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Monday, October 12, 2009

Beers and Jeers #69 (Oct. 12/09 vs. Nashville Predators)

Well thanks once again to Paq Twinn for Tweeting the game for us tonight with his TweetCast© .  You did a great job.

** For those of you that don't have Twitter, you can come here every game and there will be a box at the top of the webpage.  There you will have Paq Twinn's TweetCast© Live and up to date without subscribing to Twitter.**


Tonight's Starting Lines





**The Period Summaries are a Re-Post to Paq Twinn's Twitter Game Day Live Feed**

1st period

- Oilers 1st road game this year.
- Pekka Rinne in net for the Preds
- Nashville wins face-off, gets chance, save by JDD
- Good pace in opening 2 minutes
- Storts vs Grant, good tilt, lots of punches, pretty even.
- Nashville with some pressure, a few shots.
- Shots are 5-1 for the preds at 16:00
- Oilers not looking sharp early.
- Horcoff scores! from Hemsky on a 2 on 1.
- Oilers up 1-0 at 12:00 mins left in first period
- Oilers skating harder after the goal
- The top line for EDM is looking better every game. #thebesttonightsofar
- Brule scores! on a cross crease pass from Penner. 2-0 Oilers. 9:00 mins left in the first.
- Oilers starting to take over the play late in 1st Period.
- Oilers go on PP, Goc 2 for holding
- PP goal for Storts, pass from Comrie
- 3-0 Oilers 6:00 mins left in the 1st. #goodroadperiod
- Hemsky goes off for 2, 5:38
- Oilers kill it off, JDD with a couple saves
- Smid goes off for tripping. 2:55
- Oilers kill off penalty. Storts scores his 2nd. 30sec. left in 1st. 
- After a shaky start, Oilers take over and lead 4-0 Oilers. 1st intermission.
- JDD looking sharp in first start of the season. made some real nice saves.   #qualitychances
- Storts playing the game of his life tonight. Fight...check, Goal...check. check   #morethanjustaprettyface

2nd Period

- Second period. Preds win face-off
- Comrie and Brule go on a 2 on 1. Ellis makes the save. #oilerschasepekka
- Cogs scores! pass from patty-o. 5-0 Oilers 2mins into 2nd.
- Nashville starting to take chances.
- Brule and Boulion go off for 2. 4 on 4
- Oilers D looks good, even without Souray and Staios. #pickinuptheslack
- Oilers penalty, Moreau off for 2. #badtimingpenalty #goat
- 10:30 left in 2nd. :49 left in PK. Still 5-0 Oilers 
- Oilers have settled into "their" game now. #hitandskate 
- JDD with 20 saves so far tonight.
- Oilers kill off the penalty, not without chances for the Preds. 
- all the lines working well together tonight. #GOILERS 
- Erat 2 mins for interference. 7:44 Oilers PP
- Oilers are plying some good hockey, need to improve on shots for and against ratio though.
- Preds kill off the penalty. #oilersmissSourayonpp
- Smid 2 mins for interference 4:35 left in the 2nd.
- Patty-o with a good shift on PK 
- Oilers kill off penalty, Grebs scores on a nice deke. 2:00 left in 2nd. 6-0 Oilers 
- Brule and Hemsky get the assists. #grebscomesdownfrompoint #topshelf 
- Arnott scores from Hornqvist 6-1 Oilers #lastminutegoal #haventlearnedtheirlesson
- end of 2, 6-1 Oilers shots: 26-17 for the preds.
- I think that Gagner is the best young talent the Oilers got. Taylor Chorney is playing pretty good tonight. #honorablemention

3rd Period

- 3rd period. Oilers win face-off.
- Preds are pressing, for a goal, early. 6-1 Oilers
- pace has slowed. players are more methodical with their plays.
- JDD makes a nice save. #badbounce
- Sullivan in on a breakaway....Stop by JDD!
- 5 mins gone in the 3rd. 6-1 Oilers #lookingconfident
- overall a good game by the #Oilers tonight. Chorney did a good job in his 3rd #NHL game. #noglaringmistakes
- Preds taking shots from all angles now. #cantsolveJDD
- Great glove save by JDD. #southpaw 
- Deslauriers is making a case for more games. #bestiveseenhim
- Stoner goes off for 2 mins. Oilers PK 
- Oilers kill it off thanks to JDD. 6-1 Oilers 9:00 3rd
- Oilers 2nd line of Patty-O Gags and Stoner having a solid night. #soiseveryoneelse
- pace is picking up, Preds trying everthing. #Oilershavtheanswers
- 5:00 mins left in the 3rd period. #GOILERS
- JDD with 39 saves on 40 shots tonight
- Oilers have been out shot 2-1 (ratio) tonight. #secondgameinarow
- Horcoff 2 for tripping at 1:44 of the 3rd.
- Preds playing till the end. #goodonthem
- Oilers kill off the penalty and Win the game by a final score of 6-1.
- JDD(1), Storts(2) and Cogs(3) get the stars. 



Edmonton Oilers - 6

Nashville Predators - 1


Bad Timing Penalty™



Goat Watch™

Ethan Moreau - Baaad!  He gets another Jeer tonight.



Jeff Deslauriers - The comes in for his 1st start off the year and not only has a 40 save night, but looks good doing it.  I sure hope this preformance puts some ease into the fans of this franchise.  He did well just like he did last year and I'm sure he's going to do the same this year.  Excellent game JDD.  1st game... 1st beer.  Cheers!

Zack Stortini - Mr. Zorg had one heck of a game.  Quite possibly deserved the 1st star.  Two goals on two shots and a fight that lasted an eternity.  The big guy deserves some more PP time.  Quinn rewards those who bust their asses, and Storts did tonight.  He earned the coldest beer I have. Cheers!

Denis Grebeshkov - I haven't been a huge fan of his so far in this season, but he did very good tonight.  he really steped up and ran with the ball.  He still has his moments where you want to puke, not sure if those will ever go away.  I hope so.  The goal he scored was very slick.  Top Cheese as Paq Twinn likes to say.  :) Great game Grebs... How about an imported Temne beer from Russia? Cheers!

Andrew Cogliano - What is it with getting placed on the 4th line and then finding your skills again?  Is it Stortini?  Cause it can't be Moreau.  At any rate, I like Cogliano tonight.  Let's see what Quinn does with him next.  Good job speedy.  Frosty?  Cheers!

Gilbert Brule - This guy seems like he's for real this year.  He's playing at that level where he can make a contribution to the team.  Thank god because I was hoping that he wasn't going to be a bust.  He's trying to play with a nasty edge and it seems to help him compete.  For playing a standup game... How about a Bud?  Cheers!

Honorable Mentions: Shawn Horcoff (He scored his 1st of the year and played a good game), Taylor Chorney (He was called up and was put in right away.  It looked like he never left after training camp.  Good game tonight.), Ales Hemsky (He wasn't overly good, he just wasn't that bad either.), Lubomir Visnovsky (He seems to get a little better every game and he is dynamite 5 on 5.), Tom Gilbert (When he's not noticable, he's playing pretty sound hockey.  He did that tonight.), Jason Strudwick (Normal solid game from Struds.)



Sam Gagner - Other than ending the night even at 50% on the faceoff dot, he really did nothing.  You noticed him, but no shots or hits?  That's not how he has been succesful.  A little 4th line duty once again for Sam? Booooooo!

Ryan Stone - He's supposed to be the hitter of this team.  That's his niche and he strayed away from that.  Two more games of that and Big Mac may get a chance.  I can expect a better game from him next time. Boooooooo!

Ethan Moreau - He did nothing.  Once again the people around you are lighting it up.  He did manage to be +2 at the end of the night, but when a guy like him has no hits or blocked shots, then he didn't play well.  That's his type of game, and he was invisable.  I may just have to rekindle the old campaign from last year.  NEED NEW CAPTAIN (NNC).  Boooooooo!


That was a great game to watch.  It was nice to be on this side of the ass whooping.  See you guys all next time...  GOILERS!!!


  1. As always, great game summary! Comrie doesn't seem to be getting much ice time, yet he's still on his point per game pace which is interesting.

    Stone did seem to take the night off somewhat in the hitting department though he did get sent to the box for one of his late checks that levelled a Predator.

    Gagner looked to be over-handling the puck to my eye on the powerplay. I almost thought that he was trying to do a Hemsky impersonation.

    Gagner and Stone both somehow manged to finish the night at -1 despite the 6-1 score!!!



  2. I don't know what it is about Comrie. He's getting points an contribute, but I just don't like how he's playing. Where did the flash go? Where is the magic Mike that used to be an Oiler a few years back? Comrie just always looks lazy out on the ice. Maybe I'm being unfair to him, but I have expectations that he's not living up to.

    As far as Gagner and Stone go... I'm still confused on how you end with crappy stats in a 6-1 game. It makes no sense.


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