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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Beers and Jeers #66 (Oct 6/09 vs. Dallas Stars)

Well I'm sure the party was good at the Pint.  The OilersNation group was there to watch this PPV game.  It sure would have been nice to meet some of these people.  If only I lived closer... :(

~Nice to see the Oilers PPV crew again this year.~ I'm finding that I still don't like Rob Brown.  It's not just the bad plug job, he's just not a Ray Ferraro in the booth.  Too plain Jane for me I guess.  Too obvious.

I also forgot about how much I dislike Marc Crawford. Ugh.  At least I don't have to hear his voice much this year. Yay! :)

Here is a link to a story about how Craig Conroy "did Gagner a favour."  Weak excuse for getting beat up by a little guy like Gagner.


Tonight's Starting Lines

Jacques Horcoff Hemsky
Stone Comrie O'Sullivan
Penner Brule Nilsson
Cogliano Gagner Stortini

Souray Staios
Gilbert Grebeshkov
Smid Visnovsky



1st Period

- Oilers get a PP right off the bat.  Cogliano sends a nice pass to the front of the net and Comrie scores (91 from 13 and 5).  1-0 Oilers
- Dallas scores and make it 1-1 Tie game.
- At 6:28, Souray takes on Barch.  He pauses, removes his wrist brace, then proceeds to give Barch a shake down/beat down. 
- Gilbert shows some crust and scrums with Morrow.  Just before then Ribiero takes a penalty for Holding.
- Oilers PP.  Hemsky is playing left wing and Staios is the QB.  Go figure?
- Stortini even see's a bit of time on the PP and he has the best chances out of all the Oilers.
- PP Stars (Brule/Holding) The Oilers do well. No shots against. They kill it off.
- Quinn is mixing up the lines for the special teams.  I have no idea who is going out.
- PP Stars.  The Oilers will have to finish killing it off in the 2nd.

2nd Period

- The Oilers finish killing off the penalty.
- Ryan Stone nails a Star player (?).  Ott comes off the bench to fight him.
- Some good punches were thrown in the beginning, then it turns into a hug fest, followed by Ott getting "jersey-ed".
- No extra penalty to Ott. Wonder why not? He wasn't on the ice for the hit. That screams instigator to me.
- Grebeshkov goes to crash the net and gets a face full of elbow from Turco as the puck trickles back down to the Oilers zone to an empty net.  Lucky enough it missed.  No penalty for that play.
- PP Oilers.  Good pressure in the first half, then the Stars score a SH goal.  Good god. *shakes head*  2-1 Stars.
- Shortly after Gagner scores on the PP at 6:35.  (89 from 37 and 13). 2-2 Tie Game.
- PP Stars.  An Dallas scores.  3-2 Stars.
- The line of 13/89/46 is on fire.  They are buzzing all over the place.
- PP Stars.  The Oilers kill it off this time.
- Sweet pass from Nilsson to Penner.  Penner then skates in and puts it top shelf on Turco. (27 from 12)  3-3 Tie Game.
- Storts and Gags mix it up with some Stars and Storts goes of to sit in the box.  4 on 4 hockey.
- Horcoff is in his own zone and gets to fancy and loses the puck. Staios hooks the guy and now he has to sit for two. *shakes head* 

3rd Period

- The 3rd starts as a 4 on 3 for the Stars. 
- Morrow scores on the PP and the crowd boo's.  4-3 Stars.
- The Oilers look flat and the crowd is quiet.
- PP Oilers.  The Stars kill it off but the Oilers score shorty after.  4-4 Tie Game. (37 from 83 and 77)
- The 1st line (22/10/83) is not doing so well.  Quinn switches Penner and Jacques and it helps big time.
- PP Stars.  The Oilers again kill it off.
- This game is getting nasty with 5:00 minutes to go.
- This game is going to overtime.


- Exciting overtime with back and forth action.  Hemsky threw himself in front of a puck as the time was winding down.  It was nice to see him do that.  Nothing was solved in OT.


Sam Gagner - gets poke checked
Patrick O'Sullivan - deflection save by Turco
Ales Hemsky - scores low right side 5-4 Oilers.

The Stars ring the last shot off the post and the Oilers win!!!



Dallas Stars - 4
Edmonton Oilers - 5


Bad Timing Penalty™

none - Moreau didn't play.



Ethan Moreau - It was a goat watch alright.  The goat was watching from above in the press box.  He has a ankle injury but might be back next game.  How am I supposed to boo you way up there?



Sam Gagner - The mighty Sam was good once again.  He had 4 shots and seemed really determined to show that last game wasn't a fluke.  And by the way he played tonight, it wasn't a fluke.  He did everything good other than score in the shoot-out.  The little big guy deserves a beer tonight.  Frosty?  Cheers!

Zack Stortini - He was showing good chemistry with Gagner and Cogliano.  He was hitting and skating hard.  Quinn even gave him some PP time and he almost scored twice.  He's not just a fighting machine, he can contribute.  I think he's better than Stone and Jacques and should get a fair shake at some more ice time.  Will Quinn keep him with 89/13?  Let's hope so.  Have a cold one Storts. Cheers!

Sheldon Souray - Big Sexy played a pretty solid game, never mind the fight.  He was playing fairly smart and not to risky.  Then when he dropped the gloves with Barch in the 1st, he blows my mind once again.  He pauses, removes the wrist brace (to be fair) and does a number on Barch.  That is almost as cool like the time he pushed out Moreau to fight.  This guy should be the captain of this hockey club.  He oozes everything you need to be a leader.  Plus he led the team in ice time with 25:20.  My vote's for this guy.  Care for a Bud?  Cheers!

Ales Hemsky - I was seriously mad at this guy for the first half of the game.  He was lazy and lolly gagging all over the ice.  I would have pulled him from the game.  Instead, Quinn moves Penner back to the Horpensky line and the magic continues where it left off.  Hemsky all of the sudden clicked on the nitro and came alive.  Holy crap!  He's making moves and is fighting for the puck.  He even block a shot to the chest in OT.  Again, holy crap!  This is the Hemsky that became my Jib Cutter, not the bum that we saw in the first half of this game  (and last).  That was awesome.  To top it off he scores the winning goal in OT, and the shot was a whiff.  Luck happens to those who try.  Feel like a cold one?  Cheers!

Dustin Penner - Penner also had a good game.  It's quite clear that Quinn is liking this guy.  20:00 minutes of ice tonight.  Only Horcoff played more out of the forwards. Dustin is playing great right now and he seems to be having fun.  I like the way that he made that 1st line click.  He scores a big goal and had 3 shots.  Let's see if he is with 83/10 next game.  I'm thinking so.  Miller time Pens?  Cheers!

Honorable Mentions - Ryan Stone (Had a good fight and had 6 hits), Patrick O'Sullivan (Lot's of effort, but little results.), Gilbert Brule (He played pretty good.  He was the best on the team at faceoffs with 56% (5W/4L)



JF Jacques - Maybe it's not fair of me to boo you tonight, you are in over your head and I don't really blame you for being in that position.  But your not good enough for the 1st line.  Against weaker opponents like in pre-season, you do great.  Against the NHL quality players, not so good.  You not living up to the hype so therefore I must jeer. Booooooooo!

Mike Comrie - Comrie had a point in last game where he was caught in the Oilers end and he became winded after a long shift.  He was pretty much toast in the 3rd.  I'm wondering if he does have a conditioning problem?  Once again today he was pretty good in the first half.  After that, he faded to the point of not really playing.  What's up with that?  Get into shape man.  Your just bringing down Sully if you can't do much.  Booooooooo!

Robert Nilsson - Before I get into the negatives, he made a sweet pass to Penner and that is why we still have him.  But other than that, I didn't see him do much, other than some errant passes that he was lucky he didn't get burned on.  I think that the Oilers are going to give up on him.  I just don't see the positives out weighing the negatives.  Booooooooooo!

Honorable Mention: Shawn Horcoff (You may have won a fair share of faceoffs and did ok on the PK, but that's all you did.  It's step up time, don't wait for Hemsky to hold hands with, be a leader.) Nikolai Khabibulin (Is it wrong that this guy scares me everytime a puck gets shot at him?  I hope I get used to him soon or I'm going to have a heart attack.)


Well it was nice to see a win.  We needed that.  Life is looking good now in Oil Country.  Is it crazy to say that Gagner is on pace to be an 82 goal scoring 4th line machine?  Maybe.  But maybe he does it?  *mind blown* JK

Until next time...


  1. I was saying the same thing last night about being nervous everytime a shot is directed at Khabibulin. I hope he shows enough for me to get more confidence soon. I started thinking about when Roli first came over from MIN and I kind of remember feeling the same way, so who knows.

    Another exciting one last night - well worth the price of a PPV. Look forward to reading your Beers & Jeers too - keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for the kind words Menace, I appreciate it.

    Your right. I felt the same with Roli too. By the time he left us this year I was bummed out because I actually trusted him in the Oilers net. I miss his batting the puck too.

    And your right again... It was worth the $$$ for the PPV. It's about time. Every PPV last year sucked because the Oilers never showed up. But they did last night. :)

    I however, did forget about Grebeshkov in the BEER section. Even though he scares me (his play), he played pretty good last night. A goal and an assist with 3 shots and 3 blocked shots. He played well enough to deserve a beer, but he needs to be more consistent in order to be a full fledged NHL'er.

    And I missed Gilbert in the JEER section. He was sloppy and almost reckless. The 3 giveaways was the worst on the team. I like 77 and 37 together, but if I was Quinn, I would split them up. One of these guys needs to be with Souray. He'll show you how to get it done.

    Thanks again for stopping by.

  3. Bulin sucks. Trade him.

  4. @anonymous: WTF are you smoking? Trade a goalie after two games. Sure he's not in top form, but come on man. That's just crazy talk. Give the guy time and he will be good.

    Have you ever heard of a team sign a guy to a long term deal and then trade him 2 games into the year? *shakes head*


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