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Monday, November 2, 2009

B&J #78 Edmonton Oilers Recap vs New York Islanders (11/02/09)

Welcome to Oilers Jambalaya - An Edmonton Oilers Hockey Blog. Beers & Jeers is a dual collaboration between Smokin' Ray and Paq Twinn. We hope you enjoy our Edmonton Oilers full game recap.


- I apologize for missing the Boston vs Edmonton game.  I moved this weekend into a bigger house and my internet provider sucks and I didn't get it going until today.  It doesn't really matter anyways because the Oilers sucked in that game getting shutout 2-0.  Not a good score at all.  Now that I have my lifeline (internet) back, I/we won't miss a thing.

- This team is like a revolving door.  Horcoff is out.  No wait.  He's playing now and Comrie is out.  See? It's hard to keep track.  What's the deal with Comrie anyways?  Smid had the H1N1 and never missed a game.  Comrie has the flu and he's out for 10 days. *meow*

- So... I'm paying for this PPV, and no Schremp?  What a rip.


Pre-Game Records

Edmonton Oilers (7-6-1) vs. New York Islanders (4-4-5)







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- The puck has dropped and it's a good pace to start. #Oilers vs #Islanders
- 5:00 minutes played and the Islanders are giving good pressure to the Oilers
- Halfway through the 1st and Gagne has the best Oiler chance. Grebeshkov has a giveaway. #surprise
- Oilers score. A cheap shot from behind the net by Moreau and it redirects past Roli. 1-0 Oilers
- 7:00 minutes left and the #Oilers are looking better.
- Damn! Islanders scored 1-1 Tie game
- Not all that of an exciting game. 1:30 left in the 3rd.
-  FIGHT! Jacques vs Sutton. Sutton wins
- The fight started because Gilbert was hammered by Sutton. Jacques came to help
- Period is over and the Oilers have to finish of the PK when the 2nd starts


- The 2nd has started and the Islanders scored. I guess I missed it. Sorry for being crappy at this, PaqTwinn is stuck at work
- This is brought to you by @OilersJambalaya 's Smokin' Ray. #notpaqtwinnhesgoodatthis
- Horcoff hits the post with 14:20 left in the 2nd
- The Islanders 2nd goal was by Witt. 2-1 Islanders
- 14-13 the shots are in favor for the Islanders
- Oilers 1st line is looking hot right now
- Goals or no goals, this 1st half of the game is not something to write home about. But it sure is getting better #actualemotionnow
- Islanders are also now looking better. 9:00 minutes left in the 2nd
- UGH! Witt scores again. 3-1 Islanders
- 3:30 left and it's been all NYI. Oilers reeling bad. What is going on Oilers?
- 1:00 minute left and the #Oilers just had a good shift by the 1st line.
- Shots are now 17-13 for the Islanders. Grebeshkov shoots the puck over and it's a PP for NYI
- 2nd period is over


- Let's hope the #Oilers come out flying in the 3rd. Puck dropped now...
- 1:00 left in the Islanders PP.
- The Oilers kill it off.
- PP Islanders. Chorney sits for two.
- Smid pushes down Tavares, Penner bowls over Roli and Horcoff gets nailed by Sutton. I tweeted these but they never tweeted. #wtf
- The Oilers kill it off. 8:22 left and it's 3-1 Islanders
- Why is this team so bad right now? #thefluisnotanexcuseanymore #Oilers
- 3:00 minutes left in the 3rd
- Sutton nails Hemsky 3 different timees in one shift. #playBigMac 3-1 Islanders
- Goalie is pulled
- 1:15 left in the 3rd
- O'Sullivan, Hemsky and Smid have looked good tonight.
- 40 seconds left
- Gagner gets mugged Okaposo and all hell breaks loose. #Ilikegagnersfire
- It's game over. 3-1 Islanders If you didn't waste your money on the PPV, you're smart. Thank you and good night.
- How did Moreau get 2nd star? And Witt is 3rd star with 2 goals?





Edmonton Oilers - 1

New York Islanders - 3



- Event Summary

- Game Summary

- Scoring Chances (MC79)

- Post Game Reaction

- Full NHL Play By Play

- Oilers Time On The Ice



None - Jacques going to fight Sutton for no reason was pretty close to a BTP.  What are you thinking when it's a clean hit?



(Smokin' Ray) Ethan Moreau - The freaking guy scored.  What?

(Paq Twinn) Robert Nilsson - He sucked.  I bet he doesn't last the season here.



Ladislav Smid -  He was awesome.  I love the Spaz!  He tossed down Tavares and stuck up for himself and didn't look afraid.  I like the cut of this guys jib and so does Quinn (23:07 of ice time).  In a game where your team loses 3-1, and you end up +1, that's a good game for a defenseman.  He had 2 hits, two takeaways and 3 blocked shots.  Studly game Spaz.  Drink up, it's Miller time. Cheers!

Ales Hemsky - He really did look good.  For once he carried the 1st line and not Penner.  He did a lot out there but failed to score any points.  But that's ok, it's not his fault his line mates were crappy.  Good hustle tonight Hemmer.  Frosty beer? Cheers!

Lubomir Visnovsky - Him and his partner in crime (Smid) are turning into a solid duo.  Lubo never ceases to amaze me.  His stick work is unbelievable.  He can strip anyone of the puck (Tavares included).  He's just a great defenseman to have as an Oiler.  Beer Bong? Cheers!

HONORABLE MENTION(S): Nikolai Khabibulin (He was pretty good even though the guys in front of him couldn't score.), Sam Gagner (He also played better than his linemates.  I liked how he was willing to go to the net.), Patrick O'Sullivan (He had four shots and was creating chances.  He's better than the 3rd line.)



Denis Grebeshkov - What happened to the old Denis from the beginning of the year?  This guy stinks. And stinks bad.  -3 for the night and did nothing but bring down Chorney.  Sad dude.  Boooooo!

Robert Nilsson - Maybe you should just stay in New York.  If I was Tambo, I'd put you on waivers today.  But I'm not and I can't.  But I can boo you. Boooooooo!

HONORABLE MENTION(S): Taylor Chorney (It really wasn't his fault.  Everyone looks bad with Grebeshkov)



Smokin' Ray - What a waste of money.  Do the NHL and the Oilers organization really think that people should have to pay for that?  I say bring on more free Internet TV and not make us pay more than we allready do.  This team sucks right now and it better turn around soon.  Are the players complacent now because the roster is somewhat set?  Where's the urgency?  Gagner was trying hard in the last half of the game and Quinn started to put him out.  Does the team really need Stone that much?  Can the Oilers bounce back from these losses and get back on track?  I hope we find out soon.



New York Rangers vs Edmonton Oilers

Nov 5/09
7:30 pm MT
Sportsnet West


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