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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

B&J #81 Edmonton Oilers Recap vs Ottawa Senators (11/10/09)

Welcome to Oilers Jambalaya - An Edmonton Oilers Hockey Blog. Beers & Jeers is a dual collaboration between Smokin' Ray and Paq Twinn. We hope you enjoy our Edmonton Oilers full game recap.


- Who's Out? Who's in? The revolving door keeps spinning as Robert Nilsson is out tonight.  So the Oilers had to call up Ryan O'Marra for his 1st ever NHL game.  O'Marra was called up because Steve MacIntyre was claimed by the Florida Panthers (the place we claimed him from originally).  Hemsky, Horcoff, Jacques, Chorney, Souray, Pouliot and now Nilsson are all hurt still and will not play tonight. 

- Is anyone else sick of hearing about the whole trade with Ottawa that never happened? I sure am. Who cares? It didn't happen and I'm sure those three guys are happy it didn't happen.

- Jeff Deslauriers finally gets his 3rd start of the season.  It's about time.  I've been saying it for a few games now.  Maybe Quinn has been reading the Beers & Jeers and decided I was right? Or maybe it's because there's back to back games and Quinn's a good coach and I'm a crappy writer. Sounds about right.


Pre-Game Records

Edmonton Oilers (8-8-1) vs Ottawa Senators (7-5-2)







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- Well folks... Just waiting for the suck to drop. #Oilers vs #Senators
- The suck to drop? *shrugs shoulders* Maybe I'm not wrong. But I meant puck.
- Anthem is being sung
- Good pace to start the game. Nothing really news worthy yet.
- 13:16 left and I'd give the edge to Ottawa
- Oilers score!!!
- The 1st line was on the ice. Penner's goal. 1-0 Oilers
- The Refs are calling it a Staios goal at 7:33
- 2nd line is trapped in the Oilers zone
- Senators nail the post with 9:00 mins
- Jason Smith says he doesn't miss hockey. #meangeneinterview
- This TweetCast brought to you by
- 6:45 left in the 1st and it's a good game so far.
- Awww.. #Senators score. Cheechoo scores. 1-1 Tie Game
- Visnovsky was pushed off the puck by Kovalev and he passed it to Cheechoo for the goal.
- Moreau scores!!! 2-1 Oilers. Yes you read that right. Moreau scored.
- 3:33 left in the 1st period
- Staios and Moreau have scored tonight. Who's next? Smid?
- Two minute warning. Oiler lines 27 89 19 - 91 67 42 - 85 16 34 - 18 13 46 - 5 71 - 37 77 - 43 24 - 38
- 1st Period is over. Staios from O'Sullivan and Penner on the 1st goal and the 2nd was Moreau unassisted.
- This is Ryan O'Marra's 1st NHL game according to Mean Gene.
- During the intermission break they are showing the slo-pitch game from earlier this year. Man are NHL guys bad at ball. #dontquitthedayjob
- Kevin Lowe talking about Team Canada. Gene asked him about Penner. He tried not to answer. #pennershouldbeonthatteamifhestayshot


- WOOoooOOooO! It's Game On! 3rd line to start.
- They changed the 1st goal to Penner from Staios and O'Sullivan
- Another post shot for the Sens. Strudwick with the giveaway
- The Oilers still can't make an easy pass. #needtoworkonit
- I think that "A" should stay on Penner. He plays well with it
- Damn! Nick Foligno scores for the Sens. 2-2 Tie Game
- 16:35 left in the 2nd Period
- Senators are really gaining momentum.
- Visnovsky is playing very sloppy tonight. I wonder what's up?
- Grebeshkov has a great chance and then the Sens some back the other way with a chance of their own. 10:30 left in the 2nd Period
- The Oilers shots are 16, the Senators shots are 11
- The Oilers go on the PP at 7:38. The 1st PP of the game. (Alfredsson for Hooking)
- Slick passing by the Oilers. They generate a chance.
- Good PP but can't score
- This has been a good game to watch so far.
- Two Minutes Left
- The 2nd Period is over and it's a 2-2 Tie Game. I'm sure the 3rd will be a great period. Stay tuned.
- Souray said that Iginla left him a voice message of apology. #thisisntover #fLamessuck #oilers


- Game On!!! The puck has been dropped.
- Deslauriers almost gave the puck away. Lucky that the Sens didn't convert
- Good action so far. Cogs had a break away. 12:14 left.
- Grebs has a great chance but could not score. Great back and forth pace.
- Oilers are out shooting the Sens 29 to 15. #isntthatdifferent
- 9:58 is left in the 3rd Period.
- 2-2 Tie Game
- The Sens have a few real good chances but can't score.
- *insert swear words* The Sens score. 3-2 Senators Then a scrum ensues.
- They may go upstairs to review it.
- Nope. Neil scores. 3-2 Sens
- Stortini and Carkner sit for two. 6:40 left in the 3rd
- Spezza gets a whack from JDD and then Kovalev sweeps his stick towards center ice. #poorsportsmanship
- YEAH!!! Brule scores. 3-3 Tie Game. 4:43 left in the 3rd
- @ryan_batty @PaqTwinn I'm liking this game so far. We haven't been great but all things considered I think we're playing pretty good.
- Agreed. RT @buck75 Kovalev = Douche move tossing JDD's stick
- Two Minutes left
- Oilers came close to scoring. :39 seconds left in the 3rd. 3-3 Tie Game
- I guess it's time for a little overtime. GOILERS!!!
- The Oilers 3rd goal was Brule from Grebeshkov and Staios. Yes... I said Staios. Again. #crazyworld


- Cogs gets taken down and no call.
- 3:25 left in the OT period
- Great action during this whole game.
- 1:00 left in OT. Great chances by both teams. Great game.
- Shoot Out!!! Oilers vs Senators 3-3 Tie Game. 34 shots for Oilers and 25 shots for the Sens


- O'Sullivan Scores!
- Kovalev Scores. Boooooo!
- Penner can't score. Leclaire gets a pad on it.
- Alfredsson is denied by JDD. Big glove save.
- Comrie shots it right at Leclaire and it's a no goal
- Spezza scores and that's game over. Sens win 4-3
- Tough loss for the Oilers. I'm hate losing like that. I really do not like the shootout. Especially with only going with 3 shooters.
- I've never understood why ther isn't 5 shooters in the shootout. There's 5 skaters per team during the game right? #commonsenseunderacheives
- Tune in to tomorrow's game for the full LIVE *TweetCast* It's been a pleasure.




Edmonton Oilers - 3

Ottawa Senators - 4



None -



Goals - Moreau, Penner, Brule (1 each)
Assists - Staios (2), O'Sullivan (1), Grebeshkov (1)
Points - Staios (2), Moreau (1), Brule (1), Penner (1), O'Sullivan (1), Grebeshkov (1)
Best +/- - Steve Staios (+3)
Worst +/- - Gilbert, O'Marra, Smid (-1 each)
Most Penalty Minutes - Stortini (2 mins)
Most Time On The Ice - 23:05 Denis Grebeshkov
Least Time On The Ice - 6:00 Ryan O'Marra
Most Shots - Reddox and Moreau (5 each)
Most Hits - Reddox, Pisani, Moreau (3 each)
Most Giveaways - Jason Strudwick (2)
Most Takeaways - 9 Players tied with 1 each
Most Blocked Shots - Steve Staios (5)
Best Faceoffs - (8W-5L for 62%) Andrew Cogliano
Worst faceoffs - (6W-9L for 40%) Ryan Potulny


Andrew Cogliano - I really liked his play tonight.  He was buzzing everywhere and generated lots of opportunities when ever he was out.  Maybe just maybe, this was his "see what your missing" type of game to the Sens?  He went 8W-5L for 62% on the faceoff dot.  Where did that come from?  I just thought that overall he had a great game despite no points. Cool, cold Bud Cogs? Cheers!

Steve Staios - What? Does it feel like hell froze over to you too?  Steady Steve was awesome tonight.  I couldn't believe what I was watching.  He picked up 2 assists and was a +3 on the night.  He even had 3 shots on net and 5 blocked shots.  I liked this guy.  He's much better than that other guy that was wearing the #24.  How about a gigantic frosty schooner of Canadian? Cheers!

Ethan Moreau - Yup.  Hell did freeze over.  It pains me to have him in the beers section, but it is what it is.  He was freaking pretty good.  *scratches head*  I just don't get it.  It's funny because Paq Twinn and I were making fun of him this afternoon.  But what the hell do we know?  Chopper had a goal and 5 hits.  He was, as Pierre MacGuire says, a monster.  Beer Bong time! Cheers!

HONORABLE MENTION(S): Dustin Penner (The big guy scores and plays great again.  Maybe Pens was the one that started the whole hell freezing over thing?), Sam Gagner (He has stepped up since the other guys have been injured.  It's nice to see him improve this season. 50% faceoffs), Liam Reddox (He had 5 shots and 3 hits.  Quinn's new go to guy?), Ryan O'Marra (For his 1st ever NHL game he did pretty good.  Much better than I expected.  He's the 2nd piece in the Ryan Smyth deal. It's kind of ironic that he gets called up to replace Nilsson.), Denis Grebeshkov (He did pretty good.  One of his better games but still scary to watch when he has the puck in the Oilers zone.  He had 1 goal and 3 shots.), Patrick O'Sullivan (he didn't do anything special, he just played well. He had 1 assist.), Gilbert Brule (Great effort to produce his goal.  His game is getting better game by game.)



Lubomir Visnovsky - Holy crap that was a bad game for Lubo.  He was losing the puck all over the place and falling down.  It was such a mess for him.  He even took a nasty face wash which hurt him a bit.  I'm sure he will rebound back and play a solid game tomorrow night.  But for tonight... Booooo!

Jason Strudwick - This guy was 100% pure bad.  He lost the puck at one point and didn't even know it.  He just looked out of place all game.  Let's hope Chorney or Souray come back soon.  Bad night Struds.  Boooo!

HONORABLE MENTION(S): Jeff Deslauriers (He was rusty right from the start and didn't really look good till halfway through the third.  I can't really blame him for sub par play when this was his 3rd game of the year.  You should have seen him handle the puck.  Scary.)



(Smokin' Ray) Ethan Moreau - You read the Beers. *shrugs shoulders* Anyone want to bet he won't do that again tomorrow?

(Paq Twinn) Robert Nilsson - He was a scratch.  What's to be mad at?  It's a good thing. :)


Smokin' Ray - I enjoyed this game.  It was fun to watch but I really hate to lose in the shootout.  It just drives me crazy and I don't know why.  It was nice to see O'Marra play his 1st ever game.  He did well.  It was a strange game where we saw Visnovsky poop in the bed, while we had Staios and Moreau rocking it up.  But whatever, it was worth the money.  I'm excited that we play Buffalo tomorrow.  *squee* I can hardly wait. PS: I thought that the stick throwing/swiping incident was total crap for Kovalev to do.  Someone should have smacked him in the mouth.

Paq Twinn - He missed the game.





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Edmonton Oilers vs. Buffalo Sabres

Wed, Nov 11/09
5:00 pm MT


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  1. Is there something Pat Quinn is seeing, or I guess not seeing, from Brule that the rest of us are missing? I'm all for giving the ball to Potulny and letting him run with it while he's hot, but man what more does Brule have to do to get some more ice time out there? I haven't noticed any glaring errors in his game, he scored a goal tonight, and he's been pretty consistent the entire year. Maybe he's just stuck with crappy line mates. Either way I hope he starts to get some more ice time out there, because I think he's earned it.

    And man did JDD ever look nonchalant out there. There were far too many times were it looked like he thought he was in practice or something. I started to get chest pains every time it looked like he might try and play the puck. Hopefully it was just an off night, because fuck did he look mediocre tonight.

    Anyway it was a solid effort, two games in a row! So nice to see. Hopefully this means the ship is starting to right itself and we're going to be keeping pace with the Flames and Nucks the rest of the way.

    Keep up the good work boys.

  2. Yeah, I don't know what's up with Quinn. Brule has been good all year. In fact, I think he's just been getting better every game. I didn't think he'd even be on the team this year, but don't I look stupid now.

    Just over an hour away from tonight's game and I'm fired up. GOILERS!


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