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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

B&J #82 Edmonton Oilers Recap vs. Sabres (11/11/09)

Welcome to Oilers Jambalaya - An Edmonton Oilers Hockey Blog. Beers & Jeers is a dual collaboration between Smokin' Ray and Paq Twinn. We hope you enjoy our Edmonton Oilers full game recap.


- Who's Out? Who's in? Hemsky draws back in tonight so that means O'Marra is out.  O'Marra is a healthy scratch but, Horcoff, Souray, Nilsson, Chorney, Pouliot and Jacques are injured and will not play tonight.

- The last time (Jan 27/09) the Oilers faced the Sabres, it was a 10-2 victory for the Sabres.  Let's hope that never happens again. Ever.


Pre-Game Records

Edmonton Oilers (8-8-2) vs Buffalo Sabres (9-4-1)







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- Welcome to the Oilers @ Sabres LIVE *TweetCast*.
- Tough SO loss for the Oil last night, Buffalo will be a tougher test, standings wise.
- Waitng for anthems and puck drop.
- Here we go, Oilers lose the draw.
- fast pace to start the game, 18:30 1st
- Khabi making big saves early.
- Oilers PP. Kennedy goes off for 2. 15:53 1st
- PP is moving the puck well, Miller keeps good postioning
- Sabres kill off the penalty.
- Oilers getting outplayed a bit, Sabres have edge in scoring chances by a few.
- Staios is having a good game early.
- Some how the crowd is not into this game. i think i heard a mouse fart.
- Sabres with lots of pressure just past halfway in the 1st
- Khabi is sharp tonight.
- With 6 mins remaining, its tied at 0.
- Khabi makes a save, and a scrum insues. #gettingrough
- Stafford scores, on rebound off Vaneks shot. 1-0 Sabres 4:27 1st
- Gags goes off for tripping. Oilers PK 2:14 1st
- Oilers kill off Gags penalty
- After 1st period its 1-0 Sabres
- Oilers didn't play too well in the 1st, need to pick it up to pull off a win.


- 2nd period is underway, Oilers lose the draw
- Sabres with lots of in zone pressure, Oilers get it out but can't get any pressure of their own.
- Storts gets robbed by Miller. Oilers picking up the pace.
- Montador scores on a shot through traffic. 2-0 Sabres 12:22 2nd
- Vanek goes off for slashing. Oilers PP 11:40 2nd
- Staios takes down Vanek, after he comes out of the box. Staios-tripping, Vanek-diving. 4on4 9:31 2nd
- Patty-O gets absolutely ROBBED on a 2on1.
- Oilers PP, too many men for the Sabres. 7:46 2nd
- Oilers PP gets chances but cant score. 2-0 Sabres 5:40 2nd
- Hecht goes off for 2. Oilers PP 3:49 2nd
- Gaustad crosschecks Comrie. 5on3 Oilers PP.
- Patty-O scores, 5on3 PP. One timer from Hemmer. 2-1 Sabres 3:08 2nd
- Sabres kill off remaining penalty.
- After 2 periods its 2-1 Sabres.
- Oilers starting to gain some momentum, had a good period.
- This game could easely be 5-4, Miller and Khabi have been awesome.
- I had to double and then triple check this stat: Oilers outshot Sabres 14-5 in 2nd period.


- 3rd Period is underway.
- Sabres getting early period pressure.
- Roy undresses Staios but Khabi gets a piece
- Sabres PP 16:12 3rd.
- Oilers get a big kill, then go on PP. 14:13 3rd, 2-1 Sabres
- Oilers fail to capitalize on extended PP pressure. 2-1 Sabres 11:57 3rd
- Moreau goes off for holding the stick.
- Oilers PK 10:23 3rd
- Oilers kill off the penalty. 8 mins to go
- *#@!?* Gilbert goes off for 2. Oilers PK again. 7:42 3rd #needaBIGkill
- Khabi forced to cover the puck, after Sabre PK rush.
- Check that: Sabres PP rush, lead by Roy.
- McArther runs Reddox, gets 5 and a game. Reddox is down, Ken Lowe and the crew are attending.
- Oilers need 2 on this 5 min PP. GOILERS!
- Oilers are moving the puck well. 2 1/2 left in PP 3 1/2 left in game
- 1 min left in PP for Oilers
- Khabi goes to the bench 1:20 left in game.
- Oilers don't score on 5 min PP.
- Quinn calls a TimeOut. 2-1 Sabres 0:31 3rd
- Hecht scores an empty netter as Patty-O gambles and misses Hemmer on a stretch pass. 3-1 Sabres
- Sabres beat the Oilers 3-1.
- Oilers played well, but looked like they played last night. They just didn't have that next gear.
- Oilers out shot their opponents for 2nd straight game, 29-26.
- Faceoffs were dominated by the Sabres, 35-19
- Thanks for following this Live *TweetCast* of the #Oilers @ #Sabres, Next up the #Thrashers on PPV, at noon on Sunday.





Edmonton Oilers - 1

Buffalo Sabres - 3



Ethan Moreau - At 9:37 of the 3rd Period, Moreau goes into the offensive zone and grabs the stick of a Sabre player.  WTF?  Why would you do that? Dip stick! 



Goals - O'Sullivan (1)
Assists - Visnovsky, Hemsky (1 each)
Points - O'Sullivan, Visnovsky, Hemsky (1 each)
Best +/- - 10 Players tied at -1
Worst +/- - Reddox, Pisani, Potulny (-2 each)
Most Penalty Minutes - Staios (4 mins)
Most Time On The Ice - Penner (24:13)
Least Time On The Ice - Stortini (6:28)
Most Shots - O'Sullivan (5)
Most Hits - Reddox, Stortini, Moreau (2 each)
Most Giveaways - Comrie (2)
Most Takeaways - Gilbert, Penner (1 each)
Most Blocked Shots - Strudwick (5)
Best Faceoffs - Brule (7W-4L=64%)
Worst faceoffs - Penner (0W-11L=0%)



Patrick O'Sullivan - He played hard and tried his ass off.  He seems to like to ring them off the post.  But after what seemed liked a million chances, he finally scores on a nice play by Visnovsky and a nice pass by Hemsky.  He was good enough to deserve a beer.  How about a frosty glass of Pilsner? Cheers!

HONORABLE MENTION(S): Gilbert Brule (He's getting the total snub right now.  He's the best at faceoffs this game and only plays 11:50.  He had 2 shots and 2 blocked shots plus the 64% faceoffs.  Sounds like a good game to me.), Sam Gagner (He played well again.  He tried his ass off and Quinn kept putting him out there.  The good, he had 3 shots and created chances.  The bad, 18% faceoffs.), Lubomir Visnovsky (He looked way better than yesterday.  He made some good plays and had 2 shots and 2 blocked shots.  His assist was a lucky one that you need to see on the game highlights.), Ales Hemsky (He looked pretty good.  He had flashes of brilliance, but that's all that it was... flashes. He made a nice pass to Sully for the Oilers only goal.), Steve Staios (He was decent two games in a row.  What's going on here? His only black mark was his penalty in the 3rd.), Dustin Penner (I liked his hustle. He had a few chances but had a standout 0% faceoffs. What?)



The Entire Team - A 5 minute Power Play and you don't score? What hell guys?  That's like a free all you can eat lunch buffet and you forgot your plate.  I didn't count the chances you guys blew on that, but I'd bet it wasn't that many.  Nice passing, but shoot the puck.  Boooooo!

HONORABLE MENTION(S): Ryan Potulny (He looked lost and confused.  He ended up on the -2 line.  Yet he gets more ice time than Brule. Go figure?), Jason Strudwick (His best part of the game was his 5 blocked shots.  Unfortunately, that's all he can do well.  Not a good game by him tonight.)  Ethan Moreau (He takes the BTP and I guess we shouldn't expect less from him.)


(Smokin' Ray) Ethan Moreau - He was not good at all.

(Paq Twinn) Robert Nilsson - He's hurt and never played.



Smokin' Ray - I was bored for most of the game and I was waiting for some great action to happen. Even after Reddox was nailed there was no emotion.  The team looked flat and was possibly tired. But no matter, the effort could have been better.  Grebeshkov hurt his knee on the collision late in the 3rd and he's flown back to Edmonton for examination.  How many more people are going to get hurt?  Stop the madness hockey gods.  STOP IT!  With some rest and a few practices, I'm sure the Oilers will be a little better on Sunday.  *fingers crossed*  GOILERS!

Paq Twinn - That was a game, it wasn't good, it wasn't bad. I'm starting to get tired of hearing " I hope so and so is going to be ok". MacArthur should be suspended for his cheap hit on Reddox. When are players going to stop running each other. Being sorry afterwards just doesn't cut it anymore. Nice to see Patty-O bury one. The Oilers need more from him. He's been playing well, just limited goal production. I can't wait for Souray to come back, maybe then the PP will be more consistant. Average 1st period, good 2nd, and an average 3rd. Outshot the Sabres but needed more hits. Overall game grade: C-.





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Edmonton Oilers vs. Atlanta Thrashers

Sunday, Nov 15/09
12:00 pm MT
Oilers PPV


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