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Monday, October 19, 2009

Beers & Jeers #72: Edmonton Oilers vs Vancouver Canucks (10/19/09)

Welcome to Oilers Jambalaya. Beers & Jeers is a dual collaboration between Smokin' Ray and Paq Twinn. We hope you enjoy our Edmonton Oilers full game recap.



- Who's Out?  Brule is out (not sure why?) and Hemsky is in (flu gone).  Nilsson also stays in because of Brule being out. Word had it that MacIntyre might play, but he didn't.


Pre Game Records
Edmonton Oilers (4-2-1) vs. Vancouver Canucks (3-4-0)







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- It looks like Big Mac is in tonight with Brule out along with Hemmer and the others. Too many injuries
- Just found out that Hemsky is in the line up tonight
- Waiting for player intros, anthem and puck drop. GOILERS!
- Here we go, Canucks win the opening draw, good pace to start.
- Comrie gets an 'A' chance but whiffs.
- Storts and Rypien get into a spirited fight. Rypien with the take down.
- Oilers out shooting Canucks early. 3-2 14:30 remaining in the 1st.
- Bernier scores off a Nilsson turnover. 1-0 Canucks 13:27
- Turns out Big Mac isn't playing tonight, but Nilsson is. Ugh he didn't look good throwing that puck up the middle.
- Canucks goal is credited to Bolduc
- With 9:19 left in the 1st, the Canucks lead 1-0, and are out shooting the Oilers 8-5.
- Oilers get a PP and look disjointed. PP ends at 7:17, 1-0 Canucks
- Chorney is having a solid 1st period. Keeps getting better.
- Samuelsson with a rap-around chance but Khabi extends and makes a toe save.
- Oilers picking up the pace in last 5 mins.
- Holding penalty to Comrie.  3:42 1st
- Oilers kill off the penalty. 1-0 Canucks
- Ladi has bee in his bonnet tonight, he's chirping at anyone in a Canucks jersey.
- After the 1st, its 1-0 Canucks. Shots are pretty much even.
- Oilers need to play smarter or this one could go in the loss column
- Canucks goal is given to Bernier.


- Patty-O scores! on a delayed penalty call. 1-1 tie 19:34 remaining in the 2nd
- Horc blocks a shot and goes on a break away. save by Luongo
- Oilers looking better here in the 2nd
- Hemsky goes off for hooking. 14:53 2nd
- Chorney get quality pk time. has Quinn's trust.
- Oilers kill penalty, Hemsky gets puck out of the box and misses
- Grabner takes a penalty for the 'Nucks. Oilers PP
- Comrie kills the PP with a slashing call. 4 on 4
- Stoner injured his left leg in 1st, will not return. Another one bites the dust.
- Halfway through the 2nd shots are tied at 13.
- Back to full strength, no real chances 4 on 4. 1-1 9:00 2nd
- Both Khabi and Luongo have looked solid in this one, not many chances though
- Sedin stopped by Khabi. Quality chance.
- Oilers PK, as Khabi trips Samuelsson on Sedins chance.
- Chorney out the 1st PK unit. 4:00 remaining in 2nd
- Canucks getting some good chances, Khabi with some good saves.
- Oilers kill it off. 1-1
- Oilers getting out played late in the 2nd
- Kesler goes off for 2 mins, 49sec remaining in 2nd #Oilers PP
- Comrie takes another penalty with 2 sec left in the 2nd
- After 2 periods its tied at 1. 3rd period will start 4 on 4
- A better period by the #Oilers but we're taking some dumb penalties at bad times Bad Timing Penalties.


- Hemsky and Gags out to start the 3rd for the Oilers
- Oilers kill off remainder of Comrie's penalty.
- Smid with a blocked shot that surely would have gone in.
- Fast pace here in the 3rd, 5 mins gone already. 1-1 tie
- The game is fiesty but not that rough. Oilers missing Stoners hits
- Mitchell gets away with one, and knows it.
- Gags scores! on scramble in front. after a great shift by Penner 2-1 Oilers
- Gags has been playing good tonight, nice to see him get one.
- Hemsky gets dumped at center ice, no call.
- Oilers having trouble in the face off dot tonight
- Oilers with some good pressure late in the game. Last five minutes.
- Shots are 36-30 Canucks 2-1 Oilers 3:15 3rd
- And the Canucks get some pressure. 1:48 3rd
- Canucks pull Luongo at 1:27 3rd
- Hemsky can't even score on a empty net break.
- Wellwood scores at 0:00. No goal. Oilers win! 2-1
- My stars for tonights game: 1-Khabibulin 2-O'Sullivan 3-Luongo
- Overall the Oilers didn't play as well as they have in past games. but they gutted out a big win tonight.
- Thanks for following this LIVE Oilers **TweetCast** Next up the #BlueJackets on Thur. Oct. 22.


Vancouver Canucks - 1

Edmonton Oilers - 2



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None -



(Smokin' Ray) Ethan Moreau - He sucks.  He tries hard, but does nothing.  (NNC)

(Paq Twinn) Robert Nilsson - He did ok.  Better than Moreau.  He didn't have any giveways (amazing).  He played somewhat good but still sucked.  Once again... better than Moreau.



Nikolai Khabibulin - I love this guy.  What more do I have to say?  He was rock solid and played the hell out of Louongo.  He's looking great but I'm wondering when we will see the shutout?  I gues really soon.  Solid effort once again Khabi.  Frosty beer time!  Cheers!

Ladislav Smid - He's part defence, he's part scrapper and apparantly, he's part goalie.  He made a beauty of a save with Bulin out of position and saved the game.  That and he played a heck of a game without making saves.  I am so glad that he is still an Oiler.  He's playing better than most of our higher paid defencemen.  He once again was a +1 this game. He can do no wrong.  Plus add 3 blocked shots. All hail lord Smid.  Beer sir? Cheers!

Sam Gagner - Lil Sam was stellar tonight.  Word had it, his old man was here because he works for the Canucks now.  Sam always finds his A game when he's watching.  He scores the winning goal and played a heck of a game.  He went 8W & 6L for 57% on the faceoffs.  For Sam that's a good game.  He also had 4 shots and was a +2.  Dude!  Score me a high five. *slap* It's Miller time.  Cheers!

Taylor Chorney - Since being called up he's been great.  I can't say enough about Chorney.  He doesn't make huge mistakes and he seems comfortable playing in the NHL.  I'm sure glad we have a little bit of skill in the minors.  With Chorney and Peckham, we look good for the future.  Would you like a beer young man?  Cheers!

Patrick O'Sullivan - He seems like he likes it here now.  He's one awesome player.  He hits, shoots and plays like his bigger than he is.  He scores the 1st Oiler goal and assists on Gagners game winner.  When he isn't shooting the puck, he was also blocking shots and using his smarts on the PK. Sully seems to be a pretty complete player.  Good trade for Tambo.  Enjoy the fans love my friend.  It may not be forever.  Great game.  Frosty beer?  Cheers!

Dustin Penner - This guy is for real.  Team Canada take note.  Dustin Penner is a changed man.  He's playing that power forward bit to a "T" now.  Real Cam Neely like.  Instead of just saying that we can't believe it, we should believe it.  I like this guy, and you should too.  It's beer chuggin' time.  Cheers!

HONORABLE MENTION(S): Ales Hemsky (Maybe he has something to prove now?  He showed a lot of drive and will tonight.  And he fired a ton of shots.  A new Hemsky or just a rested one?)  DUE TO PEOPLE SAYING I'M WRONG, I'LL STRIKE IT OUT. BUT I STAND BY MY THOUGHTS.



Shawn Horcoff - When you have Sam Gagner at 57%, what is your excuse for being 7W 17L for 29%?  You probably don't have one.  Key situations arise in the game and Quinn picks... Gagner.  You know Shawn, if you can't do the little things right like all the people in the world give you credit for (except me), then you wouldn't be so bad in a game when we really needed some leadership.  Instead the old guy goalie and the punk kids, Gagner and O'Sullivan show you up.  Pretty sad.  Booooooooo!

HONORABLE MENTION(S): Robert Nilsson (At times he looked good.  But most of the time he was all over the place.  I really don't see him staying with this club by the end of the year.  Somethings got to give.), Tom Gilbert (4 giveaways?  WTF man?  Gilbert isn't playing his best right now.  He needs to be better.)



Smokin' Ray - I thought that for the most part it was a dry game.  I always expect a good show between these two teams.  But tonight was different.  It seemed tame.  The Oilers didn't really do well in the 1st period but got better as the game went on. Stortini's fight was a good one, but he lost.  Both goalies were really good (which I called a 5-3 Oilers win) and that made it a real low scoring affair. I was super pumped when gagner scored the winning goal and was freaking out when the Canucks almost scored in the last second. I'm getting tired of that.  But, the Oilers win and all is good in the Nation once again.

Paq Twinn - This was a back and forth game that looked like every other game between these two teams for the last couple years. The difference, the Oilers played better then the Canucks. Penner, Gags, Chorney, Patty-O, and Khabi stood out for me, they were the best Oilers tonight. Comrie, Nilsson, and Hemsky stood out for all the wrong reasons, they were simply awful tonight. The Oilers need to do something about face-offs, I hear Horton from Florida may be available. But at least the shot difference was better this game, even if they still let 35+ against, the Oilers did shoot a lot more tonight. I'll give the Oilers a B- for the game.

Graham Martin - John Garrett, if i ever see you in the streets I am gonna punch right in your stupid f*cking moustache and let you know that you are the worst color commentary guy ever! On the plus, D Penner and L Smid were fantastic tonight. and honorable mention to Gags, Sullivan and Chorney!



Oilers vs. Blue Jackets
Thursday, October 22/09
7:30 pm MT
Sportsnet West



  1. Hi,Is not a GREAT shift by Penner in the Gagner goal but by J.F Jacques...

  2. Paq Twinn wrote, "Gags scores! on scramble in front. after a great shift by Penner".

    You right when you say that JF Jacques was in on that goal. He was. He more or less caused the commotion. But he was only on the ice for 11 seconds as he replaced Penner on a line change. Penner did have a good shift. He played just over 40 seconds and played well. Paq just could have worded what he wrote different.

    But great eyes Anonymous. I wish I had a shirt to give you. *sigh* Soon.


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