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Sunday, November 22, 2009

B&J #86 Edmonton Oilers Recap vs Chicago Black Hawks (11/21/09)

Welcome to Oilers Jambalaya - An Edmonton Oilers Hockey Blog. Beers & Jeers is a dual collaboration between Smokin' Ray and Paq Twinn. We hope you enjoy our Edmonton Oilers full game recap.


- Who's Out? Who's in? Holy crap it just gets worse for the Oilers.  Khabibulin is out now because he has back problems.  Is this the beginning of the end for Habbi this year?  Let's hope not, that's the last thing this team needs.  However, Torrie Jung from the Oil Kings has been signed to an amateur tryout so he could be the backup for Deslauriers tonight.  That's twice I've seen that now by the Oilers in the last few years.  It looks like Jacques is in after missing quite a few games.  So we have Nilsson, Pisani, Chorney, Grebeshkov, Khabibulin, Stone and Comrie are all out due to injury/illness.

- Deslauriers is looking sharp in his orange and blue retro gear. Even the mask looks old school.  Damn I miss the 80's.


Pre-Game Records

Edmonton Oilers (9-10-3) vs. Chicago Black Hawks (13-5-2)







**These are Re-Tweets of Paq Twinn's LIVE TweetCast© at **


- Welcome to the #Oilers vs #Hawks LIVE *TweetCast*.
- The boys will have a big game tonight, i can just feel it. #GOILERS
- Waiting for intros, anthems and puck drop.
- Here we go, JFJ throwing hits early.
- JDD, with Orange pads and all, gets the start tonight.
- Khabi is out with a bad back. #getwellsoon
- Quick pace to the start of this game.
- Bickell tries to get a hit on Pens, bickell goes down for the count
- Toews scores off a terrible give away by Smid. 1-0 Hawks 16:10 1st
- Pens SCORES! after getting a whack at it, Barker puts in his own net. 1-1 Tie Game  15:30 1st
- Crowd starts the chant. #LetsGoOilers 15:00 1st
- Brule and Reddox get a nice chance on a 2on1
- Versteeg scores, after getting 2 whacks alone in front. 2-1 Hawks 12:40 1st
- Kane scores on a nice move. 3-1 Hawks on 6 shots. 7:20 1st.
- Oilers have a WHL goalie for a back up tonight, on a tryout contract.
- Oilers runnin around, fans booing, #Hawks with all the pressure.
- JDD makes a save, and with that its 2 min warning time.
- Oilers losing faceoffs on a regular basis now. When is Tambo going to do something about it, he's known about it for a year now.
- Pens is the best we got on the dot at like 48%, thats bad for team best.
- After one, its 3-1 for the #Hawks over the #Oilers.
- I swear I felt the Oilers would be better. Thankfully theres still 2 more periods for them to prove me right.


- 2nd period is underway.
- Souray has been credited with the Oilers 1st period goal.
- Cogs has a nice chance at the side of the net.
- Seabrook goes off for hooking. Oilers PP 16:43
- Oilers PP pass it around a bit. JDD makes nice glove save on Madden
- No shots for the PP, back to even strength.
- Brule goes off for roughing. Oilers PK 13:41 2nd
- Oilers kill it off
- Halfway through a slow and rather boring 2nd, its still 3-1 Hawks.
- Madden scores at the back door, after a nice line rush. 4-1 Hawks 8:52 2nd
- Oilers need something positive to happen soon, or this one is all but done.
- Toews goes off for 2 with 30 sec remaining in 2nd.
- Hemmer SCORES! off a faceoff win, point shot, rebound. With .1 sec in 2nd. 4-2 Hawks.
- Officals looking at goal, making sure it went in before time expired.  Back to 4-1 Hawks
- No Goal, the clock stopped before the puck went in. 4-1 Hawks after two


- Oilers will start the 3rd on the PP, if they can pull themselves together after the no-goal call. #deflatingcall
- 3rd period is underway
- Shots are 23-14 for the Oilers
- Staios blasts one, Pens tips it in front and SCORES!! 4-2 Hawks 18:24 3rd
- Things are heating up now, Oilers back in this game
- Smid gave Eager the puck, hits the post. #morebadgiveaways
- Smid's play tonight is as bad as his 'Movember' stache.
- Moreau takes another BTP for running Huet. Oilers PK 11:23 3rd
- Toews scores topshelf, 17 sec into PP. 5-2 Hawks
- Oilers looking life less, 5 min until this one is over.
- Last min in the game
- Game Over.
- Well that wasn't what i thought was going to happen, Oilers proved me wrong tonight. Maybe next time.
- Toews(1) Kane(2) Pens(3) get the stars tonight
- Thanks for following this Live *TweetCast*. Next up, the #Coyotes on Mon. 7 pm start. #GOILERS




Chicago Black Hawks - 5

Edmonton Oilers - 2



None - Ethan Moreau's penalty would have been a BTP, but in my opinion, that was not his penalty.  He was pushed into Huet and was wrongly put in the box.



Goals - Penner, Souray (1 each)
Assists - Horcoff, Staios, Penner, Visnovsky (1 each)
Points - Penner (2 points), Horcoff, Staios, Souray, Visnovsky, (1 each)
Best +/- - 8 Players tied with 0
Worst +/- - Smid, Brule, Visnovsky, Reddox, Gagner (-2 each)
Most Penalty Minutes - Brule, Moreau (2 minutes each)
Most Time On The Ice - Penner (22:15 of ice time)
Least Time On The Ice - Stortini (7:37 of ice time)
Most Shots - Penner (6 shots)
Most Hits - JF Jacques (7 hits)
Most Giveaways - Lubomir Visnovsky (4)
Most Takeaways - Lubomir Visnovsky (2)
Most Blocked Shots - 6 Players tied with 2 each
Best Faceoffs - Penner (11W-7L=61%) Gagner (7W-6L=54%)
Worst Faceoffs - O'Sullivan (3W-7L=30%)



Dustin Penner - He was the only Oiler capable of winning a game.  The rest of the guys were so bad it's not even funny.  Penner uses his body so well with the screening that it's helping the team even when he's not rewarded with a point.  But tonight he had a goal and an assist.  The fans couldn't ask for better tonight from Penner.  It's Bud Light Lime time. Cheers!

JF Jacques - 7 hits in 9:01 of ice time.  Why didn't Quinn play him more?  It makes no sense.  I didn't think his game was that great to deserve a beer, but having 7 hits in that little amount of time is definitely beer worthy.  Have a Black Star w/paper bag. Cheers!

HONORABLE MENTION(S): Shawn Horcoff (In the grand scheme of things... he was ok.)



Sheldon Souray - *sigh...* The Big Sexy was the Big Unlucky tonight.  On the second goal he was protecting the net and swiped the puck out of the air and into the Oilers net.  Ouch!  It was just not a good game for him  at all.  Boooo!

Lubomir Visnovsky - Where did the all star go?  He was terrible tonight.  His turnovers were horrendus and his sloppy play rubbed off on Smid.  Four giveaways is brutal and should be subjected to the coaches anger.  The defense corps is the big reason why we lost this game.  Boooo!

Ladislav Smid - He really blew it for the team early with the turnovers (he seemed to have more than the stats give him credit for.) The guy should be a baker instead of a hockey player.  I couldn't believe that this was the same guy that I've seen at every other game.  This guy is terrible.  Boooo!

Sam Gagner - Looked like a junior player out there.  But worse.  At first I was going to blame the guys he played with tonight.  But it wasn't then.  He sucked.  Bad.  Boooo!

HONORABLE MENTION(S):  The rest of the players who sucked (You guys sucked!)



(Smokin' Ray) Ethan Moreau - I don't know.  He was average but still was called on a late game penalty.  Does that stuff just follow you around or what?

(Paq Twinn) Robert Nilsson - Did Not Play



Smokin' Ray - This was one of those that really was pain full to watch.  Everything that could go wrong, did go worng.  I sure hope that the team can forget about this one quick.  Ugh!  That was a brutal game.  *Other than Penner*

Paq Twinn - That was depressing game to watch. I'm not sure what the worst part is, that the Blackhawks play the way I want the Oil to play, or that the Blackhawks represent another team that has hit bottom and come up faster then the Oil. Why are we always bottom feeders in the standings. Every year Oil fans watch as another team gets better and passes us in the standings. When are the Oilers going to get better, every year we stumble along between 7th and 12th. I and all other Oil fans have been waiting for the Oilers to be better for far toooo looonng. Sometimes I wonder why the Oilers haven't been blown up and rebuilt, now it would be difficult to do that with the salary cap. Anyway, bad game by the Oil tonight, they had nothing going all night. Good game by the Hawks, they made us look exactly like we are. Game grade: D





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Edmonton Oilers (9-11-3) vs. Pheonix Coyotes (12-9-1)

Mon, Nov 23/09
7:00 pm MT


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  1. Enough with the 'staches boys! Play hockey first, worry about 'stache camaraderie second. This team will not make it out of the bottom 4 in the conference. Another year, another joke.

  2. Couldn't agree more. Things will change around here. It's just a matter of who and when.


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