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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

B&J #84 Edmonton Oilers Recap vs. Columbus Blue Jackets (11/16/09)

Welcome to Oilers Jambalaya - An Edmonton Oilers Hockey Blog. Beers & Jeers is a dual collaboration between Smokin' Ray and Paq Twinn. We hope you enjoy our Edmonton Oilers full game recap.


- Who's Out? Who's in? It just gets worse.  Sam Gagner is out with a lower body injury.  Not sure what however.  This team is dropping like flies.  But, Dean Arsene it going to play in his 1st ever NHL game.  It's been 9 years of plugging away in the minors and now he gets his shot.  Good for him.  So Gagner, Pisani, Chorney, Grebeshkov, Jacques, Stone and Pouliot are all not playing due to injury.


Pre-Game Records

Edmonton Oilers (8-10-1) vs. Columbus Blue Jackets (10-6-2)







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- We are 10 minutes away from the puck drop. I'm excited for this game... is anyone else?
- I know it's tough... but we're a tough nation. An OilersNation. GOILERS! #itsnotovertillitsover RT @OilersNation I *want* to be excited...
- Lower Body Injury RT @NHL_Oilers Just confirmed: Sam Gagner will not play in tonight's #Oilers game at #CBJ.
- Ok Folks... it's GAME TIME!!! The puck has been dropped.
- Good pace to start this game. 17:30 left in the 1st period. Stortini and Sestitio are having words.
- FIGHT!!! Stortini vs Blunden. Storts kicked his ass. WOOooOooO!!!
- Another FIGHT!!! Tom Sestito vs Jason Strudwick. Great fight on seconds after the Storts Blunden fight.
- This business in this game picked up. The pace is going fast now after those fights.
- PP Oilers. Nash goes for 2 mins.
- CBJ killed off that penalty. Nash steps out of the box and gets a breakaway. He missed the net.
- Brule off to a good start. It's like he has something to prove in this game. Oh wait... he does. #formerCBJ
- Cogliano gets a few chances then starts a scrum. #emotioninthisgame
- The Oilers are bustin' their humps out there. Oilers are fiesty tonight. Staios and Umberger are mixing it up now.
- 6:00 mins left in the 1st and this is the best I have seen this team in a looooong time.
- Why are PPV games not this good? #gofigure
- Once again a Oiler PP. Blunden for Hooking
- On a side note: if your not following @OilersJambalaya then you should. He's cool.
- Oilers can't score on the PP and Stortini heads to the box for his own penalty.
- PP for the Blue Jackets
- 1:30 left in the CBJ PP and 2:10 left in the 1st Period
- One Minute Left in the 1st Period
- Storts is back out of the box. Chances are happening all over the place
- The 1st Period is over and I hope this emotion carries over to the 2nd Period. GOILERS!


- The puck was dropped, Hemsky gets a spin with 91/19 and Staios takes a penalty.
- Moreau takes a penalty with Staios in the box. A 5on3 for the #CBJ
- BlueJackets score the 1st goal of the game. 1-0 BlueJackets
- 12:00 mins left in the 2nd period.
- Even strength for both teams now.
- Moreau should name his kids: Bad, Timing & Penalty
- @marshaboyd He IS consistent. Consistently bad.
- That can be the daughters name. lol. #goodone RT @ONronaldo His fourth should be 200ftawayfrommyownnetpenaltytime.
- PP Oilers. 8:34 left in the 2nd Period
- Horcoff rings one of the post.
- YEAH! FINALLY! Hemsky scores at 13:13 with a screen by Penner 1-1 Tie Game
- 6:00 mins left in the 2nd Period
- 17-12 are the shots in favour of the Blue Jackets
- Well that's the 2nd period. Oilers look hungry and we can hope it carries over to the 3rd


- The puck has been dropped for the 3rd period
- As good as O'Sullivan has been this year, he needs to shoot the puck with more conviction. #Oilers had a good chance with 17:30 left
- Oiler get a PP. Now's the time to score!!!
- Yeah!!! Visnovsky scores at 5:48 2-1 Oilers
- Visnovsky from Souray and Horcoff
- With 12:01 left in the 3rd, the shots are 23-19 for the Blue Jackets
- Oilers get a PP
- With 8:16 the Blue Jackets will go on the PP now. The Oilers couldn't score on thier chance, let's hope the Jackets can't either.
- Ummmm. Why is Moreau on this ice?
- Awww Crap! #CBJ scores. 2-2 Tie Game
- Vermette at 12:23
- 5:59 left in the 3rd and the shots are 25-22 for the CBJ 2-2 Tie Game
- Moreau rocks Chimera
- Three Minutes Left
- 1 min to go and the game is exciting and the crowd is fired up
- The 3rd period is over and just as time is winding down, Brule passes it to... no one. He's lucky nothing happened.
- Getting ready for Overtime. #Oilers vs #CBJ 2-2 Tie Game 29-22 are the shots in favour for the CBJ


- GAME ON!!!
- 10, 83, 24, 5 are the Oilers to start
- 67, 16, 71, 44 are out now.
- Two Minutes Left in OT
- Great Overtime period. Back and forth action
- SHOOTOUT! What a game.


- CBJ have Huselius as their 1st shooter - no goal
- O'Sullivan is the 1st Oiler Shooter... Also no goal
- Tyutin for the BJ's scores.
- Penner is next for the #Oilers... loses it and gets no shot
- Nash shoots now... Habbi makes the save
- Oilers need to score now. Hemsky SCORES!
- Voracek scores.
- Brule... can't score and it's game over. 3-2 Blue Jackets
- 3 stars: 1)Khabibulin 2)Garon 3)Nash
- Thanks for following along. for the Recap later




Edmonton Oilers - 2

Columbus Blue Jackets - 3



Ethan Moreau - This may come as a shock to you, but it was the Captain once again taking the BTP honors tonight.  It was bad enough that Staios was sitting for two already, so Moreau didn't want to be outdone and decided to sit in there with him.  Well guess what?  The Jackets scored to take the 1-0 lead.  Nice job Captain.



Goals - Visnovsky, Hemsky (1 each)
Assists - Souray (2), Visnovsky (1), Horcoff (1)
Points - Souray (2), Visnovsky (2), Hemsky (1), Horcoff (1)
Best +/- - All Tied at 0
Worst +/- - All Tied at 0
Most Penalty Minutes - Stortini (7 mins)
Most Time On The Ice - Souray (26:56)
Least Time On The Ice - Arsene (6:24)
Most Shots - Gilbert, Hemsky, Penner (3 each)
Most Hits - Smid (5 hits)
Most Giveaways - Hemsky, Moreau, Horcoff (1 each)
Most Takeaways - 7 Players Tied with 1
Most Blocked Shots - Reddox, Gilbert, Strudwick, Smid (2 each)
Best Faceoffs - Horcoff (6W-4L=60%), Cogliano (3W-2L=60%)
Worst Faceoffs - Potulny (2W-4L=33%)



Ales Hemsky - You could see it in his play that he was ready for this game.  He played pretty darn good and it was nice to see.  He played 23:00 minutes and had 3 shots.  His puck movement was spot on and he seemed to try for the whole game.  See what happens when you try... you score.  How about a Frosty Black Label?  Cheers!

Nikolai Khabibulin - Once again he was a stud.  He did what he could and the game went to a shootout.  I don't know what else he could have done.  He was great. Miller Time? You betcha. Cheers!

Lubomir Visnovsky - Holy crap he's on fire tonight.  He is one of the best skating defencemen that I have seen in a long time.  He scores a goal and nets an assist.  What else des he need tonight? A beer of course. Cheers!

Sheldon Souray - He looked like he was back to normal.  He was doing the usual Big Sexy stuff like hitting people and taking shots.  He had 2 assists tonight and played the most out of all the Oilers once again.  I'm just glad he's back.  Great game Souray.  Pilsner in a glass? Cheers!

HONORABLE MENTION(S): Gilbert Brule ( He played one of his best games for the Oilers this year.  He was motivated to beat these guys.), Shawn Horcoff (He's playing well with the hurt shoulder.  But if it hurts too much to take a faceoff, then why is Quinn playing you so much?), Dustin Penner (He should have had an official assist for his screen on the Hemsky goal (but won't). He played a good game.), Ladi Smid (The Spaz was solid yet again. He had 5 hits and didn't make very many mistakes.)



Ethan Moreau - BOOOOOOOO!

Liam Reddox - Your penalty was the root cause for the 2nd PP goal by the Blue Jackets.  Not a great way to end a game. Booooo!



(Smokin' Ray) Ethan Moreau - He sucks. Trade him now! Need New Captain

(Paq Twinn) Robert Nilsson - Didn't Play



Smokin' Ray - That was a disheartening game to watch.  Just when the Oilers were looking like they could do well in this game, Moreau takes the BTP in the 2nd period. STUPID GUY! So with Staios and now Moreau in the box, the Jackets score to open the game and it eventually goes to Overtime and then the Shootout.  And we lose.  I'm getting sick of talking about Moreau.  He needs to go.  He drags the team down with stupid penalties and he takes no responsibility for his actions.  I've never heard he say he screwed up.  Never.  He just blames the guys around him in a round about way.  Pathetic. 

As far as this team goes, they really need to buckle down and stick to the basics.  You know... Hit, shoot, score.  That type of thing.  This isn't a bad team.  It just has a bad leader.  Leadership is action... not position.  See you all Wednesday.  GOILERS!

Paq Twinn - *cloud of funky smoke rises* What? What's going on? Who's there? *cough* fLamers suck! *lies down on couch and goes back to sleep*





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Edmonton Oilers (8-10-3) vs. Colorado Avalanche (12-5-3)

Wed, Nov 18/09

7:00 pm MT



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