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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dustin Penner - I Like The Cut Of Your Jib #6

The 6th installment of "I like the cut of your Jib", belongs to Mr. Dustin Penner, born on September 28 1982 in Winkler, Manitoba. Here is a guy that took the road less traveled to the NHL. He refused to take "NO" for an answer.

Minor Days

His hockey career started in Winkler playing for his high school team, the Garden Valley Zodiacs. After high school Penner was cut by several teams, including 3 times by his local Jr. team. Penner took the only opportunity available and went to play for Minot State University-Bottineau for 2 years. It was either that or get a "real" job. He broke his femur the 1st year and won "Most Determined Player" award in his 2nd season, scoring 20 goals and 33 points in 23 games, in 2001-2002. Penner then went to an evaluation camp in Saskatoon, averaging 3 points per game, he was noticed by U of Maine asst. coach Grant Stanbrook. He helped take the U of M Black Bears to the NCAA championship game, where they eventually lost 1-0 to Denver.

Anaheim Days

On May 12 2004, the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim signed the undrafted free agent. He recorded 28 points his 1st year in Cincinnati, and in the 2nd, he amassed 39 goals and 84 points in only 57 games for Portland. In 2006-2007 Penner found himself with a full time spot on the Anaheim Ducks roster, where he set a team record for rookie scoring with 29 goals and 45 points, good for 2nd in team scoring and helped Anaheim win their first Stanley Cup. That was all Kevin Lowe needed to see and sent out a 5 year, 21.25 million dollar offer sheet for the 6'4" 240+ lbs left winger. When Anaheim elected not to match the contract, Penner was off to Edmonton.

Edmonton Days (MacTavish)

In Penner's 1st season with the Oilers, he scored a team high 23 goals and improved his point total to 47 on the season. Penner's 2nd season as an Oiler is where his character was truly put to the test. After showing up to training camp out of shape and starting the season slowly, then head coach Craig MacTavish, publicly called out his big power forward numerous times. It must have bothered Penner, but he always showed class and took the high road. Penner's family was hurt by the actions of MacTavish. Frank Penner the manager of Norpine Auto Supply in High Level, a former customer of mine and Dustin's uncle, conveyed these thoughts to me. The expectations and pressure that were placed upon a 4th year pro were simply unrealistic. In hindsight he (Frank) was absolutely right. It's not as though Dustin was drafted with a high pedigree, he was never drafted at all.

Edmonton Days (Quinn)

It's amazing what can happen in one year. After being leaked as part of a package offered to Ottawa for Dany Heatley, which was rebuked by Heatley (NTC), Penner took his game to the next level. Today with the wily old Pat Quinn behind the bench, Penner is a man transformed. It can be argued that he has never played better. I don't know what sweet nothings Quinn and Asst.Tom Renney whispered in his ear, but it worked. Quinn has gotten everything MacT wanted and more out of the farm boy from Manitoba. He has been far and away the most consistent performer for the Oilers this season. He has already surpassed his goal totals for last year and only needs 2 more points to pass his point totals for last year as well. Penner is currently on pace for 92 points and 46 goals, which is almost double his most productive 47 point season, which was his first as an Oiler.

So for all the hard work, determination and perseverance, as well as a healthy appetite for "wheat and barley based beverages", I like the Cut of your Jib. Go get'em big guy.



  1. Great post Paq. I too like the Penner story. So far this chapter is going well. I'd sure like to see him be on Team Canada this year for the Olympics. He deserves it after everything he's been through and for what he continues to do. Dustin Penner is the man!

    Again... great read.

  2. I should add: I also like the cut of his Jib!!! GOILERS!

  3. Penner is having a great year and the game in St. Louis was his finest as an Oiler. He was dominant, especially on the boards.
    As for Team canada. I still don't see it. Where is he going to play, who is he knocking off? Can't wait for the Olympic team to be announced.
    Now, if they can only come out on Tuesday with the same energy as they showed on the road.


  4. I like Pens to. He's been great this year. Good story. I liked reading it.

  5. Thanks guys, it was fun doin this story after everything that has gone on over the last 2 and half years with him. As far as Team Canada I do believe he is still a long shot, but Penner, Savard and a Lucic type could be a great energy/4th line for the Olympics. Guess we'll see how it all shakes down in the next 18 days or so.

  6. Penner has been great. Better than great. I think he should be on the Olympic team. Good post Paq.

  7. @The Big Hurt
    Heres the guys I put Penner ahead of from the evaluation camp roster: Dan Cleary, Shane Doan, Simon Gagne(injury),Andy McDonald, Brenden Morrow, Derek Roy, and Jordan Staal just to name a few. There are a couple others but their track records are to good to ignore like Vinny Lecavalier.

  8. I just want to take all the Penner doubters and "he doesn't belong on the Olympic team" douchebags and punch them in the face.

    It's like they can ignore the way he's playing simply because they don't like the guy.

  9. Raventalon40....who is Penner going to knock off? The team does not need top 6 forwards as those spots are taken.
    Paqtwinn..Staal, Morrow might still be ahead of Penner based on their ability to play multiple positions.
    I like Penner...and might be a little skeptical rather than optimistic. Its going to be fun to debate.

  10. @TBH: Sadly as hardcore as I want Penner on the team. I really doubt they pick him. I've always seen these guys pick the guy with the "Name" on the back, not always the best player at the time.

    It's too bad because I think he would be great at 5 on 5 and I think he would be a good addition for the PP. Ryan Smyth would have been that "guy" but he's not going now.

    You would think that Kevin Lowe would be pushing for it. Wouldn't that make his signing of Penner look better?

  11. @The Big Hurt

    I wouldn't disreguard Pens as a 3rd or 4th line option, if teamed with the right players, he could pot some secondary goals for Canada. He has to keep playing at a high level for the next couple weeks, before he gets serious consideration though.

  12. Hey Paq Twinn, great story about Dustin Penner. It's pretty cool that you actually know Dustin's uncle. Penner's a stud and he should be on Team Canada. No question...

  13. The key for Penner is the next two week. He needs to be lights out. Not a point a game, but more than that. He needs to be GREAT to bust his way on this team.



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