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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Beers and Jeers #62 (Sept. 23/09 vs. Calgary Flames)

Well this was one crappy game by the the Oilers.  Terrible.  Let's just get right to it because there isn't much good to say.


Tonight's Starting Lines

Jacques Horcoff Hemsky
O'Sullivan Comrie Stone
Moreau Cogliano Brennan
Penner Brule Nilsson

Souray Gilbert
Visnovsky Grebeshkov
Smid Strudwick

Deslauriers (Played the 3rd)



Calgary Flames - 5
Edmonton Oilers - 3


Bad Timing Penalty™

see Jeers below



Dustin Penner - It's hard to say fat jokes about him anymore because he really does look slimmed down and his foot speed has definitely improved because of it.  Tonight he was havoc in front of the net and managed a goal and an assist for the efforts.  Everyone called him out to be better this year, and I really think he's trying to be.  Good on him.  Frosty cold beer Slim? Cheers!

JF Jacques - The man was trying hard tonight.  That's the kind of stuff Quinn looks for.  He scores a lucky goal and the best part of all... He landed one solid punch to Regehr and knock him silly in a quick but sweet fight.  With a punch and an effort like that, I guessing he gets a spot on this years team.  How about a 40oz of Big Bear for a big dude?  Cheers!



The Entire Edmonton Oilers Hockey Club - Wow!  What a crap ass game that was.  How embarrassing on your own turf.  *shakes head*  Where is the guys that need to make this team?  Ok, let's take a look at what went wrong.

Glencross scores on the first shot of the game.  Not exactly a great start.  Sure the Oilers score to tie it up, but how do expect to get ahead if Grebs and Horcoff are sitting in the box?  You don't, unless you kill it off.  (Hmmmm.... You could probably count Horcoff's penalty a BTP™.)  They did kill it off and dug up some momentum and Jacques scores.  Sweet!  A 2-1 game.

If this game was a mountain, this would be the peak for the Oilers because it's all downhill from here.  Brennan takes a goalie interference and Souray takes one of his two BTP's™ of the night.  This time the Flames score and the game is tied at 2.  The Oilers defense is playing absolutely terrible.  Every single one of them.  Quinn must have been flipping out. 

Then they start off the 2nd period on the PK and then on to the PP where you would think that they would score.  Nope.  Glencross does.  A shorthanded goal is a nice way to let the Flames have a 3-2 lead.  Then Big Bad Brennan drops the gloves.  Yeah... not so impressive.  I can't see how this guy sticks on the team and pushes Big Mac out.  I just don't see it.  Shortly after that the Flames score once again to make it 4-2.  COME ON OILERS!  Where's the effort tonight?  That is when Jacques nails a Flame player (seemed a little cheap to me) and Regehr came to help/stick up for him.  Jacques kills him with one solid punch and it's over.  JFJ gets the extra two for boarding on the initial play so he's  gone for 7 minutes.  Souray goes and takes another BTP™ and literally hands the Flames a 5 on 3.  Again.  Geez.  *shakes fist*

Deslauriers comes out to start the 3rd for the Oilers.  Oddly enough, Quinn reports after the game that Khabibulin was dehydrated and that's why he didn't came back after two periods of play.  Comrie does score on the PP a little later (13:12) on in the 3rd to make it a little closer to 4-3.  As the classic MacT Oilers always did, they showed up a little too late.  Flames snuff out the Oilers by making it 5-3 and it's bragging rights to the fLames.  Geez *shakes head*  I don't understand why Quinn put out the 12 67 18 43 5 line after scoring to make it 4-3.  Call a timeout.  Double up Hemsky and Horcoff. Anything but those guys.

Once again the fans ask, where was Hemsky?  Did he play tonight?  I didn't see him.  Was Moreau kicking people's asses?  He wasn't?  Was he benched?  No?  Wow.  ~What great leaders we have.~  That was a sad display of a team. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Until next time...

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