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Saturday, November 28, 2009

B&J #89 Edmonton Oilers vs San Jose Sharks Recap (11/27/09)

Welcome to Oilers Jambalaya - An Edmonton Oilers Hockey Blog. Beers & Jeers is a dual collaboration between Smokin' Ray and Paq Twinn. We hope you enjoy our Edmonton Oilers full game recap.


- Who's Out? Who's in? Here's the injury report.  Ales Hemsky is out for the rest of the season and his shoulder is going to have to be operated on.  Luckily for the Oilers, more players are getting set to return to the line up. 

- Dany "the Douche Bag" Heatley was greeted with a nice boo from the crowd.  Jacques hit him, Souray hit him and a few other guys did as well.  It was nice to see.


Pre-Game Records

Edmonton Oilers (10-12-3) vs. San Jose Sharks (16-6-4)







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San Jose Sharks - 5

Edmonton Oilers - 4



None -



Gilbert Brule - Mr. Brule gets Hemsky's spot on the 1st line with Gagner and Penner and steps right in like he's always been there. In fact he may have looked better than Hemsky has with those two. Brule said that he likes to play with Penner because he knows how to find him. He's right. He scores tonight on an assist from Penner. They had a few good chances. Not only did Brule score a goal and pick up an assist, he also had three blocked shots. Frosty beer for Brew.  Cheers!

Ryan Potulny - With the departure to Reddox back down to the minors it only meant that Potulny was not only going to be staying long term with the Oilers, but he's going to get a chance to succeed. Reddox just doesn't have the overall game that Potulny has. Tonight he was awesome. A big time player who busted his hump and made good things happen. He didn't wait for chances to come to him... he made them. He had two goals and was a +2.  It's Miller Time. Cheers!

Dustin Penner - He was a quiet guy in the first half of the game and then all of a sudden, he wakes up. Once he got his legs going he played well like he has all year. He is going to have to continue his strong play if the Oilers want to be competitive for the rest of the season. Luckily for Oiler fans, he showed it in the last half of the game and the Oilers had a great end to the game. He had a goal and a assist that was some nice play making with Brule. He also went 8W-5L=62% on the faceoffs. Good night for Penner.  He deserves a cold one.  Cheers!

Andrew Cogliano - Speedy Gonzales was ripping around tonight. Maybe he had something to prove to Heatley? Maybe not. He only had two shots but he created a lot of space out there for the others to go to. He was a +2 and seems to be playing with confidence. He really hustled and out worked the sharks all night. He seems to be responding to the coaching staff as of late and it's showing.  This calls for a Bud. Cheers!

HONORABLE MENTION(S): JF Jacques (He had some great hits and made the Sharks aware when he was on the ice.), Tom Gilbert (He played pretty good and he played tough.  Nice to see an improvement.)



Sheldon Souray - Holy cow! Souray was a train wreck. It all started when he went and took a run at Heatley in the first five minutes and pushed him down. Sweet thing to do (we all love you for it) but he went way out of position and bing, boom! San Jose goal. Not so sweet. After that it was one thing after another. He took a penalty shortly after the San Jose goal and gives them more life. He was a major culprit on why this team was so bad in the first half of the game. He was on the ice for every single Sharks goal along with Staios. So he ends up a -4 and somehow only takes one shot. (Well one shot hit the net and three were missed shots. So four in total) And... he takes a penalty in overtime with a careless high-sticking call. It was just a bad game for Souray. He will bounce back tomorrow night. *fingers crossed*  BOOOOO!

Steve Staios - He was on for all 4 San Jose goals along with Souray. That alone is worth a 2. However he did play average for the most part and made some good (4) shot blocks. But it just seemed like he was running around and never really played with Souray effectively. He seemed like he was in over his head and he was drowning quick. Glug!  BOOOOO!

HONORABLE MENTION(S): Jeff Deslauriers (He wasn't great tonight.  He needs to be better at screens and the high shots.)



(Smokin' Ray) Ethan Moreau - He did pretty good.  Not much to complain about.

(Paq Twinn) Robert Nilsson - Did not play



Smokin' Ray - That was a tough game to lose.  The Oilers need to find a way to win in a close game. 

Paq Twinn - coming soon

Graham Martin -That was easily the worst game I have ever seen Souray play. He didn't even move on the tying goal. And what defensemen chases a forward all the way out to the damn blueline?? On the plus side, I thought that Smid was much better than the 5 you gave him, and I thought that JFJ was pretty good last night. And Brule was fantastic, but he just shows up every single game and plays his ass off. I wish we had a whole team of guys like him!





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Edmonton Oilers (10-12-4) vs. Vancouver Canucks (13-11-0)

Sat, Nov 28/09
8:00 pm MT


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