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Friday, December 11, 2009

B&J #95 Edmonton Oilers Recap vs St. Louis Blues (12/11/09)

Welcome to Oilers Jambalaya - An Edmonton Oilers Hockey Blog. Beers & Jeers is a dual collaboration between Smokin' Ray and Paq Twinn. We hope you enjoy our Edmonton Oilers full game recap. We thank you for come here to read this recap.


- Who's Out? Who's in? Grebeshkov was rumored to be coming back in after being out for 13 games with a knee injury.  It was also rumored that both Sheldon Souray and Tom Gilbert are suffering from some sort of injuries.  However, nothing changed and the lines stayed the same.  Here is the link to the injury report.

- The Oilers continue their crazy run of road wins.  They have never won 5 straight road games all in one trip.  Does this make this current squad great?  And they did it without Hemsky?  WHAT!?!


Pre-Game Records

Edmonton Oilers (14-13-4) at St. Louis Blues (13-11-5)







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- Getting set for the #Oilers vs #Blues / Puck drop at 6:08pm MT. / Let's see if the Oilers can continue the roll. GOILERS!!!
- Deslauriers vs Conklin / GAME ON!!!
- Lines stay the same for the #Oilers / Grebeshkov is still out and Souray and Gilbert are playing. 17:30 left in the 1st period.
- Oiler Lines: 27 89 67 - 22 10 19 - 18 16 13 - 32 46 12 - 44 77 - 5 71 - 34 24 - 38
- Jackman goes off for 2. Oilers PP14:06 1st
- Oilers didn't get much done on that PP.
- Storts and Souray both want a piece of Winchester. Refs break it up.
- Souray and Winchester go off for coincedental minors. halfway through the 1st
- Backes scores, banging in his own rebound after a rap-around. 1-0 Blues
- @OilersJambalaya says What's going on Oilers? Let's get it going. GOILERS!!!
- @dantencer says Looks like Brule and Jacques are banged up...both missing shifts in this 1st period.
- Oilers have taken a step back since the Blues scored. #pickupthepace
- Horc gets hit with Berlunds stick. Oilers PP for the next 4 min. 2:07 1st
- Pens rings one off the post. nice plays by Gags and Gilbert to set it up.
- JDD is having some difficulties after making an awkward save. The play was reviewed and NO GOAL.
- After 20 mins, the Blues lead the Oilers 1-0.
- The Oilers need some better efforts tonight, they don't look hungry out there.
- Kypreos makes a good point. Hopefully JDD's leg doesn't stiffin up during intermission.


- 2nd period is under way. Oilers PP for 1:53 to start period.
- JDD with a massive save on Backes as he was on a PK breakaway.
- Oilers PP is awful tonight. Didn't get any good chances at all.
- Oilers aren't hitting enough in this game and as say that, Souray levels Steen. Souray will get a penalty for that though.
- No penalty for Souray, but Stone goes off for 2. Oilers PK 13:18 2nd
- Oshie wires a one timer past JDD on the PP. 2-0 Blues 12:06 2nd
- FIGHT!!! JFJ vs Crombeen, JFJ hangs in there after taking early shots. Great fight, fairly even.
- @dantencer says Great tilt. Give Crombeen the decision over Jacques, though JF came back late in the scrap.
- Halfway through the 2nd and Oilers look to be still feeling thier way into this game. Get more aggressive/assertive NOW!
- Souray with a nice backhand deke, then just misses the rebound into the bottom corner. The puck stopped right on the goal line. #soooclose
- Conklin makes his best save so far, on Patty-O.
- Backes with a shot, Winchester crashes the crease, JDD falls, Winchester tips it in. 3-0 Blues.
- The goal is under review for a highstick tip.
- @OilersJambalaya Smid knocked that one in. 3-0 Blues
- The goal stands. 3-0 Blues. Winchester never touched it. Backes gets credit.
- Oilers have a lot of work to do now. Not sure if they're up to it.
- Oilers have looked like they did 2 weeks ago, horribly inconsistant.
- Souray got called for penalty, didn't like it, told off McCreary. McCreary kicks him out of the game. Oilers down to 5 D now.
- Oilers on the PK. 3 min and change to go in the 2nd
- Oilers manage to kill off the minor to Souray.
- Bru SCORES! He wacks it in after a good shift by him Gags and Pens. :10 left in the 2nd. 3-1 Blues.
- After 40 min, the Blues lead the Oilers 3-1.
- Oilers may have a chance here, after scoring a late goal they should gain some momentum for the 3rd.
- They'll need to play waaay better if they are going to come back in this one though. Blues have pretty much dominated so far.


- 3rd period is underway. Lets see if the Oilers have some more fight after Bru's goal to end the 2nd.
- Oilers are playing better this period. More time in Blues zone.
- After the first 5 mins the Blues are starting to push back.
- Quirky Fact. Gordie Howe only had 1 Gordie Howe Hat Trick. Howe did it get named after him?
- Bru SCORES! Pens with great puck control, Gags with a super drop pass. Bru one times his 2nd into the net. 3-2 Blues 11:29 3rd
- Murray calls a timeout for the Blues after that goal. Oilers have life
- Gags SCORES! another great shift by the 1st line. 3-3 Tie Game. 8:41 3rd. GOILERS!
- Gags, Bru, and Pens are out again and giving the Blues fits.
- Horc SCORES! after 2nd line dominates down low. 4-3 Oilers 6:08 3rd
- Oilers are flying out there, Blues don't have any steam left after 4 unanswered goals by the Oil.
- @OilersJambalaya says @PaqTwinn HAHAHAHAHA!!! Conklin still sucks. #thevoodooworked
- Pens, Bru and Gags has combined for 8 points far.
- @OilersJambalaya says Oilers Dustin Penner is a Game Breaker. / Penner 4 Team Canada!!! #youhearditherefirst
- Pens SCORES! after JDD makes a big save, Pens takes it and drives straight to the net, backhand and in. 5-3 Oilers 2:57 3rd.
- @OilersJambalaya says Conklin should have pulled himself RT @PaqTwinn Blues pull Conklin, 1:38 3rd
- Game Over. Oilers Win 5-3 @ Blues.
- Oilers manage to come back after being down 3-0 late in the 2nd. Bru sparks the comeback with 10 sec left in 2nd.
- Pens (1), Bru (2), Gags(3) get the stars tonight.
- Great road trip, no other Oiler team has won 5 consecutive road games in one trip.
- Thanks for following this Live *TweetCast* Next up the Kings come to town on Tues. game time is 7:30.
- @NHL_Oilers says To clarify, the record set tonight is 5 straight road wins on the same trip. Oilers franchise record is 8 straight road wins in 86-87.
- @NHL_Oilers says Nilsson's assist on Horcoff's winner was the 100th point of his career. He has picked up a point in all 5 games since returning from injury.




Edmonton Oilers - 5

St. Louis Blues - 3


Game Summary
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None -



Edmonton Oilers Summary
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St. Louis Blues Summary
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Dustin Penner - The flying fridge was on fire tonight.  He rattles off a 1 goal and 3 assists night.  Wow!  He made the puck look like it was metal and he was the magnet.  It was crazy.  With the Oilers trailing 3-0, Penner and his mates picked up the pace and started knocking in the puck.  Team Canada announces that he's on the short list.  Well no kidding.  All you have to do is watch him.  He can change a game much like he did tonight.  For a solid game, it's beer bong time. Cheers!

Gilbert Brule - This guy gets a wow as well.  WOW!  His uncanny chemistry with Penner continues and for the second time this year he has a two goal game.  2 goals and 1 assist to go along with a +4.  If that doesn't equal a good game then I must be a fLames fan.  Outstanding effort was shown by Brule tonight.  His first goal is what started the whole comeback.  Great game. It's Miller time. Cheers!

Sam Gagner - People are starting to wonder why he is playing on that 1st line.  I think tonight he showed why he can play there.  His vision is sick.  He sees stuff that most common NHL players can't.  He found Brule for his second goal in the high slot with a beauty pass.  The only thing cheesy about Gagner tonight was his goal. But who cares?  Take as you get them.  Good night tonight for Gags.  Frosty Budweiser? Cheers!

HONORABLE MENTION(S): Jeff Deslauriers (He buckled down after a near leg injury.  He finished the game in top form.), Shawn Horcoff (He scores the winning goal and has a awesome night on faceoffs.  He was 20W-8L=73%  His shoulder was either very numb or he's feeling better.), Lubomir Visnovsky (He played pretty good tonight.  He involved in some great chances for the Oilers.), Tom Gilbert (He played well despite losing his defence partner.)



Patrick O'Sullivan - Ok.  Enough is enough.  If I was Pat Quinn I would be grey.  Ok, so he is grey.  Well then I'd go bald because he's not playing hard and it looks like he doesn't give a crap.  Sure at times he wows us for a quick second or two.  But if Bobby Nilsson is making you look bad, then something is wrong.  If his play doesn't change soon, we can all expect his name to be caught up in rumors.  Bad game tonight. Boooooooo!

HONORABLE MENTION(S): Ethan Moreau, Andrew Cogliano, Ryan Potulny (This line was -1 and they didn't create many chances. The worst Oiler line of the night.)



(Smokin' Ray) Ethan Moreau - He didn't play well.  He was Baaaad.

(Paq Twinn) Robert Nilsson - Also Baaaad.  But better than Moreau.



Smokin' Ray - I'm a typical Oiler fan.  Up until the last 11 seconds of the 2nd period I was losing it.  I was snapping.  This team SUCKS!  But then Brule scores.  Ok, life's looking better I think to myself. Then the 3rd period the team gets rolling.  Not Stortini this time.  Nope.  It's the Penner show.  The Penner/Gagner/Brule line were the Oilers tonight.  Their never give up attitude won them this game.  That was a thing of beauty to watch. This team not only screws with your mind and heart, but they can also bring ecstasy.  I love this team. GOILERS!

Paq Twinn - WOW! The Oilers looked dead in the water tonight, losing 3-0 late in the 2nd. Then the 1st line took over. Brule scored with 10 sec left in the 2nd and teamed up with Pens and Gags to take over the game in the 3rd. All together the 1st line combined for 9 points as the Oilers scored 5 unanswered goals. Horc got the game winner for the 3rd time this road trip. That's how to earn that 7 mil and shut up your critics. As much as I love the win and a record 5 consecutive road game win streak, the Oilers left something to be desired during the first 40 mins. They looked like the slumping team of 2 weeks ago, in the 3rd they were the team that won 4 in a row. This team still struggles to find consistently, but they are getting better. The power play still needs work, they were brutal tonight, though Hemmer's absence may have something to do with it. Perhaps the most impressive part of the come back tonight, was that Souray got himself ejected for filling McCreary's ear with obscenities, and left the Oil with only 5 D for the 3rd period. Maybe that is what gave this team some life cause they had none before the misconduct to Souray. I have to break up this game grade.  Game Grade: 1st/2nd D, 3rd A





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Edmonton Oilers
Los Angeles Kings

Tuesday, Dec 15/09
7:30 pm MT
Sportsnet West


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  1. Great 3rd Period by the Oilers. Before that they sucked. But a win is a win and it's nice to see 5 in a row beside the Oilers name. And not 5 losses in a row like most of us predicted a few weeks ago.


  2. @Anonymous

    You're absolutley right! I didn't find much of a RECAP over there though. Just some idle post game comment stuff.

  3. Paq Twinn/Smokin Ray - I noticed you like to do live game coverage with twitter.

    I've never tried it, but many people use a widget called (Cover It Live). It's free and you might want to check it out. Just Google the name if you want to look into it.


  4. Hey thanks Jay. I',m looking into it and it looks like a pretty cool widget. Thanks for the tip. I apprectiate it.


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