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Monday, December 7, 2009

B&J #93 Edmonton Oilers Recap vs Florida Panthers (12/7/09)

Welcome to Oilers Jambalaya - An Edmonton Oilers Hockey Blog. Beers & Jeers is a dual collaboration between Smokin' Ray and Paq Twinn. We hope you enjoy our Edmonton Oilers full game recap.


- Who's Out? Who's in? Same lines as last game.  Chorney and O'Marra have been sent back down to Springfield as they are not being used here with the Oilers.

- As I tweeted earlier, Springfield Falcon Kip Brennan is the AHL leader in penalty minutes.  After 27 games he has 137 pim.  I guess this is why the Oilers didn't re-claim Steve MacIntyre a few days ago.


Pre-Game Records

Edmonton Oilers (12-13-4) at Florida Panthers (11-13-5)






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- Getting set for #Oilers vs #Panthers Are you ready?
- Mean Gene, Kevin Quinn and Louie Debrusk are saying their "funny" puns. Let's hope the puck drops quickly. #canttakeit
- Man is the #Florida arena empty. But yeah... Let's keep hockey in places it shouldn't be. #stupiddecisions
- Good start to the game. #Oilers are looking good. Vokoun doesn't need stitches yet. #lamejoke
- Weiss rings one off the post. 12:30 left in the 1st period.
- Oilers are just looking for a spark. Who's it going to be?
- Brule nails Ballard. PP for the #Panthers. #wasvokounlaughing
- Oilers kill off the 1st penalty of the game. They looked lousy but killed it off.
- 8:30 left in the 1st period.
- Oilers will get a go at the PP. The shots are 9 for the Panthers and 4 for the Oilers before the PP starts.
- No dice for the #Oilers . They only had one shot on that PP.
- 5:00 minutes left and it's still a 0-0 Tie Game / Quinn is sure rolling out the #1 line often
- There is 4:20 left... umm...  I forgot what I was going to say. #hightimes
- One Minute Left iin the 1st Period #Oilers vs #Panthers / 0-0 Tie Game
- That's it for the 1st Period / The #Oilers better come out flying in the 2nd. This game is their's for the taking.


- 2nd period is underway.
- Horc SCORES on a nice cross crease pass from Lubo. PP goal. 1-0 Oilers  / 16:25 2nd
- Moore scores for the cats, on a flukey bounce. 1-1 Tie Game / 13:51 2nd
- McCabe throws an elbow to Nilsson's head. He'll go off for 2. Oilers PP 12:39 2nd
- The cats kill it off
- Oilers outshooting Panthers 9-3 in the 2nd. 9:45 2nd
- JFJ with a big hit on Allen.
- Gags gets a phantom penalty on a innocent looking play. oh and the panthers had possesion. #whatsupwiththat
- Oilers PK. 5:18 2nd
- Pens and Patty-O get a great shorthanded chance.
- Smid gets called for holding. Oilers PK 2:41 2nd
- Oilers doing a good job on PK. #aggressivePK
- JDD with a big glove save as the penalty expires.
- Campbell tries to throw a big hit on Nilsson. Nilsson side steps and Campbell hits teamate Allen. Both cats are out for the count. #ouch
- Stretcher is coming out for Campbell. #hopehesOK
- Campbell limps off to dressing room. #toughkid
- After 2nd it's tied at 1 a piece.
- Better period for the Oil. Now lets finish this one.


- 3rd period is underway. Shots are 25-16 for the cats.
- Patty-O shoots the puck over the glass. Oilers PK 19:33 3rd
- Moore scores his 2nd of the night on the PP. 2-1 Panthers
- Moore's 1st went off Gilbert, his 2nd went off Staios. #badluckforJDD
- OilersJambalaya says YEAH!!! Visnovsky scores! *breathes a sigh of relief* / 2-2 Tie Game
- Lubo SCORES! as he onetimed a shot past Vokoun, assist to Smid. 2-2 Tie Game 15:00 3rd
- OilersJambalaya says The Dreaded Visnovsmid™ Strikes Again...
- Halfway trough the 3rd and the game is gettin good. #backandforthaction
- Brule wants a piece of Ballard. #watchoutforstick Bru will go off for roughing. Oilers PK 8:27 3rd
- Oilers kill off Bru's penalty.
- 5 min remaing in 3rd. 2-2
- JDD gets lucky tring to play puck.
- 2 min warning
- OilersJambalaya says Why is Staios and Strudwick out there at this point of the game? #Quinnmustbedrinking
- Why are the Oilers so lazy in last few mins of periods. Haven't they learned YET?
- After 3 periods it's tied at 2. #Oilers @ #Panthers Overtime here we come.


- Oilers are 3-4 when tied after 3, all going to the shootout.
- Is it just me or is Lub the Oilers best player period. #heseverywheretonight
- Oilers get 4 on 3 OT PP halfway through OT
- Horc, Pens, Gags and Souray are out on PP.
- dantencer says Overtime power play that yielded 0 shots on goal for the Oilers. Total blown opportunity.
- Oilers get a great chance with Pens driving the net and taking out Vokoun. Puck goes in but after the buzzer. Oilers going to shootout again


- Cats shoot 1st. Rienprect goes in and shoots, misses the net
- Patty-O tries a deke, Vokoun poke checks him.
- Wiess goes in and JDD poke checks him.
- Nilsson goes in and shoots it off the post and in. 1-0 Oilers
- Olesz goes in dekes to the backhand scores. 1-1 each
- Horc goes in dekes and SCORES! Oilers win shootout 2-1.
- Oilers beat #Panthers 3-2 in the shootout.
- Lubo(1), Moore(2), and Horc(3) get the stars.
- Another solid road game for the Oil tonight. 3 wins in a row, on the road no less. Who saw this coming?
- JDD with 33 saves for the win. Both goals against were flukry redirections off his D
- Thanks for following this *Live* Tweetcast. Next up the #Oilers travel to Tampa to take on #Lightning on Wed. at 5:30. No TV
- dantencer says Oilers 2nd goal has been changed from Visnovsky to Penner. His 16th on the year.





Edmonton Oilers - 3

Florida Panthers - 2  so



None - This honor goes to Bryan McCabe.  What a bonehead taking a penalty in overtime.  He is kind of like our captain.  A BTP specialist.



Edmonton Oilers Summary

Florida Panthers Summary



Lubomir Visnovsky - He is crazy good this guy.  He picks up both assists on the Oilers only two goal in regulation time.  He can do anything.  He has clearly been our best player since day 1 of the season.  His great play just rubs off on Smid.  If there is anything to complain about, he needs to shoot more.  He has a great shot and it's evident as he is one of the best defencemen in the league in goals.  Super good game!  Feel like a tall glass of Heineken? Cheers!

Ladislav Smid - He just keeps rolling along.  He now has two points in two games.  The streak is alive!!!  He played really good again tonight.  He had an assist and 3 hits.  The guy just keeps on impressing me.  What's next?  Maybe he should get a shot at the shootout?  For another solid game, enjoy a Black Label. Mmmm... thick. Cheers!

Jeff Deslauriers - A winner of three games in a row.  Since his poop in the bed game, he's been on fire.  He's playing like he thinks he can.  He's damn good.  Do I sound surprised?  It's because I am.  He's exceeded everything that I have expected from him.  It just goes to show that he needs to play more than once every two weeks.  He needs games to stay sharp.  He made big saves and kept the Oilers in this game.  Great job Jeff.  Frosty Budweiser?  Cheers!

HONORABLE MENTION(S): Shawn Horcoff (He scores his second shootout game winner in a row.  He played well tonight. He played like a leader.), Ethan Moreau (Played a pretty flawless game. 4 shots, 3 hits and 2 blocked shots.), Gilbert Brule (He played with passion tonight and had 4 good hits. He's bustin' his hump and deserves the shot on the 1st line.), Dustin Penner (The big guy had a pretty good game.  He screened well, and picked up a goal from a Visnovsky shot.  He continues to get points.),  Sheldon Souray (He was a mean beast tonight.  He had some great hits and played a pretty responsible game.  He needs to shoot more.), Robert Nilsson (He continues to impress me since his return.  He picked up an assist tonight.)



Jason Strudwick & Steve Staios - This pairing sucks.  I can not wait until Grebeshkov comes back (he started skating with the team today).  Strudwick is a terrible player.  I know... I've said it before, but it's true.  He's terrible.  The only stat he had was 2 blocked shots.  *throws arms up in the air* And Staios... he's just starting to become Strudwick II.  How they were given that much ice time is beyond me.  Especially late in the 3rd and those two are out there.  Scary stuff.  Please Quinn... let these guys go. Boooooo!




(Smokin' Ray) Ethan Moreau - You guys are supposed to suck.  It's hard to hate a guy who's good.

(Paq Twinn) Robert Nilsson - Same with Bobby.  I need to boo people.  Your not helping the situation.



Smokin' Ray - I though that it was a boring game to watch at times.  It's never fun to watch a game that's dry. There was times that had me on edge but they didn't last long.  I liked that the Oilers didn't make a whole lot of mistakes.  I really dislike the Staios/Strudwick pairing.  Grebs can't come back fast enough.  I liked that the 1st line actually put in a solid effort tonight and that they didn't just rely on everyone else to pick up the slack.  I also liked how JDD is still looking sharp.  Take you time Habbi, no need to rush back.  All in all I'm a happy guy now that the Oilers have 3 game winning streak on the go.  No more avoiding the fLame fans at work.  Good Job Boys!

Paq Twinn - Well if you said the Oilers would win 3 games on this road trip, I would have said you're CRAZY. *Wipes pie off of face* Guess I was wrong. Another good game tonight from the Oilers. Lubo was awesome tonight, and even my goat pick, Nilsson, looked good. I don't know what to think about this team, one day they suck real
ly bad and the next thing you know, they roll off 3 wins on the road with solid efforts. Will the real Oilers please stand up. I am still of the belief this team needs some personnel changes but I'll take the win, I guess. *waves bye bye to Taylor Hall*

This team still needs to learn how to play for 20 min periods, they're still giving fans and myself heart attacks in the finals seconds of periods. JDD played solid, made some big saves tonight. The goals that got by him were pure fluke, one off Gilbert's skate, the other off Staios' leg. Pretty much everyone did thier job tonight and the Oil need that to win on a consistant basis. Game Grade: B



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Edmonton Oilers (13-13-4) vs. Tampa Bay Lightning (11-10-8)

Wed, Dec 9/09
5:30 pm MT
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