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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Beers and Jeers #63 (Sept 24/09 vs. Tampa Bay Lightning)

After a disappointing last two games, the Oilers tun it up here and actually played a good game.  There was so many bright spots and a little low spots.  Pat Quinn has his job cut out for him.  This isn't some make a change and POOF, Stanley Cup Champion.  Faceoffs are killing this team in the pre-season and I don't see it changing. 


Tonight's Starting Lines

Moreau — Gagner — Cogliano
Penner — Schremp — Eberle
Nilsson — Brule — Stone
MacIntyre — Reddox — Stortini

Grebeshkov — Staios
Chorney — Gilbert
Smid — Visnovsky

Deslauriers and Dubnyk

Edmonton Oilers - 3
Tampa Bay Lightning - 4  OT
Bad Timing Penalty™
Steve Staios - What kind of a leader checks a guy from behind in front of his own net and the play is already headed back the Oilers way?  Steady Steve, that's who.  Good god man.  The Lightning get a PP chance with 10 seconds left in overtime. To top it off, the ensuing faceoff was located in the Oilers zone.  Faceoff win by the TBL and wham boom!  Game over on a St. Louis goal.  ~Atta boy Steve.~
Andrew Cogliano - The kid was flying on the wing.  He seemed pretty happy to be with Gagner again and it showed.  It was nice to see that pairing passing and skating together.  It was nice to see them "find" each other.  For awhile there, the Kid line was back together one last time (maybe not?!?). Even Nilsson looked good with them and he hasn't been great at all.  Seeing the three kids again made a little sad that that may never happen again.  But for tonight's hard working effort... have a cold one on me Cogs.  Cheers! 
Gilbert Brule - He wasn't flashy at all but he played a heck of a game.  He was solid in his own end and did manage to have some chances on the rush.  I was surprised to see him play like this.  Good to see "some" players still want to "make the team."  I think ol' Gil deserves a frosty for the effort.  Cheers!
Dustin Penner - The Flying Fridge no more.  He was finishing checks and playing his butt off.  It was nice to hear Quinn say before the game that he was one of his better players so far in the pre-season.  That's a huge compliment for a guy that was the coaches toilet paper last season.  For another solid game... a super sized beer for a super sized effort.  Cheers!
Tom Gilbert - He was definitely the best of the worst of the Oilers defence crew.  He managed to play better than the rest of them and was used often.  He really needs to find his groove in order to get the job done.  However, I do like Gilbert.  Well enough to sling a beer his way.  Cheers!
Honorable Mentions: Taylor Chorney (He didn't do any game breaking stuff, but played well.), Sam Gagner (He was great with Cogliano.  He played real well.  His passes were perfect.), Rob Schremp (He started off not so good but by the middle of the 2nd he was making plays on 5 on 5 and finished game more at the level Quinn wants.  Was this the last game for #88 as an Oiler?), Jordan Eberle (The young rookie battled hard and in return gains more of the coaches respect.), Robert Nilsson (Maybe just a little too late for him?  He was good tonight.)
Lubomir Visnovsky - The worst of the worst.  He's slow and useless.  He's not making smart plays.  Maybe I was wrong when I said he was good a few games ago.  Maybe I forgot how good he really can be.  Common sense would say he's not in shape.  If he wants to start the year as the 5th or 6th guy, keep playing like that.  Booooooo!
Denis Grebeshkov - The second worst of the worst.  Pretty much the same as Visnovsky, but worse giveaways.  Grebs had some very sloppy play tonight.  Losing the puck at the worst time (not like there is a good time), getting caught up ice pinching and his overall defensive game was terrible.  I sure hope that someone other than Souray is going to step up and help this team win some games.  Get better Grebs...  in a hurry.  Booooooo!
Steve Staios - I just think he's past his prime and if there is anyway to make a trade for him I'd take it.  He was a big ball of stinky tonight.  He just plain sucked... that is all.  Boooooo!
Honorable Mentions: Ethan Moreau (Did he even play tonight?  How do you spell invisible?), Zack Stortini (Did nothing), Ryan Stone (He clearly won't make the team.  Not an NHLer.)
Who Should Be The Next To Be Sent Down?
Ryan Stone, Rob Schremp Marc Pouliot and Kip Brennan
Ethan Moreau - He stunk.  I think I picked the right guy.  Need I say more?
What an emotion filled game.  This team is like picking pedals off a flower.  We love them, we love them not.  Once again, we love them.  Until next time...


  1. Beers for Penner two nights in a row! he'd be be careful, of he's going to get the gut back. I agree with these selections all the way. Brule and Nilsson looked really good, and Staios/Moreau were invisible - except when they should have been (Steve!)

    Have we seen the last of Robbie? My only fear is the years of Robbie re-hashing ahead of us by Oiler fans once he goes somewhere else. Hopefully he will spare us this agony and kill his career quietly a la Rico Fata. The worst possible scenario is to have him go and light it up in New York, and we have to be talking about it for the next decade.

  2. Yeah, Penner and "wheat (barley) based drinks" are a dangerous combination... lol

    Penner's been a pleasant surprise this season for sure!

    Visnovsky must be out of shape as you suggest. He did look terrible last night. I hope that he gets his old form back real quick. Grebs has been pretty shaky too--he's living up to his 'acid eater' nickname so far.

    Anyway, I love the "beers and jeers" and the "goat watch." Keep up the good comedy!


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