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Friday, October 9, 2009

Beers and Jeers #67 (Oct 8/09 vs. Calgary Flames)

There was a wind/snowstorm in Alberta today.  Very cold out considering we were at 30 degrees two weeks ago.  Brrrrrr.  What happened to Fall?  Are we not getting it? *shakes fist at Mother Nature for skipping Fall*

Rob Schremp is wearing 13 and didn't look very good tonight with the NYI.  I'm not really sad any more  and I'm kind of relieved that he's gone.

Just found out that Center ice is free right now.  Wish I knew and I wouldn't have paid for the last PPV.

Quinn shuffles the lines in practice to fool the fLames.  Crazy old fox.

Staios and Nilsson are out / Moreau and Strudwick is in


Tonight's Starting Lines

Jacques Horcoff Hemsky
O'Sullivan Comrie Stone
Penner Brule Cogliano
Moreau Gagner Stortini

Souray Smid
Gilbert Grebeshkov
Strudwick Visnovsky



1st Period

- Good start.  All 4 lines look good.  Fast pace.
- The first 10 minutes went by fast.
- Bulin's looking good.  He's been making some great saves.  He seems confidant.
- It only took a game and a half period of this season for Kevin Quinn to say, "He has to get a new cue." for a broken stick.
- Gagner and Stortini belong together.  There's just something about them that seems right.
- PP fLames (Moreau at 14:18):  The Oilers kill it off with no real chances for the fLames.
- Moreau steps out of the box and gets a breakaway. SCORES!!!  1-0 Oilers (18-67-37 at 16:27)
- Moreau is now revved up and so is Gagner. 
- Bouwmeester rocks Smid and Smid gets pissy.  Iginla comes in and has words with Smid.
- PP Oilers (Bouwmeester at 19:28) Visnovsky SCORES!!! 2-0 Oilers (71-91-19 at 19:46)
- Great period by both teams.  Great action.

2nd period

- Souray and Iginla come together into the boards and Souray goes head first.  His head is cut and he leaves the game with a mild concussion.
- PP Oilers (Iginla at 0:18) The fLames kill it off with the Oilers not really doing much.
- At 5:50, Bulin comes out and plays the puck.  The crowd cheered. 
- Fight!  Moreau vs. Iginla at 6:09.  Moreau tosses a few, slips, Iginla doesn't kill him when he's down, Moreau gets up, Iginla chucks a few uppercuts while the refs break it up, it's over.
- PP fLames. (Stortini at 8:47)  Before you know it...
- PP fLames 5 on 3 (Grebeshkov at 9:14) What the hell man?  Talk about a killer.  This games BTP™.
- Smid takes a puck off the ankle (blocked shot) during the PK. Ouch!
- The Oilers kill off both penalties and somehow get some life.
- PP Oilers (Bourque at 11:54)  Just as the 5 on 3 is over, he takes a tripping penalty.
- The Oilers can't do anything on this PP.  They waste the 2 minutes.
- PP fLames. (O'Sullivan at 16:35) The Oilers keep the PK rolling and kill it off.
- Flames score. Boooooo! Another redirection by an Oiler.  This time Strudwick.  2-1 Oilers. (22-17-5 at 19:31)
- Good period by both teams.  It's a pretty close game.

3rd Period

- Another good start to a period by the Oilers.
- Regehr nails Gagner and then roughs him up a bit.  Stortini gets there quickly and gives Regehr an ear full.  At one point (I read his lips) he says, "Your dead Regehr".  How do you not love this guy?
fLames score. Ugh! Boooooo!  Another redirection but by a fLamer.  2-2 Tie Game. (15-8-17 at 4:11)
- Intense game so far.
- Grebeshkov will a brutal giveaway at 8:10
- Oilers SCORE! Yeah!!!!  Hemsky with an easy slid in.  3-2 Oilers.  (83-10-37 at 13:30)
- In the last 5 minutes Quinn went with these lines: 1st, 3rd, 4th, 1st, 4th, 1st.
- With 30 seconds left, Quinn puts out the big boys to finish off the game. 27-10-18-43-77
- It doesn't work.
- fLames score. It looked like a high stick but it's called a goal. Boooooo! 3-3 Tie Game (17-4-3 at 19:58)


- PP Oilers (Girodano at 0:35)  Quinn rolls with two sets. (89-19-91-71) & (10-83-27-37)
- Kipper is on fire and the Oilers can't score.  Penalty is over.
- What a Battle of Alberta.

Shoot Out

- Gagner - poke checked
- O'Sullivan - shoots and scores
- Hemsky - rings it off the post



Calgary Flames - 4
Edmonton Oilers -3  SO


Bad Timing Penalty™

Denis Grebeshkov - With the Oilers already a man down, Grebs manages to take a stupid hooking penalty and turn the man advantage into a 5 on 3.  Not really a good thing to do to your team when you have a two goal lead. 



Sam Gagner - Once again he was good.  He didn't score, but he was all over the place.  He was even playing like a big guy.  After a crappy pre-season, he's on fire so far.  He had 5 shots and was 67% on faceoffs.  That's huge for him.  Frosty beer Gags?  Cheers!

Lubomir Visnovsky - This guy is finaly getting better.  He also hasn't been great up until this game.  He was playing hard all game and stepped up even more when Souray went down.  He scores a goal and plays over 24 minutes.  He also had 3 hits and 3 blocked shots and took 8 shots with only 3 hitting the net.  Great game tonight Lubes.  Miller time. Cheers!

Nikolai Khabibulin - If we won he would be the hero.  But we didn't.  He was good tonight.  The best I have seen him in an Oiler uniform.  He made great saves and was burned/fooled on the last goal in the 3rd.  I can hardly fault him for it.  He made 25 saves and made me less nervous.  So why not?  Let's have a beer together.  Cheers!

Zack Stortini - Storts was a machine tonight.  He really blends well with Gagner and I hope he gets more time with him.  I would just put Cogs there with them. It's wierd he didn't get more stats but no matter, he was good enough for my liking.  Good job Storts. Frosty? Cheers!

Ryan Stone - I never liked this guy yet, but tonight I did.  He was trying for the big hit all night. He landed a few good shots and made people look twice to see when he's coming.  He had 4 hits on record.  Who knows... he may be better than I thought.  A cold mug o'beer? Cheers!

Tom Gilbert - He may have been the best defenceman out there tonight.  He just played really good.  he made solid, sound decisions.  He played over 25 minutes, with 2 shots, 2 take aways, and 2 blocked shots.  I hope this is the beginning of a great year for Mr. Gilbert.  Thirsty?  Sure you are. Cheers!

Honorable Mentipns: Patrick O'Sullivan (Had an assist on the Visnovsky goal.  Played well.), Mike Comrie (He still needs to work on his conditioning.  But he played ok.), Jason Strudwick (Not bad for his 1st game of the year.), Ales Hemsky (Needs to show up quicker in the game.  He can't wait till the end to bring it.  He scores his 1st of the year.), Shawn Horcoff (He did nothing special, but played good enough.), Denis Grebeshkov (Had 2 assists but had 3 giveaways.  That has to improve soon.), Ladi Smid (He played a solid game.)



None worth complaing about.


That was a good game, I just can't believe that we lost to the fLames again.  And again to another crappy goal.

Next game is Saturday, so I see you all then. 

Don't forget you can be friends on Facebook with Smokin' Ray Burnt and Paq Twinn.  We are always talking hockey. Come join us.


  1. The 2nd and 3rd Flames goals just kill me. How can we be so unlucky. I don't want to keep losing points to that frigging team on lucky plays.

    Center Ice only shows you out of market games so you'd have had to pay for the PPV even if you had know. I think it's free until the 24th.

  2. Thanks for the info on Center Ice. So what's the point of buying it for a pile of $$$, just to pay for a PPV? I don't understand the point of Center Ice.


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