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Monday, September 7, 2009

Oilers Rookie Camp (We Were There)

Thanks to my main man, Paq Twinn, for being the eyes of Oilers Jambalaya this morning at the Oilers rookie camp.

No Pat Quinn on the ice this morning. Renney and Bucky are on the ice. Rob Daum is also there. Quinn, Tambo, Lowe and Katz are in the stands watching the practice. Lots of talking and laughing. I wonder if it was a Penner joke?

Practice: Good quick pace to the practice. Six goalies are at this session. Oilers new draft pick #30 Oliver Roy is one of the goalies on the ice.

Scrimmage time: Eberle looked real good. Real fast with great vision and scores a goal for Team White. #73, Burke Gallimore scored twice for Team Blue and made them look easy. Riley Nash also looked good. He plays smart and can hit like a train and take one too (he was rocked). The line of 73 62 87 was dynamite together as was the 64 23 14 line. They made some real slick passes. #50 Bryan Pitton is a huge goalie. He takes a lot of space away from the shooter.


63, ?
87, ?
62, Riley Nash
73, Burke Gallimore (2 Goals)
55, Jordan Bendfeld
53, Cameron Abney
66, Dalton Prout
23, Philippe Cornet
29, Johan Motin
14, Jordan Eberle (1 Goal)
76, ?
64 Milan Kytnar (1 Goal)
86, ?
65, ?
82, Jesse Dudas
59, Brett Breitkruez (1 Goal)
75, ?
48, Alex Plante
74, ?
72, ?


30, Olivier Roy
50, Bryan Pitton
52, ?
79, ?
70, ?
60, ?

Good practice and scrimage. Fast and high tempo. The Oilers have some good prospects in the system. The future looks good in Oil Country.

Team Blue wins 4-1 and fans win also. What a great event from the Edmonton Oilers. We needed a little hockey action. Thanks.

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  1. Great post OJ. Thanks for the info. Wish I had known about it. Too bad I work tommorow too. Thanks again


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