - After watching Dubynk play so far, I sort of dismissed JDD as the future of the Oiler goalies. But tonight he was rock solid. He covered the net well and did a good job at controlling his rebounds. The Oilers are going to have a tough decision ahead of them next year. I'm glad I don't have to pick. For a standout game tonight... It's (insert french beer) time. Cheers!

Ladislav Smid - The Spaz sure has changed since last season. He seemed calm and cool out there. He seems confidant in his playing ability. He's the one guy who I have waited to screw up and he hasn't. he's been good. He logged 25:39 of ice time and made a good partner for Souray. Your effort was beer worthy Mr. Smid. Can or Bottle? Oh... Big Bear. Cheers!

Honorable Mention - Johan Motin (He played well again. I can't believe he's only 19.), Jordan Eberle (He sure makes it look easy. He has been good.)



Robert Nilsson - See the BTP™ section above. Nilsson was at fault for this loss. He seems to be playing himself out of a job with the Oilers. Sadly... I don't really care anymore. Boooooooo!

Marc Pouliot - Another guy who needs to shine and doesn't. Ending the night at +1 isn't good enough. Where's the desperation? Where's the fire? The lack of desire to be in the NHL is enough to drive a guy like me mad. Boooooooo!

Gilbert Brule - He wasn't all that bad. It's pretty clear that he suits a more 3rd/4th line type role. I just don't see him as a top six guy. Oh well... accept what you are and develop it. If you want to be in the NHL that is. Booooooo!

The Entire Team - You guys were stuck in a medium pace for the entire game. What a boring game to watch. I was really expecting some more guys trying their butts off to win a job. I guess I was expecting to much. *gasp* I bet the next squad will be fired up after watching that crappy game. Boooooo!

Honorable Mentions - Ales Hemsky (Needs to be better. Maybe he misses Horcoff?), Sam Gagner (Not meshing with Hemsky at all.), Ethan Moreau (Nothing more than a fourth line player now.)


Who Should Get Sent Down Next?

#57 Colin MacDonald, #81 Jake Taylor, #28 Brian Young


Oh well... new game tomorrow. Let's Go Oilers!!!

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