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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Beers and Jeers #65 (Oct 3/09 vs. Calgary fLames)

Well we waited all summer for this moment.  It's finally here.  The Oilers are back.  GOILERS!


1st Period

- I seen a glimpse of Deslauriers new pads.  They are a beautiful orange.  Can't wait to see him play.
- The fLames score right off the bat.  Glencross at 1:52.  Why does this guy haunt us?
- Oilers look nervous and shaky out there.  Nothing like opening night jitters.
- At 6:14, Penner scores from O'Sullivan and Comrie.  Nice work to get the 1st Oiler goal of the year.
- I just hate former goalies that get into broadcasting.  Kevin Weeks is the new Captain Obvious. Good Grief. *throws Charlie Brown a quarter*
- fLames score again on the PP at 12:09.
- The Oilers had two PP chances and didn't score on either.

2nd Period

- Stortini tries to get the Oilers going by fighting with Prust at 2:38.  A pretty even fight.  It was kind of boring.
- The 1st half of the period the Oilers look flat and lifeless. 
- Just as the team was gaining some momentum, Staios takes a reckless holding call.  Bad Timing Penalty™
- The fLames score on the PP and go up 3-1.  Once again, thanks Staios.
- Good thing for guys like Sam Gagner.  He drops the gloves with Craig Conroy at 13:23.  Great fight as Gagner takes one on the face and then nails Conroy a few times.  Gagner wins the fight, wins the crowds attention and wins a little respect from Quinn. 
- But not to be out done, we have another Bad Timing Penalty™ from my beloved goat, Ethan Moreau.  It was a real lazy penalty that could have been avoided.  God he makes me angry.
- Brule scores on a hard shot with the assists going to Penner and Visnovsky.  He's doing what he can to stay here with the big club.  You gotta like that. 3-2 fLames
- The Oilers were back in it after 2 periods.  Can they carry it into the 3rd?

3rd Period

- The crowd was ready for some action and action we got. 
- There was good flow to the game at the 1/2 way point.  Back and forth they went.
- No penalties were taken in the 3rd.
- Gagner jumps all over a loose puck and slides it past Kipper for an unassisted goal.  Yeah!!! 3-3 game.
- In the dying seconds (:49 left), the Bulin Wall absolutely craps the bed and mis-plays the puck and Moss pokes it in. Doh! 4-3 fLames win


Tonight's Starting Lines






Calgary fLames - 4
Edmonton Oilers - 3


Bad Timing Penalty™

Steve Staios - The guy knows how to wreck a party.  He picked a real bad time to take an aggressive holding penalty.  He crossed the line and was caught.  1st BTP of the season.  Not sure if I'd brag about it.

Ethan Moreau - Lazy penalty by the Captain.  Even worse than Steve's.  Yours was out of sheer carelessness. 



Ethan Moreau - He's my goat.  What else do I need to say?  He's baaaaad!



Sam Gagner - The little big guy drops the gloves with Conroy and does well.  He scores the tying goal in the 3rd and earns himself the 2nd star of the game.  I thought he played hard and deserved better guys to play with.  He may just get that shot next game.  Awesome way to show Quinn your worth.  It's Miller time Gags!!!  Frosty beer?  Cheers!

Dustin Penner - The skinny fat guy busted out a stellar 1st period and then caps it off with a classic interview with Scott Oake.  He did fade a little in the 2nd but was rollin' again in the 3rd.  I actually though he should have been 3rd star instead of Kipper, but I'm not the picker.  Excellent way to start the season Penner.  Cold beer?  Cheers!

Patrick O'Sullivan - I really believe that he may only finish 2nd to Ovechkin in shots taken this year.  He fires them from all over.  I love that.  My old coach used to say, "You can't score without a shot".  It's true.  Expect a few goals from O'Sullivan this year.  He's gonna be dynamite.  Great game Sully.  Need a glass for the beer?  Cheers!

Honorable Mentions - Mike Comrie (He played well.  He's great with O'Sullivan.  He had 1 assist and was 75% on the faceoff dot.), Ladislav Smid (The Spaz played well.  He finished the night +2 and didn't make any huge mistakes), Gilbert Brule (He showed us why he made the team this year.  He played hard and did what he had to.  Plus he scored.), Lubomir Visnovsky (He started out not so good but ended strong.  He still seems slow to me.  Nonetheless he finished +2).



Nikolai Khabibulin - PSFTTF!  That's you pooping in your bed.  Terrible man.   Let's hope that's not you at your best.  The fans instantly cried out for Roli when you did that.  ~Nice debut!~  Booooooooooo!

Ales Hemsky - Where was this guy tonight?  Mr. Iwantotbetheman.  You need to show up in order to be the man.  The 1st line didn't look like a 1st line.  Hemsky was to blame for a lot of that.  He needed to get his nose dirty more.  Where's the crust?  He did once and shied away after that.  Man up and giv'er.  I hope it's a different Hemmer next game.  Booooooooo!

Shawn Horcoff - Same goes to Horcoff.  He sucked as well.  Well, he did do pretty good on the faceoff dots.  67% on the night was his only crowning achievement.  Other than that he did squat.  Nice 1st day on the $7 million dollar punch clock.  Booooooooo!

Ethan Moreau - For all the reasons listed above... Boooooooo!

Denis Grebeshkov - Grebs wasn't so good either tonight.  He was having troubles with the puck all night.  Sure some were bad bounces, but a lot was just him in panic mode.  I may just chauk this one up as opening night jitters, but geez Grebs.  That was a terrible game for you.  Boooooooo!


Well what a crap way to end a Saturday night.  Now I'm going to have to hear it from people at work for a week that the Coilers lost to the Mighty Flames.  *puts face in hands*


  1. A pretty entertaining game, up until the last goal. If Patty O had scored a few seconds earlier, many people would be saying what a great game the oilers played.

    Yes, they can play better - especially Builin, but for an opening night game against a team that had already got their rust off, not too bad.

    We have fewer Flames fans at work now than last year, so that's going to be some comfort on Monday. Yay turnover!

  2. Good thoughts on the game Jambalaya! To be certain, it was an incredibly horrible ending to an otherwise exciting hockey game.

    First line - Hemmer and Horc didn't bring much, though JFJ didn't really look out of place. At least Horcoff was solid on the dot as you note. They did "saw-off" Iggy's line though which deserves some mention.

    Second line - Stone had some nice hits, but I am not quite sold on him yet. He's a little slow and doesn't bring much else. Sulli's still snake-bit on the scoring chances :(

    Third line - Brule's goal - Wow! I didn't know he had a cannon like that?

    Gagner on the fourth line didn't look like a good fit, but he made the most of it.

    Morea/Staios - same thoughts... Staios took a completely unecessary holding penalty while Iggy didn't really even have control of the puck.

    Moreau? Yeah, he doesn't seem to like taking a check. How many times have I seen him retaliate to taking a check with the high stick?

    Despite the "L," it was a pretty excting hockey game. Our special teams looked like they need a lot of work still, but it was nice to see the Oilers play hard and battle it out.

  3. I wish O'Sullivan had scored on that play. Oh how I wish...

    But whatever. It stung all day and now I'm thinking whatever.

    So Bulin screwed up last night. I'll let it go this time. I just wish he had more shots on goal because I still didn't get a good look at him.

    let's all hope that they come out guns a blazing on Tuesday against Dallas. We need a win. GOILERS!


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