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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Beers and Jeers #68 (Oct 10/09 vs. Montreal Canadiens)

Welcome everyone.  Starting tonight, Paq Twinn is going to do live updates on Twitter.  Don't have Twitter?  No problem, look to your left.  It's right there for you.  Just refresh the page every few minutes and POOF!  Your updated.


Tonight's Starting Lines





1st Period

- Getting ready for player intros, anthem, and puck drop.
- Nice save by Khabibulin. missed opening faceoff.
- Penalty to Montreal at 3:57 hooking Oilers PP
- No shots for, chance against, bad pp for Oilers
- Cogliano gets a nice chance.
- Oilers getting good offensive pressure
- Oilers PP at 10:13, Spacek goes off for holding.
- Good pp, 2 shots, this game is moving fast. 7:00 mins left.
- Khabibulin is making some nice stops.
- I'd say the crowd is half n half.
- At 18:40, Comrie scores a bute, top shelf. Gagner with a great stretch pass. #lastminutegoal
- 1-0 for the Oilers 1st intermission. Good 1st for the home team. #ppneedsattention

2nd Period

- Hemsky is playing with some passion early.
- Fast start to the second, things getting rough
- At 3:32, JFJ tips in Smid's point shot. 2-0 Oilers. Hemsky with second assist. #GOILERS
- JFJ starting to look better every game. #keepupthegoodwork
- Khabibulin holds down the fort in a barrage of chances by the Canadiens.
- Staios having a better game. #haventseenthissteveinyears
- At 8:10, OSullivan scores! good pressure and pass by Stone. 3-0 Oilers
- Brule has a big hit, Mara takes exception. Mara takes Brule down in a fight. #hitsfrombehind
- At 9:19, Oilers PP, Mara gets the instigator.
- 2 goal posts,but no goals on that PP.
- OSullivan continues hot start to season, really buzzin tonight.
- Canadiens getting ornery, down by 3. #gaineysnotahappycamper
- Oilers penalty at 14:33 to Patty'O. 2 for tripping. lets go oilers PK!
- Lots of Canadiens pressure on the PP
- Good PK for Oilers, no shots against. shot favor Montreal 19-11. about 3 1/2 to go in 2nd period
- At 19:10, a 2 on 1 for Canadiens turns into a goal for Gionta.  3-1 Oilers
- Oilers getting very sloppy late in second. #haventlearnedtheirlessonyet
- Second period ends with a half dozen chances by the Canadiens. 3-1 Oilers after 2.
-Overall a good second period for the Oilers. We gotta learn how to play out periods better, its killing all momentum gained through out the game.

3rd Period

- 3rd period under way, with both teams trading chances.
- Crowd chants "lets go Oilers" for the 6th or 7th time tonight. Didnt hear that enough last year.
- The line of Patty-o, Gagner and Stoner has been the best for the Oilers tonight.
- 1st line of JFJ, Horc, and Hemmer playing their best game of the season. #letshopeitgetsbetter
- Oilers have given the puck away 11 times already tonight. Khabibulin keeps making the saves.
- Oilers better defensively in this period. they are right on top of the puck.
- At 10:36, Hemsky goes for 2 for holding. Oilers go on PK.
- Solid PK for the Oilers, only 1 shot against.
- Canadiens out shooting Oilers 2 to 1 (ratio).
- Khabibulin solid between the pipes.
- 5mins to go in the 3rd. still 3-1 for the Oilers
- Oilers attacking more in the late stages then earlier in 3rd.
- Canadiens score... but wait its under review.
- After review, no goal. #phewthatwasacloseone
- Canadiens score. Hamerlik sends a shot through traffic, hits Horcoff, and goes in. #badbounces
- At 16:38, 3-2 Oilers 3mins left in the 3rd. #battendownthehatches
- Quinn riding 19,89,32 in final mins.
- Oilers hold on to win 3-2 against Canadiens. It was white knuckle in the last minute.
- JFJ (3rd) and Khabibulin (1st) get stars. good win for the Oilers, held off a late flurry, successfully this time.



Montreal Canadiens - 2

Edmonton Oilers - 3

Bad Timing Penalty™

Ales Hemsky - The only reason he gets the BTP™ is because after took this holding penalty, he gave Montreal life.  They didn't score on the PP, but they did have a review goal (no goal) minutes later and then scored their 2nd goal right after that. 


Goat Watch™

Ethan Moreau - He was his usual goat self.  Just ok.  Nothing to see here.



Nikolai Khabibulin - The Wall has arrived.  I could tell in the 1st period that he was going to be solid tonight.  He was awesome.  When a goalie looks that calm in net, he makes it look easy.  Great game Bulin.  Feel like a beer?  Cheers!

Patrick O'Sullivan - Patty O is a really good player.  I love how he shoots from anywhere.  It was nice to see one go in for him finally.  He did seem to click with Gagner and is showing his worth for being a top 6 guy.  I like #19.  How about a frosty mug o'beer?  Cheers!

Sam Gagner - I picked him as my star for a reason.  He's freaking killer.  I had a feeling that he was going to be better this year.  I was pissed off when he started the season on the 4th line. But that Quinn fella know his stuff.  I will doubt Quinn no more.  Gagner was awarded with the 2nd line center spot after busting his ass on the 4th.  Gags picks up the beautiful assist on the Comrie goal and finishes the night a +2.  Solid game for him.  Miller time once again.  Cheers!

Ladislav Smid - He led the team in ice time.  For a guy that wanted to be traded, I think he's happy now don't you think?  He was a stud out there.  He is turning into one of my favorite defencemen.  Let's sit and drink a CernĂ¡ Hora and toast a great year to you.  Cheers!

JF Jacques - Well that was great game by the big guy.  He had 8 hits and made you look twice when you had the puck.  This was more reminisant of the JFJ that we seen in pre-season.  I sure hope he can keep this up.  For a stand out game, let's enjoy a Big Bear, paper bag and all.  Cheers!

Honorable Mentions: Shawn Horcoff (Did well on the faceoffs 64%), Lubomir Visnovsky (Played well and finished +1), Jason Strudwick (Also played well. Pretty solid for guy that came in last game), Ryan Stone (He played the same old, hard hitting game he plays.)



Mike Comrie - Sure he scored but...  Mr. Duff still is having trouble keeping up.  His condiditoning needs some serious attention.  Ride the bike Mike.  Rid'er hard.  It's easy to see who is in shape and who isn't.  Look at a players average shift lenghth.  Mike is :46.  Gagner is :51 and Hemsky is :55.  No doubt Mike is a good player, but only a useless player unless he can skate with the boys.  Is it coincidence that he only scores in the 1st half of the game?  Shape up Mike.  Booooooo!


Well we won. Yay!  It's quite clear the the Edmonton Oilers of 2009/10 are one of the most exciting teams in the league (next to the Caps).  I love this "new" team.  it does'nt matter that we should be 4-0.  This team is not only going to make the playoffs... they will go far.  GOILERS! 

In Quinn We Trust (IQWT) *deposits quarter to JSBM*

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