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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Beers & Jeers #70 (Oct 15/09 vs. Chicago Black Hawks)

Welcome to Oilers Jambalaya. Beers & Jeers is a dual collaboration between Smokin' Ray and Paq Twinn. We hope you enjoy our Edmonton Oilers full game recap.


- It looks like the lines won't change, they will be the same as last game.  Staios, Souray, Pisani, Peckham and Pouliot are all hurt and cannot play.  Nilsson and MacIntyre are healthy scratches.

- Does it bug anyone else that Pittsburgh is using and advertising the "City of Champions" slogan as their own?  It's pisses me off.


Pregame Records

Edmonton Oilers (3-1-1) vs. Chicago Black Hawks (3-1-1)







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1st Period

- #Oilers at #Hawks. Its game time! waiting for player intros and anthem's
- Horcoff wins the opening draw
- 30 sec in the oilers ice the puck.
- Sharp scores. 1-0 Hawks
- usually its a last minute, not a first minute goal against. lets go #Oilers!
- big hit behind the oilers net, results in the glass popping out.
- Cogs scores! 1-1 Tie at 17:30 of the 1st
- good fast pace here early in the 1st.
- Oilers 4th line has some jump tonight
- Oilers getting a few takeaways early
- Khabi's shining against his old mates. #great save
- Quinn's going with the 4th line vs Hawks 1st
- Chicago's getting lots of chances. Out shooting the Oilers
- Penner with a nice hit
- Oilers picking up the hitting.
- Brouwer with a great move in front, Great Save by Khabi
- Skille scores for the Hawks, off a point shot rebound. 2-1 Hawks
- Smid with a nice 3 on 2 breakup.
- shots are 13-4 for the Hawks with 5 min to go in the 1st.
- Horcoff is hobbling after a blocked shot
- Oilers with a great last minute chance, Niemi with the save. 1st intermission, 2-1 Hawks shots are 16-6 for Chicago.
- the Oilers manged to only be down by a goal after the first, they should consider themselves LUCKY.

2nd Period

- Hawks win the face off to start the second.
- Oilers starting the 2nd better
- Cogs in on a break...DING! off the post.
- oilers 3rd line starting to get it going.
- Storts with a rap around chance
- Versteeg scores, halfway through the 2nd its 3-1 Hawks
- Stoner gets 1st penalty of the game, 2 for roughing. 8:33 2nd shot 21-10 Hawks
- Hawks with lots of traffic in front of Khabi. The PK misses Souray
- Oilers kill off penalty, but ice the puck immediately
- Hawks are in control of this one.
- Hemsky gets a nice pass from Chorney and misses the net
- Sharp hauled down by Strudwick. Penalty Shot
- Sharp goes down and shoots, SAVE by Khabi.
- with limited to no success so far, Quinn turns on the line blender
- last minute in the 2nd period
- Strudwick having a bad game, almost gave a gift to Skille in final seconds.
- after 2 periods of play its 3-1 for Chicago.
- Oilers can still do this, but they'll have to play WAY better. If not for Khabi, the Oilers could be down 6-1.

3rd Period

- 3rd period under way. Oilers looking better, so far
- Hemsky still looking for his 1st shot.
- Comrie and Patty-O with a nice give and go. save by Niemi
- 4 mins in and the shots are 30-11 for the Hawks
- after a few good shifts by the Oilers, Hawks start winning battles again
- Hemsky draws a trip. PP Oilers at 14:36 3rd
- Getting their 1st pp gave the Oilers some jump
- Madden gives Moreau a can-opener, goes off for 2.
- Versteeg goes in on a pk breakaway, cuts in and SAVE by Khabi!
- Oilers giving up too many SOLID chances
- Oilers go 0 for 2 on pp
- Penner raps it around the net and scores...but wait, its under review
- Its a GOAL! 3-2 Hawks, 9:17 3rd
- Penner's up on the top line now
- Comrie blocks a monster shot from Seabrook
- this looks like its going to be a wild finish.
- Horc and Penner made similar blocks earlier in the game
- Toews schools Moreau, gets a good chance
- Lubo slides down from the slot, takes a shot, low glove save
- Hawks get some pressure against the 4th line
- Grebs takes penalty at 4:07 of the 3rd
- Barker scores, pp goal. 4-2 for the Hawks
- chances aren't looking good for the #Oilers.
- Grebs draws a penalty. Oilers PP for 1:38 or less
- Grebs scores! PP GOAL!!! :47 sec left in the 3rd period 4-3 Hawks
- Oilers buzzing like crazy.
- Hawks hold on to win 4-3
- Oilers gave theyre all in the final seconds.
- This was the poorest performance this season by the Oilers



Edmonton Oilers - 3

Chicago Black Hawks - 4



- Event Summary Link
- Game Summary Link
- Scoring Chances (MC79) Link
- Video Highlights Link



Denis Grebeshkov - Just when the team needed to press on for the win... you take a stupid tripping penalty at 15:49. Not cool.



(Smokin' Ray) Ethan Moreau - Did he even play tonight?  He didn't get a penalty so it's hard to notice him.  He really did nothing other than a sweet pass to Cogliano on the Oilers 1st goal.  Check the stats.  No hits, no shots.  Just 1 giveaway and 1 takeaway.  Yeah Goat!

(Paq Twinn) Robert Nilsson - He ate 3 tubs of popcorn and drank 2 Gatorade's.  In the press box.



Nikolai Khabibulin - He was awesome.  He did everything but score the goals.  I thought that he was maybe a little nervous in the 1st, but really came into his own for the rest of the game.  Nice to see someone wanted to show up tonight.  By far the best Oiler tonight.  Great game Khabi.  Frosty beer? It's a cold one... Cheers!

Andrew Cogliano - 58% on the dot tonight.  That's a huge acclompishment for him.  He's used to being under 40%.  He scored a nice goal in the 1st and kept trying all game.  I thought he did well.  What is it with the 4th line?  It turns you intoo gold.  Good Job Cogs.  How about a light beer?  Cheers!

Dustin Penner - Once again he has almost a sleeper game while getting a goal and an assist.  How is he doing it?  Good job Penner.  You can have a Pilsner.  Cheers!

HONORABLE MENTION(S): Taylor Chorney (Again the rookie was good.  Maybe he should stay around and send Staios packing?)



JF Jacques - Only 3 hits?  That's it? I'm starting to think that you were a 5 game fluke.  Will that Jacques please show up?  Boooooooo!

Lubomir Visnovsky - Trying to hard to do to much.  He needs to just play his game.  I understand that he's still a little gun shy with the shoulder.  I don't blame him, but geez man.  Your one of best guys on defence.  It's a good thing the season is still young.  Boooooooo!

Sam Gagner - While he did look good out there, he really wasn't.  He lost every faceoff and was a -2.  Now I don't understand where his game went.  He was dynamite, now's he juggling it.  I don't get it.  Get better Junior.  Booooooo!

HONORABLE MENTION(S): The Rest Of The Team (You guys need to not get out shot all the time.  How about trying being the other team for once?)



Smokin' Ray - I thought that the Oilers were pretty stinky.  I can't stand these last minute finishes that always seem to follow this team.  If it wasn't for Khabi, this game would have been a lot worse.  I was a little surprised that Quinn was shuffling the lines in the 2nd.  I mean really... why put O'Sullivan with 10 and 83?  Penner goes there.  Why does Quinn refuse to play him there?  I'm sure the Oilers deserve a bag skate after that performance.  Go ahead Quinn... do it.

Graham Martin - (He said this on Facebook tonight) Now that was a frustrating game to watch. I don't mind when they get beat by a better team, but the effort was not there at all tonight. They lost most battles, senseless turnovers by just not being strong enough on the puck, and no support, and no pressure. The hawks tonight played the kinda game the oilers need to play, speed through the neutral zone and PRESSURE! The forcheck, save for a few spots, was just not there tonight. And Hemsky needs to show me something. He wants to be the guy, but it sure doesn't look like it on the ice. So many giveaways, and so many shots blocked. And that chance in the second i think where he missed the net point blank, well, if you are a superstar, down in a game, you just don't do that. He needs to use his speed, and try moving the puck through the neutral zone for a change instead of carrying it himself and forcing his linemates to wait for him at the blueline. And the last thing that seriously needs work, is how the forwards drop down so deep in their own end and leave the points so wide open. It was like that from the first shift of the game. Ethan Moreau is the worst and he just chases that puck around whereever it goes when he is penalty killing and gets caught out of position so often. The pluses for me were Cogliano, had a very good game, lots of speed and one of the forwards that actually got a forcheck going, Penner with two points and so much hard work infront of the net on the grebeshkov goal, and Khabby was very solid other than the versteeg goal but even then i can't really blame him.



Oilers vs. Wild

Friday Oct 16/09 7:00 pm MT



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