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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

LIVE Oilers vs. Black Hawks Play by Play TweetCast Here!!!

Welcome folks.  If your reading this post then you went past the TweetCast at the top of the page.  All game long, Paq Twinn is providing a LIVE TweetCast of the Oilers vs. Hawks game.  You just need to refresh the page every so often by clicking on the Oilers Jambalaya banner at the very top of the page.  If you have Twitter then you can also follow it there as well.  Look for @PaqTwinn and follow him for all the updates.

I know this isn't video, but it's the next best thing.  GOILERS!

1 comment:

  1. Crazy game... Damn the Hawks can really fly out there. They look like one hell of a hockey team even with Hossa still out.

    Stoner? He was an impressive wrecking ball for the first 3 games of the season... After that, he hasn't been delivering many checks. Is it time to slot Nilsson in instead?


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